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Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's Division I Football!!

(said in Colorado HC Dan Hawkins voice)

After today's crazy college ball saturday, I couldn't help but be reminded about this little tirade here...

Coach to kid: "Go play intramurals."

Financial interests took a small hit today. Sure. But other than my beloved Nittany Lion, I had no real rooting interest in all of the other Top 20 upsets today.

Oklahoma = Loser. Texas = Loser. Rutgers = Loser. Clemson = Loser. WVU = Loser (friday). And yes, Penn St = Loser.

But as I caught the last minutes of the Auburn / Florida game, I couldn't help but root for Auburn after they showed some Florida chic in the stands wearing a foam gator hat...crying...while the game was still tied. Florida = Loser.

Speaking of "Florida = Loser", Urban Meyer was looking way too cool for school when he called that last second timeout to ice the Auburn kicker. A tad pompous, perhaps. Ala Charlie Weiss or Brian Billick. I'm glad they lost. F 'em.

Oh...and Notre Dame is now 0-5. Notre Dame = Loser, again.

As far as football without commercials goes...

Liverpool = Winner. Inter = Winner. Barcelona = Winner. Toronto FC = okay, another Loser.

Inter Milan vs. AS Roma

Today, FSC, 2:30pm (delay). Serie A's top two squads.

The rest of the weekend is relatively meaningless. At least until 4:15pm Sunday.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Yo La Tengo, other Pittsburgh shows

We've had a lot of football on the brain here the past month (if you couldn't tell), so the tuneage has been a little neglected lately. Unfortunately, we've missed a couple shows in the past month, including the Meat Puppets at Mr. Small's and the Mountain Goats at the Rex Theatre (last night dammit!). But I've vouched to give the remote control a rest, and get back out on the streets in October.

Here's a few around town that we may / may not be checking out...

Yo La Tengo - Tuesday, October 9th, TWO (!!) shows (8 & 10pm) - Warhol. HELL YEAH!!!
This should be fun, especially within the intimate confines of the Warhol. And you better hurry, kids. Word on the streets...the 8:00pm-er is already sold out.

Here's some YLT...

(left click to play; right click to download)
:: Yo La Tengo - Little Eyes ::
:: Yo La Tengo - Lewis ::

AMOEBA KNIEVEL, with Satanic Bat, and Dookie Houser Emcee - TONIGHT - Bloomfield Bridge Tavern - 4412 liberty ave. Local Tommy Amoeba never disappoints. Satanic Bat is described as "over-the-top stoner doom rawk" and Dookie Houser as "goofy white sex rap." Good times. THREE bucks cheap.

Minus the Bear - THIS Saturday, Sept. 29th - Diesel. I've never gotten into Minus the Bear. Unless someone can convince me, I may pass on this one. Check 'em out on MySpace.

The Mekons - THIS Sunday, Sept. 30th - New Hazlett Theatre. It's Sunday, and the Beloved play on the West Coast. Translation - I'm out.

Matt Pond PA - Tuesday, October 2nd - Diesel. The "PA" is supposed to stand for Pennsylvania, so props to Matt for this inclusion in the name. I guess. Ok...I've got nothing going on Tuesday. I'll go. I'll go. I'll go. Maybe. We'll see. Kinda cool website, with tunes.

Andrew Bird - Tuesday, October 2nd - Carnegie Music Hall. Actually, this is probably the show to go to on this night. Hear some Andrew Bird on MySpace.

VHS or Beta - Sunday, October 7th - Carnegie Mellon. This might be fun. But, see the same problem with the Mekons show.

Grizzly Bear and Beach House - Friday, October 12th - Warhol. Sold Out. Guess I won't be attending this one. Pretty melancholy stuff, but I kinda liked both of these acts at Pitchfork.

The Pipettes - Saturday, October 13th - Diesel. The question is: Would I go to this show, and admit it to my homies? See video below...

Wilco - Friday, October 19th - A.J. Palumbo. It's not that I don't like Wilco...I do. But I'm not sure I'd spend $90 big ones on admission alone (for 2, plus crazy fees). Been there, done that...at smaller venues and cheaper prices. In this here day of picking and choosing...I'm passing.

The Weakerthans - Saturday, October 27th - Mr. Small's. I think I'd like to see this one, but we've got previous engagements. Hear some Weakerthans on their MySpace page.

