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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Quasi Pompous Ode to 1989 (part 3 of 4)

For those catching up to speed: my personal essentials from 1989, in honor of 1989. Only one tune per group permitted. #20 thru #11 recapped:

#20 - FYC: "Ever Fallen in Love" (Buzzcocks cover)
#19 - Smithereens: "A Girl Like You"
#18 - Vaselines: "Dying For It"
#17 - Replacements: "Talent Show"
#16 - Galaxie 500: "When Will You Come Home"
#15 - Yo La Tengo: "Barnaby, Hardly Working"
#14 - Nirvana: "Love Buzz"
#13 - The Beastie Boys: "Shake Your Rump"
#12 - The B-52's: "Bushfire"
#11 - Lou Reed: "Dirty Boulevard"

Go HERE for full nonsense and more time wasting material on Part 1 and Part 2.


#10 - Big Audio Dynamite: "Contact"

So, it wasn't the Clash. But B.A.D. still had some really catchy tunes. This one was on heavy rotation at the time with our little crew of friends. I think the chics digged it, too. And when you're 18, you tend to play what the chics like :) Not the greatest audio on this clip, but check out Mick Jones' hair!!

#9 - XTC: "Mayor of Simpleton"

From Oranges & Lemons. Didn't realize it at the time, but I guess this hit #1 on the U.S. Billboard "Modern Rock" charts...

#8 - Red Hot Chili Peppers: "Taste the Pain"

I remember first hearing this in the Cameron Crowe film Say Anything. Upon further review, I guess Anthony Kiedis was dating Diane Court at the time. Sorry...but Anthony Kiedis is NO Lloyd Dobler. But who is, right?

I kinda lost interest in the RHCPs over the years, but I still love Mother's Milk. This was my favorite off that album...

#7 - Hoodoo Gurus: "Come Anytime"

From the album, Magnum Cum Louder. Ah...I get it!! Like magna cum laude, but with a pornographic twist. Those crazy Australians. Oh, well. Kinda lame, but I loved this catchy little number...

#6 - De La Soul: "Me, Myself, and I"

I bought 3 Feet High and Rising on cassette in 1989 from a liquor store 1 block into Chicago past Harlem Ave near Oak Park (I believe it was called "Sir Jays", but I just know they sold to minors). A good friend of mine at the time was giving me a ride in his Volkswagen Rabbit (with no A/C or radio!!) to Southern Illinois University...a 6 hour ride from Chicago. It was August. It was hot.

We stopped at a Walgreen's (after the adult beverage and cassette stop), and bought a mini little "boom box" and a slew of batteries. We proceeded on our road trip with the sun roof open (yes...no A/C or radio, but it had a sun roof), and the radio in the back seat pumping out De La Soul. I believe we had a few other cassettes on hand, but none were necessary. We continued to flip the 3 Feet High and Rising cassette the entire ride (no exaggeration).

By the time we got back, I think we knew every word of all 24 tracks. It was the soundtrack of our lives for the rest of 1989. Lots of great #'s, and again hard to choose one. So, we go with this...

Live on the Arsenio Hall show...

tomorrow...the electrifying conclusion...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Quasi Pompous Ode to 1989 (part 2 of 4)

For those who missed yesterday's class, my personal and Essential 20 Tunes from 1989 started as is:

#20 - FYC: "Ever Fallen in Love" (Buzzcocks cover)
#19 - Smithereens: "A Girl Like You"
#18 - Vaselines: "Dying For It"
#17 - Replacements: "Talent Show"
#16 - Galaxie 500: "When Will You Come Home"

Again, this is a personal "favorites" list, and not a "best of" list. Moving on...

#15 - Yo La Tengo: "Barnaby, Hardly Working"

From the album, President Yo La Tengo. , which was later re-issued by Matador Records. Coincidentally, the birth of Matador (my personal favorite record label) was also in 1989. Twenty years later, YLT is still pumping out amazing records (see: Popular Songs), and remains one of my favorite bands (6th to be exact) to this day.

No video, but move your little mouse thingy over the image below, play, and enjoy...

