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Monday, December 29, 2008


This is John Mirasty versus Jeremy Yablonski in a December 19th game between the Syracuse Crunch and the Brimingham Senators.

Zidane wouldn't have stood a chance.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

stop me if you think that you've heard this one before...

Thanks to Kono for the heads up!! Morrissey is playing Pittsburgh's Carnegie Music Hall...St. Patrick's Day. TIX ON SALE FRIDAY (TOMORROW!!!) at 5:00 pm.


I wouldn't plan on hearing any Smiths stuff, but should be a splendid time anyhow. Just hope he doesn't cancel due to illness, as has been the case the last two times.

about 2 weeks late...

busy busy.

Thanks Rohde!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

ESPN, The Cowboys, and Double Standards

As I'm sure you've noticed, the Steelers beat the Cowboys last week. Furthermore, the loss has Dallas' team chemistry dropping faster than a 14 year-old kid's balls when he sees his first porn. Or, at least, that's what ESPN's Ed Werder is telling us.

Ed's "anonymous source" is telling him that players are ready to go to blows, that T.O. is getting players to go against Tony Romo, and that it is a locker room divided. It's a story custom made for the 24-hour, in-your-face, always a breaking story atmosphere the the worldwide leader pushed. Or, is it?

Go back to a couple weeks ago, when Fox Sports was reporting that Brett Favre made a phone call to the Lions to give Detriot the inside edge. Well, it didn't work, but the story, based on "anonymous sources," had picked up steam around the interwebs and everywhere else, except ESPN. At that time, the story was non-existent in Bristol, even as far as to have a memo released on the subject.

So, what makes Brett Favre stories off-limits when you can't attach a name to them, while T.O. and Dallas stories are fair game? While, taking the racist angle is sexier and more fun, I'll go with the "need to curry the favor of a soon-to-be retired football Demi-God so that he'll work for us in the future" side of things.

However, I wouldn't suggest telling "TWWL" or Mr. Werder that they may be less-than-consistent in their reporting standards. You might get a ESPN p.a. telling you that you probably don't have a job.



The Royals, winners today! Reading has won four straight and has taken points in eight of their last nine. See you all mo-fo's in the PLM next season.

Fortuna Dusseldorf

Huge fixture tomorrow against Werder Bremen II, F.D. will be moving back into third tomorrow, and will be promoted into 2Bundesliga next season. Get pumped!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Friday, December 05, 2008

so I've been in a real Beat Happening mood lately...

7th favorite band of all-time. Love these guys...

"Hot Chocolate Boy":

and I seriously gotta party with these dudes. We're BAD...

Live in Olympia, "Midnight A-Go-Go." OMG!! How kick ass this would have been...

Some TV show appearance, doing "Black Candy"...

Thursday, December 04, 2008


You can now find ALL of 'My Teams' atop their respective table. Check the standings grandma.


I'm not sayin. I'm just sayin.

And if you REALLY want to get technical about it, seeing that MLS 2009 doesn't start until next Spring, we can say that the Beloved TFC is also tied for first place, or will be before the season starts.

Huge Footie Saturday on tap:

Liverpool v. Blackburn: 10:00am at Piper's Pub
Inter v. Lazio: 2:30 on FSC
Barca v. The 3rd place Yellow Submarine: 4:00 on GOLTV

And nobody's pumpt?

Monday, December 01, 2008

Asshat: Plaxico Burress

With some exceptions, an asshat is usually earned with a full body of work. Barry Bonds, “Adam” Pac-Man Jones, Terrell Owens, and Sean Salisbury are all fine examples of people who built up a quality resume of asshat behavior before finding their way to CSC or EC’s hallowed grounds. It is with this in mind that I take my first foray into asshat induction writing.
A self-inflicted gunshot wound aside, Burress has had an asshat coming for quite sometime. “Plex,” who is making $3.25 million to not extend himself out over the middle, has already been suspended by the Giants for missing a team meeting. Not the first time he’s felt the need to skip work, The Steelers suspended him back in May of ’04 for exactly the same thing. This, is in addition to an endless line of fines levied against him by the Giants for being late to meetings and practice. However, three and quarter mill may not be enough to stay with a Super bowl winning team, as Burress sat out as long as humanly possible in order to force the Giants into giving him a new contract. We see who won that battle. So, what have the Giants gotten in exchange for this endless pain in the ass? Let’s go to the numbers.

His salary, pro-rated for the 11 games so far, looks like this…
$63,839 per catch
$4,922 per receiving yard
$558,594 per touchdown

Dude, your right. I have no idea how you can allow yourself to play for such meager wages. You are money.

According to SI the average wide out is pulling down $1,054,437, which combined with the league average stats make the value look like this.

$2,361 per receiving yard
$362,463 per touchdown

I’m sure the extra cash is thrown in because he’s such a good locker room guy.

So, yeah about that whole “loaded gun down pants with safety off” thing. Honestly, the best part of the story is that fact that Burress checked into the hospital under the name “Harris Smith” and told the doctors that he was shot at an Applebee’s.

Sadly, like the Falcon’s Ron Mexico jersey, the NFLShop has already shut down people attempting to buy #17 Giants’ H. Smith jerseys.

Well, have fun getting that big, shiny, new contract Mr. Smith. At least you know the Raiders will be ready to sign you.

Patriot Peeling

Haven't had that much fun watching the Beloved kick ass in a long time. Beliturd (in drenched hoodie) crying after Ike Taylor taunted Gaffney, James Harrison beating Matt Light on every single snap, Moss looking like a dear in headlights at the end of the game, and Casey Hampton bowling over the Pats O-line in route to burying Cassel. This though, had to be the highlight...

Worth every single inch of the 15 yard penalty that was assessed (in the new age NFL, hard hitting is not permitted).

The only thing that would've made this hit better, is if it would've been on Moss. But Randy doesn't come across the middle. He was too busy dropping passes and looking clueless.

A thorough tit peeling by the Steeler. I can't believe I bet on the Pats. But like Ryan Clarke's inevitable fine, it was worth every single penny.

And HEY! The offensive line played well. Superbowl?

An oldie, but goodie...