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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Baltimore Ravens Scared?

So the BIG BAD Baltimore Ravens officially sent a request to the NFL that they are excused from another prime time affair against the Steelers in Heinz Field.


The BIG BAD Baltimore Ravens, with their Male Cheerleading Squad, feel the Steelers have an unfair advantage on nationally televised games during prime time hours because, according to one Raven reporter,

"The organization knows how to work the crowd."

Suddenly, Ray Ray's arms don't scare me any more.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Quintron and Miss Pussycat Skip the 'Burg, Feel Shame

The have open dates around the time they are hitting up Philly, yet no Pittsburgh date for Mr. Q & Miss P.

When confronted, via e-mail, about this oversight, Quintron gave a perfect non-answer.

so sorry....maybe next time for Pittsburg. If it makes you feel better, we have snubbed Cleveland as well......not snubbed at all really, the schedule just worked out like this.

Cleveland doesn't get a show, so you shouldn't have any reason to complain. Terrible.

Quintron, I know you're reading this. Let's not make this same mistake twice.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Cleaning Ladys

Saw this on Jason Narducy's fb page, and it's simply too good not to share. Apparently it's been available on YouTube for a while, so looks like I'm late to the party. Jason is the 10 year old playing guitar, and battling with John Anderson over some girl. From 1982, great stuff...

the baggie over the head is frickin classic!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Black Lips at the Beachland Ballroom

The Black Lips

A couple weeks ago, but you know how we roll here.

I can't stress enough, after seeing them for a second time now, this is one fun and energetic night of rawk. The Black Lips are my latest "do not miss within a 3-4 hour drive." Picked up the new album 200 Million Thousand, and after a handful of spins, I'd put it on par with Good Bad Not Evil, which was great. BUY HERE from Vice Records.

Much crazier crowd on hand at the Beachland Ballroom then when we saw them last at Mr. Small's (but being Pittsburgh, that's not surprising...see previous Morrissey post on those views). Beers were flying much of the first 20 minutes of the show, and it appears these boys are used to it, as they duck the flying cans and continue to play unfazed. One particular dickhead up front, however, apparently got too rambuctscious. After having enough of said fan, bass player Jared Swilley walks to his left, and dumps an entire beer on the dude's head. Words commenced, and next thing you know, Swilley is doing his best Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka off the stage and pounces on the guy. After a small frey, Swilley makes his way back up on stage, and the band continues as if nothing happened. Biz as usual. FRICKING CLASSIC!

Got some video of "Starting Over," which is the tune that's been getting a lot of play on XMU, but this one came out much better (and my favorite tune on the new record"...

The Black Lips - "Drugs"

Hear them discuss "Drugs"...

The video for "Short Fuse", also on 200MT

Oh...major props to opener Gentleman Jesse who was a lot of fun as well. Picked up the record Gentleman Jesse and His Men...good times. Go visit their MySpace page HERE for the rawk.

BTW...next Beachland Ballroom excursion happens on Friday, May 1st, when The Thermals come to Cleveland.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Superbowl XLIII Funsies

A look back at Superbowl XLIII, partying at our place. Beautifully shot and edited by good friend of the program, Dave Tirpak.

For non-Burghers who may not know the significance of "Renegade", it's the tune that's jammed at Heinz Field prior to the Defense taking the field and promptly kicking ass.

Friday, March 20, 2009


By this time tomorrow, the world will have been shocked.

By this time tomorrow, all you fools will remember the name Bobby Mo.

Michigan State. We must break you.

In Mike Rice, we trust...

BTW: did Pitt REALLY play the disrespect card, as I'd heard from one of my correspondents? Don't you have to fall to at least a #2 seed before you play that card?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Mozzer finally plays Pittsburgh

After canceling his last two shows in Pittsburgh, Morrissey final rawked the Burgh. And rawk, he did. After cancelling a bunch of shows earlier on the tour, you couldn't help but feel pessimistic. But the wait was worth it.

First off...a HUGE round of applause to one of the most enthusiastic crowds these eyes have ever witnessed at a show in Pittsburgh. Morrissey was clearly flattered, and everyone in attendance deserves a big smack on the back. In the past, I've been pretty harsh on audiences at Pittsburgh shows. "Lame" has been an understatement for previous efforts. I have often walked out of other venues in shame, embarrassed at the less than enthusiastic crowds, and disappointed in knowing that some of these bands won't return because of it (GBV, Yo La Tengo, Deerhoof to name just a few).