Yo La Tengo - "Barnaby, Hardly Working"

#14 - Nirvana: "Love Buzz"

A couple years before "Smells Like Teen Spirit" slapped America in the face, all the cool kids were already into Nirvana with their debut record Bleach. A 20 year anny reissue is scheduled to come out this November on Sub Pop. Bleach remains one of only two records that the Seattle label has released to have gone platinum (the other being Flight of the Conchords), but only sold 30,000 copies after its initial pressing.

"About a Girl" became the more popular tune from the same record, after its appearance on MTV's Unplugged, but we prefer this rocker much more. LOVE (!!!) the bass line. Rawk...

** yes, another cover tune, as pointed out by a loyal follower :)

#13 - The Beastie Boys: "Shake Your Rump"

Admittedly, I was also on the diss bandwagon after Paul's Boutique came out. I was a huge License To Ill dude. But in retrospect, PB remains our favorite Beastie's album. What were we thinking?

#12 - The B-52's: "Bushfire"
Fun, fantastic record that Cosmic Thing. Others may prefer the mega hit "Love Shack", or "Roam." We dig this one the most. Again, no video to be found. Play and enjoy...

Or download if you prefer...

::The B-52's - "Bushfire"::

#11 - Lou Reed: "Dirty Boulevard"

Not my favorite output from Lou, so maybe this goes down as a career achievement sorta thingy. Love my Lou....

back Wed with 10 thru 6...

Monday, September 28, 2009

My Quasi Pompous Ode to 1989 (part 1 of 4)

My 20 year H.S. reunion approaches this week, so in honor of my beloved classmates of '89, I give you this 4 part blurb...

My personal 20 essential tunes from 1989. Notice the "personal" inclusion, and nowhere will you hear me say "best." So BACK OFF! First and foremost, I am not a music critic. I simply like what I like. Admittedly, my musical taste isn't for everyone. But I hope you will enjoy my little blast to the past.

First off, some rules. OK, one rule. Only one song per group. There were some tough choices in this regard, but for the interest of diversity, we'll only choose one song per group. Disclaimer: I may have missed something, and years may overlap. This was a best effort, and done with minimal research. It is a humble opinion, and hence, can not be flawed :)

#20 - Bad English: "When I See You Smile"

Just kidding. Perhaps now you get the pompous reference :)

#20 (for reals) - Fine Young Cannibals: "Ever Fallen In Love"
OK...a cover song. But we love the Buzzcocks, so props to this Birmingham trio for good taste. There were bigger "hits" off The Raw and the Cooked, such as "Good Thing" and "She Drives Me Crazy," but we choose this one to start our Essential 20. The video from the FYC is kinda lame, so in lieu of, I give you the original...

#19 - The Smithereens: "A Girl Like You"

We're also a fan of "Blues Before and After", but choose this, the opening track off of 11. Love the opening riff...

#18 - The Vaselines: "Dying For It"

Originally released as an EP the year prior (which also contains the tune "Molly's Lips", which Nirvana later covered), this here tune appears on the Vaselines only full length, Dum-Dum. EC highly recommends a purchase of Enter the Vaselines, a 2009 deluxe re-issue from Sub Pop which contains Dum-Dum, their two EP's (Dying For It and Son of a Gun), as well as demos and live tracks.

#17 - The Replacements: "Talent Show"


From Don't Tell a Soul, definitely not our favorite from the Replacements catalogue, which also contained the hit "I'll Be You."

#16 - Galaxie 500: "When Will You Come Home"

Seeing Galaxie 500 gave way to Dean Wareham's next band Luna, another fav of ours, as well as the Damon and Naomi duo, I guess this here defines "essential" for me. Love this record, and it was a tough call to narrow to one track. Pitchfork calls it the 16th best album from the 80's. Also off of On Fire: "Strange", "Blue Thunder", and "Snowstorm." The CD version also contains a New Order cover, "Ceremony." I believe Damon is playing drums underneath a basketball hoop. Cool...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

"I BELIEVE" (file under: Toronto FC Playoff Optimism)