Jennifer O'Connor - Wednesday, October 31st - Club Cafe. It's a Wednesday. And we like Wednesdays. And we like Jennifer O'Connor...and Club Cafe. Besides, there could be worse things to do on this night...like passing out candy to little kids. Listen to some Jen O'Connor on MySpace here.

The Fiery Furnaces - Friday, November 2nd - Mr. Small's. I'm starting to tire of good ole Mr. Small's. It's WAY too jam packed, and I'm tired of feeling like a sardine drinking my beer with alligator arms while I stand behind some tall dude. On a weekend night, it's usually the "thing to do" in Pittsburgh, and there always seems to be a larger contingent of hipsters, most of whom don't seem to care about the act on stage (I'm reminded of recent TV on the Radio and Built to Spill). That said...I'm going to this one.

The Decemberists - Tuesday, November 13th - Carnegie Music Hall. For anyone who knows Jess, you know we'll be at this one, as well. Tickets go on sale Friday, September 28th...which is TODAY! SHIT...I've gotta run...I'll be back in a moment...hold that thought...

...welp...can't find tickets or even a listing anywhere. Cancelled? Sold Out? Who knows. Moving on...

My Brightest Diamond - Wedensday, November 14th - Warhol. Saw her open for the Decemberists in Buffalo. Lovely, lovely voice.

They Might Be Giants - Thursday, November 15th - Mr. Small's. A "14 and over show." So thank you for that. Not sure I'd go if 13 year-olds were permitted to attend. Go check out the TMBG Venue Songs here (then click "Pittsbugh").

Peter Bjorn and John - Monday, December 3rd - Mr. Small's. If the rest of the songs are as catchy as that damn "Young Folks" tune, count me in. Why not. Mondays typically suck, so this could liven it up a bit.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kurt Warner, Guarantees, Pass the Dutchie

Memo to Ken Whisenhunt:

PLEASE start Kurt Warner Sunday. He will get obliterated. It'll be fun.


Joey Porter guarantees a win over Oakland this Sunday. Way to go out on a limb there J-Peezy. Oakland? The Raiders? Seriously?

And what all these athletes forget when they make these stupid guarantees is the "or else" part. If you don't win, what happens? You just go on to the next game? That's not how the real world of guarantees work. There's always an "or else" part. Like...

"I guarantee we win this Sunday, or else I'll soak myself in lamp oil and beat myself with a stick."

That's how a guarantee works.


What day and time is the "Town Hall Meeting" for Michael Vick next week?

If you're ever on the fence as to whether or not you should defend Michael Vick, simply remember these two words...

Strangled Dogs.

speaking of Vick, and ending this post on a happy note...

There's No "I" in Solo

but there's a few in "Brutal Coaching Decision."

If you haven't heard or seen Hope Solo's blasting of U.S. Head coach Greg Ryan for his bright idea to switch goalies 1 game before the Final, here ya go...

Hope Solo Blasts Dumb Ass Coach

"It was the wrong decision. Anybody who knows anything about the game knows that. The fact of the matter is it's not 2004. It doesn't matter what somebody did in the Olympics three years ago. It's 2007 and I think you have to live in the present."

Gotta love it when coaches try to outsmart themselves. Not sure what Ryan was thinking, but you've got to feel bad for the entire U.S. team. It wasn't like they'd lost a game in the LAST 51 MATCHES!! And besides, Hope Solo is much hotter than Briana Scurry.

I wonder who will start the 3rd place game vs. Norway??

Best 45 Minutes of Football I've Ever Seen

Granted, being a relatively new fan of the game, "ever" covers a pretty small sampling. But anyone, fan or not, who witnessed the Barcelona / Zaragoza match Wednesday got a real treat.

I know I go on my tangents about why I love this game, but this display of excellence from Barca, against a pretty good Zaragoza squad, was an absolutely amazing and dazzling display of athleticism and teamwork. Infrickingcredible. If you have the means, I highly recommend checking out a reply...and simply watch the 1st half.

And Lionel Messi is the Best Player on the Planet. There...I said it.

GOLTV will be showing a replay - THIS FRIDAY - 4:30pm EST. Set the DVR's, the VCR's, the Beta's...whatever you need to do. But if you ever felt like giving this beautiful game a try, check out this performance from Barca. AND...you get to hear the wits and passion of the one and only Ray Hudson. Commenting on how unstoppable Barcelona was in the 1st half, Hudson compared defending them by saying...

"It's like trying to nail jello to the ceiling."