But Morrissey was visibly impressed. After opening with "This Charming Man," he asked the bewildered crowd, "Seriously?!" It was a fine moment, one where you just wanted to give the guy a hug. And if you've never been there, Carnegie Music Hall has seats. It seems every time I see a show where seats are involved (Spoon, Decemberists, Dressy Bessy), the band has to basically ask the audience to stand up. Not here. Before Morrissey made one step onto the stage, the entire audience was amped and standing. Bravo, Burghers.

Oh...yes, there was plenty of man love in the crowd. More than a few adventurous folk made their way onto the stage to give the Moz a big hug. Love was definitely in the air. And for good reason. Seeing him play live for the first time ever was a real treat for me. And I'm not even the biggest fan in the house.

Some other old Smiths tunes that I remember being played: "Ask", "Death of a Disco Dancer", "How Soon Is Now?" There was no "Half a Person", and the one tune I would've requested "Unhappy Birthday" was also left off the set list. Oh, well. It was a grand 1.5 hours of solo stuff and Smiths stuff dabbled in.

The shirt stayed on for 3 or 4 songs, I believe. Good friend of the program, Kono, was in attendance and belting out lyrics front and center. He was also about an arm's length away from a nice sweaty pink button-down, courtesy of Moz himself.

btw: Enjoy the one and only photo from the show I got.

note to self: recharge batteries. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Morrissey, tonight!

Carnegie Music Hall in Oakland.

Hopefully, he'll be wearing clothes.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Shield

Y'all know my feelings on this. I don't mind NHL players wearing shields, provided they play the game straight up. Players like that shit bag Scott Hartnell, who always has his elbows up trying to clip everything that moves, should not be allowed to wear a shield. Alex Ovechkin, who's known for taking cheapish runs at players, should not be allowed to wear a shield. I'll even display my non-bias here, and say Matt Cooke (a Penguin) should not be allowed to wear a shield.

Jarkko Ruutu, another instigator in the mold of Cookie, never wore a shield. Despite what you may think of him, kudos for that. The respectable goons of today's NHL don't wear shields. It's a simple code. The stars of the league, however (minus the dirty Ovechkin), get a pass in my book: Crosby, Malkin, Datsyuk, Hossa, etc.

I guess Marc Savard feels the same way I do. Him and Crosby go at it every game. But Savard's true colors were shown Sunday, as he was revealed for simply being a yappy mouthed, skirt wearing, girly man.

Second period, Savard starts shooting his mouth off at Sir Sid, telling him to lose the visor (Savard doesn't wear one) so that they can supposedly go at it. On Crosby's next trip to the bench, he has the trainer remove the visor. Sid's next shift, visor-less, he approaches Savard. Savard backs down. All talky, no walky for Sally Savy.

And btw...the Bruins are cooked.

Thanks to the PensBurgh blog for the above photo.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Had to get this in before the midnight deadline...

4 points back, 1 game in hand in favor of the Mancs. But I walk on...with hope in my heart.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Last House on the Left

Wow. What an epic week. Two glorious Penguin comebacks. Champions League action. Bobby Mo dancing. Court storming (vid still to come). The Black Lips in Cleveland (vid still to come). Liverpool at Man Utd coming up tomorrow.

But the culmination is tonight, as the re-make of Wes Craven's 1972 masterpiece "The Last House on the Left" debuts in theaters tonight. Not sure how it could ever live up to this classic scene...

The original trailer (LOVE the VO guy's voice!)...

See the 2009 Trailer HERE

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Nets Are Big On Purpose

While Gary should be coming by soon with pics and vids from last night's court storm, you all can munch on this long bomb.

Set pieces are overrated. It's like when Happy Gilmore figures out it's better to just put the ball in the hole off the tee shot, than to do all the damn putting. Why set-up the header when you can bury it yourself?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The entire staff of Empties Crushed, minus Stiffler, will be storming their first court tomorrow.

Wednesday 8:30 ESPN2

NEC Championship Game - NCAA ticket will be punched

Robert Morris (Good Guys) vs. Mount St. Mary's (Assholes)

*Video evidence to be provided

Saturday, March 07, 2009

This post is called, Dan Yost - kicked in the noots

Black Lips next week at the Beachland Ballroom...