Straight from a loyal EC reader and Believer of TFC...as opposed to a Blasphemer of TFC (not saying names...Yost):

just crunched numbers of all the playoff contenders, Toronto has the easiest remaining schedule.
  • Toronto ... four remaining games ... two H two V ... average point total of remaining opposition: 28.
  • DC ... four remaining games ... three H two V ... average point total of remaining opposition: 36
  • SEA ... four remaining games ... one H three V ... average point total of opposition: 34.5
  • Colorado ... four remaining games ... one H three V ... average point total of opposition: 31
  • RSL ... four remaining games ... two H two V (one against Toronto) ... average point total of opposition: 29
  • NE ... six games remaining ... three H three V ... average point total of opposition: 31
  • Chivas ... six games remaining ... four H two V ... average point total of opposition: 31.5
With two extra games, ya gotta believe NE and Chivas should make it.
If when any of the above teams play each other, we can get some ties ... and Toronto wins its two home games and its game in NY (I know, not as easy as it might sound)
YES!!!! LET'S DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also...word on the streets: No Blanco tomorrow for Chicago.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Yay Buccos!

Two proud and historic MLB franchises met yesterday for some scorching baseball action. Scenes from yesterday's game at PNC Park...

You Pirates fans should be ashamed. So fair weathered. Where are you when your ball club needs you the most?! I'm embarrassed for you.

thanks to loyal reader and correspondent Weldy for the scoop

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Times New Viking and Yo La Tengo


Talked about this album a few weeks ago. LOVE IT. GET IT. HERE.

Speaking of Times New Viking...new stuff available HERE.

thanks to Jables over at the Nate Corner for the heads up. Purchased my vinyl Tuesday...with extra special free 7"'s which were only available until....Tuesday. From Matador Records. Best Label Ever.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Pleasure Principle

Gary Numan's 1979 classic is getting the re-issue treatment, available from Beggars Group. The double CD comes complete with an "expanded edition" including demos and remastered stuff, along with a bonus disc "1979 the Live EPs."

One of the very first records I owned as a little kid, I don't think I ever realized its magic until a long time afterward. Sure, "Cars" was the big hit back in da day. But this record from top to bottom would be one of my favs of all time without that track. From beginning to end, this is one truly awesome record. Get the re-issue, give it some time, and see for yourself.

The 2nd track from tPP...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Steelers on track

...according to Empties Crushed, that is. Yes, all is well. We'll be fine. A tough loss to a team with its back against the wall, at their place. Cutler played out of his mind. Bad weather played a part. A shitty surface played a hand. But those are excuses, and we don't make them. Both teams played under the same conditions, and both had key injuries. Hats off to the Bears for finding a way to win. It was there to be won, and it would've been a nice win. But we looked at this as a potential road bump originally, so no reason to panic.

Thumbs up:
  1. Ben, again.
  2. Running game got going a bit. Who is this Rashard Mendenhall guy who was scampering down the field?
  3. OL looked better.
  4. Ike. Never heard his name, the barometer of a quality game from your shutdown CB. And narrowly a peep about Devin Hester.
Thumbs down:
  1. Santonio. He set the bar, now he has to live up to it. A couple of big drops, including a beauty of a TD pass from Ben, may have lost the game. #10 is a stud...he'll have better days.
  2. Jeff Reed...should've signed that deal a few weeks back, brother. I like Skippy, as much as most other Stiller fans do. But the bad thing about Reed is that @ 40% of the Kickers in the NFL are better. This will be his last year in Pittsburgh, because they won't overpay at this position. Props, however, for owning up to it after the game. Unlike...
  3. Tyrone Carter. GREAT play on Olsen, separating him from the ball with a huge tit peeling hit. But he is obviously no Troy, and that is evident when we send extra guys to the QB. Rolling coverage on some of LeBeau's blitz calls seemed to be one step behind all day. But major points deducted for the anti-Reed post game comments about being hurt, and he shouldn't have been in there. Those are excuses, and we don't make them.
  4. Jerome Bettis. Not that we think he was wrong for voicing his opinions, but only because we think he is a self promoting ass as always.
If you wanna feel better about our Beloved this Monday, my prescription for you is the following:

Sept 27 - @ the Bengal
Oct 4 - home vs. San Diego
Oct 11 - @ the Lion
Oct 18 - home vs. the Brown
Oct 25 - home vs. the Viking

That's 6-1 heading into the Bye Week, just as EC predicted last month.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Pavement Reunion Tour!!!

