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Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fucked Up - Queen of Hearts (Live on KEXP)

gonna be catching up from the lackluster summer for awhile here. seems like a good place to start. David Comes to Life will easily make my favorites of 2011 list...

Friday, October 28, 2011

Bas Rutten Bad Ass

Word on the streets is that Capitals Winger Jay Beagle is attending Rutten's infamous self defense classes. Arron Asham would still kick his ass :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Screenings in Dormont

The original John Carpenter 1978 classic is being shown TONIGHT at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont: 7:00 and 9:30. It will screen again this Sunday 10/30 at 8:00pm.

This is pretty much the greatest horror film of all time...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gee Bee Veeeeee!!!!!

thanks to gbvh for the fwd. you can order a copy HERE: GBV Magnet issue

btw: i hear that new Kimya Dawson album is pretty not bad.

James Neal Scores

That's all this guy does. He's becoming the fantastic bastard of a sniper that we all wished for last year...the goal scoring winger this team's been lacking since forever. He's on pace to score something like 65 goals. We'll be less optimistic and say he doesn't get to 60. But anything less than 50 will be a huge disappointment, and we will burn him at the stake. Along with Staal, Neal has been a beast 10 games into the season, especially considering we are sans 87 and 71. We will probably all poo ourselves when he starts playing with Sid. (Although I'd rather see him along side Geno, just saying).

Our only problem with Neal is his name. It's just way too proper, and let's face it...sounds kinda blahze. Someone probably called him "Jim" one time and he probably snapped, "It's not Jim, it's James." You know the guy. "My name isn't Ed, it's Edward." "I prefer Robert, not Bob." Those guys. Oh well. We would call him "Jimmy", but that sounds like something dickhead Pierre McGuire would call him. And "Nealer" as I've heard some people call him is dumb.

I think the perfect name for JN would be: "James Fucking Neal." The problem with that is we already have "Craig Fucking Adams." Maybe Neal could buy Adams a case of Moosehead, and take his nickname. But then we'd need a new name for CFA, and I don't recommend "Craigy."

BTW: Zibby Michalek out 4-6 weeks. The hits just keep coming.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

“The Unsinkable Fats Domino” 7"

sounds like Matador will be releasing this with a B-side of "We Won't Apologize" on November 22nd.

check it out on Consequence of Sound, and thanks to TB for the fwd!

Check Out: Guided by Voices – “The Unsinkable Fats Domino”

Sebadoh TONIGHT!

Sorry late-comers. Snoozers are losers. Sold out show at the tiny little Brillobox in Bloomfield. I will be there because I rule and I have tickets.  So jackt!!!!

btw...this video for "Rebound" will rock your lips off...


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Amoeba Knievel and the Moodswingers ~ Live at St James

St James Place Tavern is your quintessential dive bar, and along with Gooski's in Polish Hill, is one of our favorite places to see live local bands.  It's a couple of blocks off the main drag on the South Side, so you don't have to worry about knocking heads with the amateurs, or jumping over puke puddles courtesy of some sorority girl looking to lose her virginity to the first dude she sees wearing an American Eagle sweatshirt.

Amoeba Knievel and the Moodswingers brought the Visionary Rock n' Roll that was promised on this Friday night.  We've been fans of Tommy Amoeba and his band for a long time, but we really enjoy the lads backing him currently.  Joe (bass), Bill (geetar), and Bob (drums) form the perfect ammo that fuels Tommy's staple silliness and cartoonish frontman antics.  All of our favs were played: "Mad Magazine", Cowboy Ed", "National Sport", and "Indigo Sandwich"...

"King of the Flowermen" was skipped due to a lack of a second mic for back-up vocals, but AK made up for it with a classic performance of "Broken Record" followed by a punk rock cover of "L.A. Woman" as part of an impromptu Doors medley. I never enjoyed the Doors more than during this 7-8 minute span.

As for my personal highlight of the night: one of the strings on Bill's guitar breaks, causing a break in the action.  Bass slapper Joe starts strumming the opening chords to GBV's "Lethargy."  I had just met Joe earlier in the night, and it turns out he's a huge GBV fan (not to mention a swell dude).  So while Bill's attending to his injured guitar, Joe starts waiving me towards the mic.  FCKYA!!!  I obliged....  "ARE YOU HAPPY?  HAPPY TODAY..."  Afterwards, Tommy introduces the song as one from Joe's new side project, "Guided by Gary."  We think there may be video existing of this.  I don't think we pulled it off as good as this, but jolly good times it was...

The Moodswingers were next. Dennis Childers was back behind the drums for this night, and we love Dennis, along with bassist Dean. Jamie Moodswinger started the set with "Thrill", and then the playlist was up for grabs. Not sure I've ever seen a Moodswingers set that followed the set list. That's just the way they roll, which is ok in our book. Fan favorite "Heart Attack is better than a Stroke" was played, along with "World to Save"and my personal favorite "Hope You're Alright."

Got to hear a new tune, called "Die." And from first listen, it sounds like a keeper. We had some video footage of "I'll Wait", but unfortunately it didn't come out that well (stupid cameraman's fault). Probably the best compliment of the night came from some girl sitting at the bar, who told Moodswingers' frontman Jamie that he needs to learn how to sing better. FCKYA!!!! PUNK RAAAAAWK!!

The Moodswingers had another date with rock on Saturday night at Howler's in Bloomfield.  Unfortunately, we had a previous engagement with Zombie.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Zombi 2 / Amityville Horror Screenings

TONIGHT at the Oaks Theatre!

At 7:00pm:

So jackt to see this on the big screen!! I'm a proud owner of the 25th Anniversary DVD, but I've never seen this film the way it was intended. Word from Jables is there are limited theatres across the states getting the privilege of showing the Fulci classic. The Oaks is awesome!

At 9:00pm

Unlike Zombi 2, I saw The Amityville Horror as a kid and it scared the crap outta me. Here's the unimbeddable (how annoying) trailer:

The Amityville Horror Trailer



I know what the Senator wants!

thanks to TB for the fwd. gbvh LOVES this song!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Amoeba Knievel and the Moodswingers Double Bill TONIGHT!

Two of my favorite local Pittsburgh bands are back at it. TONIGHT!!! At St James Place Tavern on the South Side. The last time they played together, the bar owners told Amoeba Knievel that they were too original, which shocked the locals at the Regent Square establishment into a bewildered state of befuddlement and jerkiness.  Confused, and sounding nothing like the Offspring, the Moodswingers followed an abbreviated AK set by rawking everyone's faces off.

Come out tonight! Drink some brews! See local and original music. Don't be square.

I'm back!

Now that the Big Boring Wedding is behind us, Empties Crushed will be back in full effect.  We've promised this before, but this time we mean it.  Like a bastard.

speaking of BBW, I've never seen this before. Kinda cool. I don't get it, but cool nonetheless...

The absolute perfect tune to open a set with. So happy the dudes from the Textbook Committee played this, and pretty flattered they learned it especially for the occassion. They nailed it!