Spray paint a penis on the wall!!!!!!!

Live it up before you pass away, Dan Yost. Same goes for you Tirpak...

Oh, I forgot, it's a Thursday, and you have responsibilities. My bad. Forgot about those. 10 years from now, you can remember taking care of those.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

You guys brought your cars with you?

Yeah, we're on the road!

How fookin good does it feel to be excited about Penguins hockey again?!?!?!?!?

4 straight road wins, and a season record 47 SOG's tonight against a team their fighting in the standings against. For the record, I like the way these lines are shaping up:
  • Sid between Kunitz and Guerin. If Guerin is even somewhat productive as Sid's RW, and he looked good tonight....what a steal!!! Kunitz is already the best winger on the team.
  • Geno between Sykora and Fedotenko. This line's been solid all year...or at least when Ruslan's been healthy.
  • Staal, Kennedy, Cooke. These guys were flying tonight. Played solid early in the year, nice to see these guys back together.
  • Talbot, Dupuis, and (insert based on match-up) Godard, Adams, Satan, whoever. I love this because Talbot & Dupuis on the 4th line are 2 of your best PK's...besides Staal, of course.
That's 4 solid lines rolling out. We're actually taking shots on net!!! Gonch is back. Whitney, the weakest link, is gone. Fleury's playing like the stud he was last year. Boston and Washington are sucking arse right now. We've got an 8 game home stand coming up this month. It's all clicking. I see a 5th or 4th seed when it's all said and done.

Dudes...I'm telling you...get ready for another long playoff run. I don't care what Dan Yost says.

Ray Shero, you FANTASTIC BASTARD!!! How did we (Dan Yost) ever doubt you?!?!?

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

"Pucker, Pucker, Pucker" Guy Makes Joke; Too Soon?

Mike Valenti, a co-host of a Detroit is in a spot of trouble.

Valenti read two comments from listeners about college basketball and one about baseball, then a joke about a capsized boat in Lake St. Clair. The hosts laughed, and crumpling paper could be heard.

Valenti declined to comment to the Free Press. But on the air, he said: “I just offer you my sincerest apologies. It was completely ridiculous to put it on the air, and again, it comes to me. The only thing I can promise you as my listeners, it won’t happen again. Otherwise, I’ll tell you right now, I don’t deserve to be around.” Debbie Kenyon, the station’s market manager, said: “We fully agree that the comment was absolutely inappropriate.”

Asked if Valenti would face further discipline, Kenyon said: “I think I’ve said enough. We’ve addressed the issue with Mike the way we feel is best. The on-air apology is pretty big. We don’t do that very often.”

I'm not here to judge. In fact, the only reason I mention this at all is because he was featured on EC back in March 21 2007, on the "You're Like a Big Bear" post. Mikey is the man behind the greatest on-air meltdown, EVER...


Sadly, I can't find the audio file anywhere online, nor will blogger let me post my file. However, youtube is here for the save..

In all it runs close in 15 minutes, but is worth every second.

... i'm tired

The Fred Durst Readings: He Said She Said

I believe it may be referred to as "Break Stuff" in some circles. No offense to anyone who likes this song. Enjoy.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Leave Jordan Alone!!!

I'm tired of all the trade talk!! Dude can't even legally drink a beer yet, and all of yinz wanna trade him. At $4 million/year, he's going to be a bargain in upcoming years. A defensive shut down center, one of the top PKillers in the NHL, and a 25 goal scorer.

If he wouldn't have had his monster year at age 18, and played down in Wilkes-Barre like he was projected to, all of this disappointment in JS would've been avoided.

Now leave Staal alone!!!


Monday, March 02, 2009

Just like I was saying last week, getting rid of Therrien...

was the right thing to do. The Pens are once again flying high after a 4 point weekend road trip, without #87. New HC Dan Bylsma has proved me right once again.

Geno Machino is playing like a beast, Staal has come out of his funk, Fleury is playing with confidence once again. I see this team slowly crawling up the standings as of this point forward...possibly to a #5 seed. A 1st round match-up against the Flyers would be oh-so sweet. Pens in 5.

Sunday, March 01, 2009