One more note from the football world, which somehow passed by my last post:
Toronto FC has scored a goal.

We lost. But we got a goal. 800 and some minutes of drought is over. Here's looking to next year, TFC. I'm still on board.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Who Needs Ronaldhino?; Mid-Week Footie; Penn St Losers; Steelers Winners

This goal from Barca's 2-1 win over Sevilla Saturday is just sick. Not only the finish by Messi, but the pin-point delivery from Henry is even more incredible. Tied Nil-Nil in the 70th minute, minus Eto'o, Ronaldhino, and Puyol (all injured), what a way for these two world class players to step up. And with only 5 points in 3 games, this game was huge for the Beloved.

Just kidding about Ronnie. Apparently though, talks of his move to Chelsea won't die down. I actually saw this morning that he'd already agreed to terms with Chelsea, per the ESPN bottom line ticker. And you know its official when it's from the "World Wide Leader." But Barcelona brass, including Frank Rijkaard, insists their relationship with the Brazilian stud are fine and that he is staying put (his contract runs through 2011.) Ronnie's agent (who is also his brother), also denies the move. So that's good.

I was pretty excited to see the possibilities of the fantastic 4 this year. But with injuries and benchings, I don't believe all 4 have been on the field at the same time this year. Speaking of big matches, there's some great midweek footie on today...

GOLTV - 4:00pm - Barcelona vs. Zaragoza. With a win, we can temporarily take the top spot in the table (Real Madrid plays Thursday).

Wednesday Serie A action on FSC:

2:30pm - Roma v. Fiorentina. Roma's got a 2 point lead at the top after a 2-2 draw vs. Juve Sunday. Fiorentina's only 2 points back, and it appears Roma will be without Francesco Totti, as he'll rest up for Saturday's big match against Inter, and next week's Champions League tilt vs. Man Utd. Speaking of Totti...I can't think of a better excuse to post this lovely picture of Ilary Blasi, Italian model and Francesco's wife. Que bella!

4:30 - Inter v. Sampdoria. Amazingly, with how poor they've looked so far, Inter is still sitting in 2nd place only 2 points back. With a win and a Roma loss, we could be back atop the table where we belong. That would be cool.

Carling Cup:

Lots of Carling Cup action this week. I missed Liverpool's 3-2 win over Reading yesterday. But I did see the highlights. NOTE TO RAFA: Fernando Torres NEEDS TO PLAY. Instead of being the potential difference maker in Saturday's disappointing 0-0 home draw to Birmingham in Prem play, Torres plays Tuesday in the Carling Cup and scores a hat trick.

The Carling Cup is 3rd on the priority list...behind the Premiership and Champions League. I love Benitez, but he's gotta get this straight. With a full 90 outta Torres Saturday, we probably don't drop 2 points at home to a promoted squad.

And speaking of disappointments...I'm tired of losing to Michigan and frickin Lloyd Carr. Penn State once again comes up short in the big game, and here's your 3 reasons why:

1) Anthony Morelli. Talented strong arm does not a QB make. He's not a winner, pure and simple. One look in his eyes during a big game will tell you that.

2) Game plan. Trying to play smashmouth played right into Michigan's hands. Did Joe Pa see any of the Oregon game? Or the USC or Ohio State games from last year? Instead of utilizing our talented WRs (and strong arm of Morelli), we're content in playing not to lose. So...we lose.

3) Austin Scott. Sorry, bud. You've had your chance to shine with Tony Hunt gone, and you've literally fumbled it away. Scott shouldn't get a meaningful carry the rest of the year.

Anyone checked my pre-season predictions lately? 3-0 and rolling. Seems everyone forgot we were only 1 year removed from a Superbowl, 2 years removed from a 15-1 season. Now...we've got rid of a lame duck HC in Cowher, we've got a better secondary, a better #2 WR in Holmes, and 1 more year under Ben's belt.

No reason to be surprised. We're still behind New England and Indy, but that's about it. Sure, we've played some weak opponents, but burying lesser teams is part of the equation. 12-4 is looking much more realistic.

And Bryant McFadden's the best CB on the team :)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007

Futbol (Football) Weekend

HUGE weekend in footie this weekend, but a few thoughts on last week 1st...