YES!!!! Per Matador Records, pre-sale starts TODAY kids: 10:00 AM. CLICK HERE for Pre-sale. Password = ZOWEE.

First show announced: New York, September 21st 2010. More to be announced? Hope, hope. 2010 personal vacation plans soon to follow.

thanks to loyal GBVH for the heads up!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Floyd Mayweather; jackass

In honor of "Money" Mayweather's amazing ability to say this in a press-conference to promote a fight he'll make $5 million for, I revisit my favorite Mayweather interview.

Brian Kenny needs more face time.

Bob Pollard On GBV Reunion, Praying, Alcohol, Mike Patton And ‘Alan Iverson’

From the Indiepit blog. READ HERE.

thanks to Jerry Fitz for the heads up :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

R.I.P. Patrick Swayze. Adios Amigo.

He had the ultimate wind-tunnel tested hairdo. The kind of hairstyle you get when you tell the stylist: "I wanna look like a falcon."

Although I never saw Ghost, we all knew he would never put Baby in a corner. He told Keanu Reeves that "it's not tragic to die doing what you love" (which in this case, was dressing up as Ronald Reagan, surfing, and jumping out of planes). He probably had his worst 24 hours when his house was burnt to a crisp by Donnie Darko, only to get arrested for child pornography the next morning.

But the ultimate Swayze moments came as Dalton, the smaller-than-thought bouncer who drives a fancy car, cleans up the riff raff at bars, and insists that "pain don't hurt."

It really sucks when you're too stupid to have a good time.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye West, Douche Bag?

When it comes to music, I gave up on the American general public's ability to decide what was "good" a LONG time ago. So admittedly, I'm fairly out of touch with American pop culture. I have no idea who Kanye West or Taylor Swift are. Well...I've heard their names, but couldn't pick either of them out of a line-up before today.

So I learned a little about what I've been missing. What I have learned is that Taylor Swift won some award for country music (which automatically equates to shit), and that Kanye West is a giant douche bag. All I have to figure out now is who this Beyonce chic is.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Saviour

Thanks to our Toronto FC correspondent for breaking this one. Julian de Guzman comes aboard as TFC's Beckham (the "designated player") for the final 6 matches of the MLS season. The Beloved is currently in 5th place in the East, and OUT of a playoff spot.

Guzman will reportedly make more $$ than the rest of the team combined, and in the humble opinion of that same correspondent...that's effed. But at least we can't say ownership is being short-pocketed anymore.

The playoff push starts tomorrow, with an absolute MUST 3 points up for grabs at home against Colorado. Two road trips loom at L.A. and Chicago. That's gonna be tough, but if we're crazy enough to get at least one of those two W's...or at the bare minimum 2 draws, then the final 3 sets us up for an easy 9 points against patsy San Jose (home), Salt Lake Shitty (home), and the worst team ever Red Bulls.

He's no Dichio, but he's JDG...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Dichio - You're So Awkward!!"

I remember the first time I saw Danny Dichio roaming the pitch at BMO Field...the flowing robes, the grace, bald...striking. Some fool sitting next to me with his 3/4-guzzled Carlsberg and faded Van Halen jean jacket yelled out that exact quote above, trying to get inside the dome of the 6'3" behemoth of a striker. But Danny Dichio was beyond the childish heckling. He just continued to lumber around the offensive third of the pitch, poised to strike if he ever got close to the ball.

Maybe it was Daniel Salvatore Dichio's Italian heritage that this particular "fan" wasn't fond of (I'd overheard him ripping the Italian National Team's style of play). Or maybe it's because good ole #9 wasn't the fleetest of foot. Sure, Dichio wasn't the fastest player in Red. He sometimes stumbled around and looked a bit...OK...awkward. But Dichio was a staple in the very fabric of Toronto FC; the man whose memory will forever live on as the real fans belt out the Dichio Song in the 23rd minute of every game, signifying that glorious moment when he scored the first goal in club history back in May of 2007.