I can't stand T.O., but the NFL fining him for his little videotaping celebration was a tad ridiculous. *****

Break Up The Browns!! JHC...does this mean we were all wrong on Derek Anderson, Romeo Crennel, and Cleveland last week? Or most people were wrong on Cincinnati as a viable Superbowl candidate? *****

Champions League action is back. SO pumpt for Tuesday and Wednesday football.*****

Well...the next 48 hours is all about the footie, starting w/ Liverpool v. Birmingham at 10:00am Saturday morn...eggs, bangers, ham, and mash with a Newcastle chaser at Piper's. By the time I order an encore, it should be 2-Nil.

Oh, yeah...you'll need Setanta Sports to watch Liverpool tomorrow. Unbelievable...we were on top of the table for a lone week, and got dissed by Fox Soccer and Setanta. Instead of the dazzling Nil-Nil draw between the Reds and Portsmouth last Saturday, Setanta aired the Rugby World Cup. Great.

Making matters worse for my side, Arsenal and Man U were both involved in potential 1-point affairs, but both pulled out 3 late in their respective games. So we fall to 2nd place for the time being. Well, at least Chelsea kept pace.

Speaking of Chelsea, the Special One is out. I'll take him at Inter right about now. But dude needs to seriously smile for once in his life.

Admittedly, my Nerazzuri kinda suck right now. After only 1 Matchday, Internazionale is already in must win mode in the Champions League. Inter once again this weekend, will not be on FSC. Instead, we get Milan / Parma on Saturday at 2:30 (I'll watch the 1st half, I guess). But on Sunday...we need to set the DVR for Juventus v. AS Roma, 9:30am on FSC. Easily, the biggest clash of two titans in the early part of this year's Serie A. After Juve's upset loss to Udinese last w/e, I'll be pulling for them to knock off Roma from the top.

Another one of my teams sucking right now...Barcelona. Maybe I'll take Jose there, as well. All I know is, with the talent Rijkaard has, he better get these boys going...NOW. As in Saturday afternoon...on GOLTV, Barca vs. Sevilla, 4:00pm. With only 5 points in 3 games, and the new-look Real Madrid already clicking, and Sevilla staring down from above them, tomorrow's game is huge. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself. I'll need to DVR this one as well...

b/c at 3:30 Saturday on ABC, we throw on Joe Pa and my Nittany Lions...going into the Big House, where we are gonna peel back some Wolverine boobie!!! That's right, after it's all said and done tomorrow, the media will probably look back at this game as a ho-hum win for Joe Pa with Michigan being all 1-3 and stuff. But this game is EVERYTHING for Penn St. This game will define our season. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself.

blog plug insertion here...if you're a PSU fan, gotta bookmark the following here blog: There Is No Name On My Jersey:


good stuff.

Other games of interest on Saturday, which will need to be DVR'd and watched later Saturday eve, maybe with din din and some vino:

9:30 am, GOLTV, Bundesliga, Bremen vs. Stuttgart

Noon, FSC, Premier, Fulham vs. Man City

I don't think I'm gonna be able to fit in the England / USA Women's World Cup match at 8:00am on ESPN. I've watched some Women's action the past week or so before work, and while it may be more exciting than meaningless regular season baseball, there's only so much time in a day. Sleep's gotta get some dibs.

I know there's probably a logical reason for all I know, but why in the world is the Women's WC not played in the summer?? I thought it always had been. Just seems to be too much going on in the Fall, with European soccer leagues underway, the Champions League and UEFA Cup just starting...not to mention the NFL and NCAA (which I'm sure they care less about). I just think I'd watch more of this if the calendar weren't so bombarded already.

Then...SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!! (said in Monster Truck guy voice). The big day. My beloved Black & Gold get to smack around their 1st of 3 consecutive NFC doormats in San Fran (Arizona and Seattle are next). Yeah...so San Fran is 2-0. Sunday won't be close. Lay it.

Oh, and if you're going to the game Sunday...I hope you're not sitting lower level in the end zone, where Tony Siragusa will be grazing for Fox, and may get in your line of view. He's the big, meaningless, without a purpose guy who a small minority find to be amusing.

Then, after a beautiful long day of tailgating, it'll be time to watch some of that DVR in action, starting with:

Man Utd vs. Chelsea (on FSC at 11:00am). Jess will root for her little Ronaldo and Rooney lads. I'll be rooting for a draw. Both the Mancs and the Blues will go to 12 points in 7 games. After beating Birmingham Saturday, Liverpool will have 14 in 6 games. And even though Arsenal will still be ahead after beating Derby, I'll take it. For now.


Dumb and Dumber

thanks to Stooges boss Bachman for this heads up...

Free Cars! Chris Henry Probably Isn't Felonious; Just Dumb (from Deadspin)

Henry basically had his car stolen, got a rental from Hertz, and didn't pay for it because he thought his insurance would take care of it. Hilarious stuff from another former WVU-er.

Chics Dig the Football

thanks to Moose Knuckles owner, The Face, for this...from Barstool Sports:

Female Fan Survey Proves UB's Theory

for the record, I obviously do not agree with this theory. My theory is...

Our team rules. Your teams suck.

Penguins Town Hall Meeting

Wow. So far behind here. Ton of stuff to catch up on, starting here...

Ended up sneaking outta class early so I could attend the Penguins "Town Hall Meeting" for season ticket holders at Mellon last night. About 4,000 of us showed up to hear CEO Ken Sawyer and Prez Dave Morehouse talk about the details of the new arena and other organizational developments. GM Ray Shero was on hand to talk player personnel, and Steigy MC'd a Q&A with a few players...including Sid, Colby, Staal, Fleury, Whitney.

Quote of the night, when a young fan asked the question, "Why did you decide to become a Goalie?", Marc-Andre Fleury responded in deep French Canadian accent:

"Because I suck to score goals."

Can't express how much I love this team. While it's nice to have a talented young team to root for, it's the personalities of this group of players that makes them downright wholesome. These are just plain old Good Guys. They're the Anti-Barrasso's. And their passion is infectious. It's an exciting times to be a Pens fan. By the end of the night, I was near tear thinking about the future of this team.

What do they say? Anything not worth being passionate about...is not worth doing. Or something like that.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Brownies, Cheating vs. Wanting Some

The Cleveland Browns are to the Pittsburgh Steelers what the Washington Generals are to the Harlem Globetrotters.

OK...I wouldn't go that far. Matter o fact, I've got some close friends who cheer on the Brownies, and I'm starting to feel pretty bad for them. They deserve a little better, me thinks. How's this for starting your season:
  • Jamal Lewis - 2 yd run
  • Frye - incomplete
  • Frye - sacked
  • 14 yard punt (which included 4 different Cleveland penalties)
  • Pittsburgh takes over at the 22 yard line, 4 plays later, 7-Nil
  • Ugh
Not that I'm complaining, but this rivalry has become somewhat placid.

And how is it possible to be the starting QB for your team in Week 1, play 20 ineffective minutes, and be traded less than 3 days later?!?! Frye was somewhat less than a world-beater, but what's that say for your coaching brass? When your flipping coins to decide on your starting QB in the pre-season, something is wrong.

Speaking of New England Patriot coaches (past and present) I guess this was a pretty bad week for the "geniuses." Romeo Crennel seems confused. Charlie Weiss, while being a prick, remains lost at Notre Dame. And NFL commish Roger Goodell came down, albeit rather lightly, on brainiac Bill Belichick for being a fraud.

Maybe that's why Crennel and Weiss have become complete failures at their new gigs. They can't videotape opposing team's signals anymore. I'm not for taking away their Super Bowl rings, and don't think it completely demeans all of their accomplishments, but don't give me a Sean Salisbury and say the whole cheating thing is meaningless. If it's not that important, why go through the hassle of doing it? Why risk the embarrassment?

I like the loss of draft picks, but why not suspend Belichick? When you consider that Cowboys QB Coach Wade Wilson got suspended 5 games for using HGH, why not suspend Mr. Personality for something that has infinitely more to do with the rigging of actual games?

That's right. Wade Wilson is an assistant coach. He has diabetes. He uses HGH to help him with his impotence, and gets suspended 5 games. He loses a third of his salary because he wants a little more activity in the sac...I mean bedroom. Belichick is videotaping signals, making adjustments accordingly, and he misses zero games. His fine of $500,000 is only 1/8 of his salary. Interesting double standard, don't cha think?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

or something like that. Hey, kids...speaking of pumpkin...pumpkin spice is back at yer local Starbucks establishment. Nothing says Autumn and Football like "Grande Pumpkin Spice Americano With Room." Seriously.

Just when you thought you knew someone, my whole world gets turned upside down. Bill Belichick was thought to be a genius. Leading 3 historically respected franchises (The Bloated Stiffs, The Meat Helmets, and Sweep the Leg Johnny) to multiple championship titles myself, I can relate to the burden of the genius tag. I not only idolized the 3-time Super Bowl Champ, I was this close to buying my first Bill Belichick Fathead, complete with hoodie and cut-off sleeves. Now, he's an admitted cheater?!