Salvatore announced his retirement yesterday. And for this, the folk here at EC are sad.

But I'll always remember a year after that encounter with the irate Van Halen loving blasphemer, when we crossed paths again. We shared a couple of Sleemans, and reminisced about the prior year. That ill fated game of a year ago, a home shutout to Chicago which had the supporters (and this particular gent) very frustrated, was a distant memory. But other than his fascination with Sammy Hagar and Shit Mayor, he seemed like a swell guy. We were mutually excited for the upcoming match against Colorado, where we once again shared seats behind the goal next to the "supporters section." Our beloved Reds were undefeated at home at that point, with 14 out of a possible 18 points.

I failed to mention to this guy that I'd remembered him for those Dichio slurs. I just let it go. Knowing Dichio was getting the start this match, I knew Van Halen Boy would soon be eating his words. And in the 37th minute, the world class striker that is Danny Dichio made him do just that!!! A most glorious strike from the top of the Colorado 18, one that only a player of Dichio's caliber could provide, gave our Beloved Reds the lead for good. After two more Rohan Ricketts goals, TFC got a well deserved 3 points with a 3-1 victory.

As for my Sleemens loving friend, he could not stop singing the praises of Mr. Dichio the rest of the day. Bravo, Danny. Bravo, my friend.

From Dichio's website, and Twitter feed Wednesday:
"RETIRED. Sad day,but i am thankful for all the great memories this beautiful game has given me. Excited by my new venture with TFC as well."

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Towel Stomping Predictions

So Chubby LenDale White claims he will be stomping all over the Terrible Towel once again, this time at Heinz Field. I'm predicting the exact opposite actually, as EC sees this game as a one-sided tit rubbing, with LenDale's man bra and the rest of the Titan as the recipient. With that in mind, here is the official Season Predictions, because EC knows best...

the Titan - W
@ the Bear - L
@ the Bengal - W
the Charger - W
@ the Lion - W
the Brown - W
the Viking - W
@ the Bronco - W
the Bengal - W
@ the Chief - W
@ the Raven - W
the Raider - W
@ the Brown - W
the Packer - W
the Raven - W
@ the Dolphin - L

Wow. That was easy. Another 6-0 in the AFC North. Despite what all the "experts" think, Baltimore still stinks, and they'll get their asses handed to them again courtesy the Beloved. The Bear game in Week 2, being at Soldier Field on prime time tube may present the biggest obstacle.

The next toughest game appears to be in Denver, but the popcorn armed Kyle Orton against the best DEF in the NFL will be another mismatch.

I'm chalking up the L at the end of the season only because AFC home field advantage will be locked at this point, and we'll give the hard-trying up-n-coming Dolphin the upset here, with perhaps their playoff hopes hinging on this game, and the Steelers resting anyone who's dinged for the playoffs.

So 14-2 seems pretty easy. New England will be a tough out in the AFC Championship, but since Belibitch can't steal signals anymore, we see the advantage swinging this way. And when it's all said and done, Lombardi #7 will be sitting in the trophy case. That's right...

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Yo La Tengo: Popular Songs

Get this now.

Monday, Ocober 5th, at the Beachland Ballroom. Road trip. Who's coming with me?

Monday, September 07, 2009

Legarrette Blount, Douche Bag

Gotta love how he flexes as he's running away. On top of all the other things you can call him, add "coward" to the top of the list.

Bravo Oregon for suspending this moron for the year.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Mission of Burma

TONIGHT!!!!!!! Club Cafe. Sold Out. Not sure what it holds...maybe a 100 people, but I'm very excited about this. My very first Mission of Burma show. So jackt.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Devil Went Home and Puked

Somewhat embarrassed of the lack of posts these here pages have produced lately (maybe it's time for a Dan Yost noots kicking). I mean, you fine faithful five loyal readers deserve better. I'm even more embarrassed I'm more than a month late on this....

Word on the streets is an October 20th - November 6th release date. Which means we will be having a party shortly thereafter :)

Apparently, it's being distributed through MVD Video for a cheap $15.