Not only should Belichick be suspended, but since his players and their respective stats have benefited from this scandal, Tom Brady should be ineligible for every Fantasy League for the remainder of the year.

On the serious tip, major props to the Buffalo Bills training staff, who apparently did all the right things immediately after Kevin Everett's life threatening injury this Sunday. I'd heard they even practiced this same procedure days before the injury. One day it was reported that Everett may be paralyzed for life, now it sounds as though he may even walk out of the hospital. We will keep our fingers crossed, but what an incredibly heart warming story.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Knock. Knock. Who's There?

Last week, some Pens players actually hand delivered tickets to a handful of season ticket holders. Unfortunately, I was not one of them.

Curiously, one woman who met Sidney Crosby at her door, said:

"I don't think you'll win the [Stanley] Cup this year," she said. "Not yet. Maybe next year."


Monday, September 10, 2007

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Please Show the QB's Parents in the Stands One More Time

Please! It'll be great. Promise.
Jimmy Clausen. The next Ron Powlus? Maybe?

Most of yens probably don't remember the heir to Rick Mirer, the golden boy who was supposed to win 2 (yes...2!!) Heisman trophies, per Beano Cook.

Who knows. Clausen will probably end up being a great QB. Maybe better than Brady Quinn. But where will that get the Golden Homers in the long run? Another ass blasting in another major bowl they didn't deserve?

Fact is, besides NBC and the Irish faithful, Notre Dame's proud football tradition has become meaningless in the larger scope of things. The majority of the top echelon recruits don't care about the nine horseman, or whatever. They want Southern Cal, Florida, Texas, or...Happy Valley!

How much fun was that? Notre Dork even tried to make it interesting for awhile. The nifty little screens, flares to the wideouts in the flats, dump offs. Clausen should be proud that he went 8 for his 1st 10, or whatever. Actually, Charlie Weiss should be proud he kept a leash on his golden child. Otherwise, it could've gotten ugly. Like Michigan ugly.

Save that Michigan thought...

I shouldn't blast ND so much. But...hating on ND makes me love college football so much more. It's nothing personal. I just don't like their pompous ass. And it's even that much better when your team pounds them.

That's the magic in football. Bust yer ass all week, Saturday and Sunday come, watch your guys knock the crap out of their guys. It's nice.

Michigan. Dude. I'm not a Wolverine hater. But how bad has it got? 39-7 at home? I know it's those crazy Ducks, and Dennis Dixon is aw good n' shits...but seriously? Crazy thing is...they could still win the Big 10. I doubt it...but it's mathematically possible...and stuff.

And speaking of Charlie Weiss. I know I called him "Chubby" the other day, and for that I apologize. I am one with my bloatedness, so I wasn't trying to poke fun. As a matter of fact, I'd heard some of the f*t jokes tonight, and it sounded rather childish. So I wasn't trying to go there. I just think he's a dick. Nothing personal.

HEY...and speaking of Clausen, I've got no idea where this came from...but THIS IS CLASSIC WHOEVER'S THIS IS. CLICK HERE!!!!!!

Friday, September 07, 2007

new Bob Interview...

Robert Pollard Interview on suicidegirls.com

sweet! some talk in there about the new ones on the way.

Bad Football, Good Football

Quote of the day, from the best sports radio personality in the business today (imho), Steve Czaban, while somewhat boldly predicting the San Francisco 49ers to win the NFC West:

"At some point, Ashley Lelie has to prove to be not a turd."


Michigan. OK fine, so Appalachian St. is supposedly one of the best Division I-AA teams out there. Hang your hat on that, if you must. If not the biggest upset in college football history, it's still pretty laughable. But probably the biggest slap to Wolverine nation...

Michigan had to pay Appalachian St $400,000 to visit the Big House!! Thanks for the beat down, here's your cash!!!

Georgia Tech 33. Notre Dame 3. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! Nothing better than an Irish ass-kicking in front of their holier-than-thou fans while the nation witnesses on their own network. Well, there is one thing better...investing $$ against the Irish as Notre Dame was actually a 2 point favorite!! Doesn't get any easier.

Notre Dame will always have its backers, which deflates the line in Vegas. And anytime they play a good team, they lose. Book it. Charlie Weiss's next win against a Top 25 team will be his first. But he gets a contract extension while Tryone Willingham was shown the door.

Can't wait until this Saturday when my Nittany Lions will get its chance to completely pummel frosh QB Jimmy Clausen and the Irish. Good times in Happy Valley. Too bad I'll miss it, while I'm busy being one with the wilderness.

Inter-Milan. So my boys won 2-Nil vs. Empoli. They still don't look like the same squad from last year. Suazo has yet to mesh up front with Ibra. Materazzi is out for 4 months. No sight of Crespo. We get smashed by Barca in a friendly. Only 2 weeks in, so I'm not ultra worried, yet. Yet. Gotta dig those new white aways, though.

Toronto FC. So Danny Dichio didn't turn out to be the stud I thought he was. However, when he wasn't looking awkward, he still put the ball in the net, occasionally. But now he's been added to the season-ending injury list along with Jeff Cunningham and Ronnie O'Brien. We may not score a goal until next year. These are the bad times.

Chelsea loses to Aston Villa 2-Nil. Lampard is out. Drogba went down in stoppage time. The "Special One" looks lost. Good news for Liverpool...


Liverpool 6-Nil over Derby!!! Without #8. Dood...I'm telling you. This is Liverpool's year! Torres up front is a STUD, Babel's flying around, Alonso put 2 in the net Saturday, even Pennant's playing well. The boys are hungry to end the drought. Better yet, they've got the talent and depth to do it.

We are now atop the table to stay. And you'll never walk alone.

Barca. So Eto'o is injured. Big deal. May even be a blessing, since Rijkaard won't have to play games with his line-up now. Just roll out Messi, Ronnie, and Henry up front, and let 'er fly. One big signing for Barca that went a bit under the radar this summer...Eric Abidal from Lyon. Not being familiar with French footie, I'd never seen this guy play. Dude is good. Set up Ronaldhino with a gorgeous cross Sunday.

Michigan St. Did you have the Spartans this week? I did.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Damn You People! This is Golf!

So someone from the gallery once again screwed up Tiger's game this weekend, snapping off a picture in the middle of his swing, and prompting Tiger to hollar and scream about it...again.

Damn, I hate it when that happens. You just don't mess with someone's swing, man.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Not so fast my penis

the opinions expressed by these dudes do not necessarily reflect those of this blog. i think.

corso is cool. i guess.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Appalachian State Beats Michigan

I Called It!!!

College Football Kickoff

So Virginia Tech has invited Nas to play a free concert for their students Sept. 6th, as a benefit to the school and community for the shooting spree tragedy that happened on campus last year. Nas, who I must admit I'm not too familiar with (so I won't pass judgement), has a song that contains the lyrics...

"Shoot 'em up! Just shoot 'em up! What? Kill! Kill! Kill! Murder! Murder! Murder! Shoot 'em up! Just shoot 'em up! What? Kill! Kill! Kill!"

Alrighty then.

to the game on the field...

Not a great card to get started, but I'll take college ball over the NFL any day of the week. Unless, of course, we're talking the Black & Gold. Here's a few I'll keep an eye on this Saturday, at least in between real football games :)

Florida International at Penn St. Joe Pa should have this one in the bag by half.

Georgia Tech at Notre Dame. Always fun watching Notre Dame lose, especially when it's at home in front of their pompous fan base. Chubby Charlie Weiss was at it again this week, refusing to tell the media who he'd start at QB. Dick.

Tennessee at Cal. Rarely does Tennessee make a trip west of the Mississippi. That means, a) no annoying "Rocky Top" chants, and b) Cal shouldn't be intimidated like they were last year in front of 100,000 + in Knoxville. I expect the Bear to get some revenge this year, although I'm staying away from the line. Nice prime time affair to get the season started.

Oklahoma St. at Georgia. I'm liking the Bulldog here...in a big way. Oky St's a nice club, but I think the Bulldog whales. Remember a couple years ago when Boise St came to play between the hedges. They were a slight Teed underdog as well, and went back to Idaho with their tits peeled. Look for the same to happen here.

Bobby Mo in action today at the friendly confines of Joe Walton, taking on Dayton. Go to Colonials Corner...RMU play-by-play guy Andrew Chiappazzi's got your whole scoop. GO BOB!!!!!!!


11:00 am. Aston Villa vs. Chelsea. Piper's Pub. Boxties. Bloodies. Who's with me?