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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sonic Youth plays Mr. Smalls

Got to see Sonic Youth last night at Mr. Smalls, but unfortunately, we forgot our camera. Nothin more to offer here other than our strong recommendation to check these guys out at a venue near you. Being around for 20+ years, although they're showing no signs of slowing down, you just never know. My 4th time ever seeing them live, and I've never been disappointed. Thurston, Kim, Lee & crew still bring it.

Much of the setlist was pretty unfamiliar to me, since I'd yet heard more than a couple of tunes from the newly released Rather Ripped. And if the album sounds anything like it did live, I implore you to get yer sweet teets to the nearest record store. Sounds like there's more "Kim songs" on Ripped, perhaps to the distain of the "Kim song" bashers . I don't have a strong preference for either Kim's or Thurston's vocals, so the contrast of the two in different songs is rawkin pleasure to these ears. "Reena" and "Turquoise Boy" are a couple of Kim Gordon's tunes that I enjoyed. A groovy litte number that Thurston leads on called, "Incinerate" is up on Pitchfork available to stream (underneath their review of the record.) Give it a whirl. Don't cost nothing.

Mixed in with the 10 or so Rather Ripped tunes were a few old schoolers from 1988's Daydream Nation. "Candle" started off the set, shortly followed by "Eric's Trip," and then "Silver Rocket" was polished off for the last song of the 1st of 2 encores.

The first two SY albums I owned in the early 90's were Goo and shortly thereafter, Dirty. Yet the only tune heard from either of these was "100%," which always gets my head a bobbin. For the final song of the 2nd encore, we got a nice little treatie with 1982's Confusion is Sex's "Shaking Hell." That was nice.

Oh, and Mark Ibold, formerly of Pavement played bass along side Kim. That was cool.

Pavement sidenote: Matador is reissuing their 3rd record Wowee Zowee on November 7th, packed with extra goodies. Or at least that's what I'm told. Xmas IS right around the corner (hint, hint). Mark's the second from the left for you non-Pavement type turds:


As far as my personal Sonic Youth experience goes, I actually went backwards into the SY catalog with 1988 's Daydream Nation after acquiring Goo & Dirty in the early 90's. And 17+ years later, I personally feel it's the best of the bunch. But that's just my opinion. Here's a little tune I was hoping to hear live from that record, and still brings back fond memories of my early days listening to this legendary band. Appears they did play it a couple nights later in Allentown, PA. Have fun, and listen loud:

(left click to play, right click to download):
Sonic Youth - Teen Age Riot

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Football Fiesta

1 round trip flight. 36 Hours. 3 Drafts. Lots of Booze. Maybe 6 hours sleep. As I do every year the weekend before Labor Day, I fly to Chicago where I dominate 3 fantasy football leagues annually.

Whether it's the Bloated Stiffs in Joe Nardi's Windy City League, the Meat Helmets in Scott Wood Football, or Sweep the Leg Johnny in Sapfest...1 thing is for sure. My teams all rule. Yours all suck.

As far as the Meat Helmets go in the Scott Wood keeper league, partner Petey Parley & I are already loaded with a RB stable of Larry Johnson, Ronnie Brown, and Willis McGahee. Not to mention we've got the best WR on the board in Chad Johnson. We still couldn't pass up on the all-world talents of Reggie Bush in the 1st round for more RB depth. Scott Wood is as good as won. And the $$ I spent on this replica Bush jersey can be a tax write-off as I believe the proceeds go towards helping some kid whose living on a raft on Bourbon Street.

As sole owner of Sweep the Leg Johnny in Sapfest, I admit it looks like a rebuilding year. However, looking around at some of the ass clowns in this league, I'm crazy enough to think I can win this thing. Picks like this one (Dean, right), Team Meat Pants selecting Ron Dayne in the 1st round, give my Sweep squad a little bit more than a puncher's chance.

But rather than bore you with how stellar my 3 squads are, the hi-lite of the weekend had to be Don Frey's festivus for-the-rest-of-us, OPRF circa 1986-89ish reunion BASH. What a blast, despite the fact that I arrived a little late, and missed a few peeps who were obviously up past their bed time (read: Sterns, Rob Quinn).

Closing the party with JP, Franklin & Devlin, while Bucky bitched and others passed out (I won't mention any names, like Mike Black, Frey). Some things never change. F$#k, I miss you guys. Tim Petty spinning records. Jo Lo talking smack, reminiscing how I used to school him on the basketball court. DAMN, I can't believe I forgot my camera. Saw a bunch of old friends I haven't hung with in years...Travis, Judd, George, Eric. So frickin cool. A slew of good memories. Oh...and I buried a bunch of Italian beef down my face (move away from Chicago and see how much you miss that stuff). GREAT times!!!

Don...you get the Super Chiefy Chief of the Week prize. What a tremendous effort!! Now, if you can only pull this off every year. Hope you had help cleaning up. Thank you!!!!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Great Minds Think Alike

Or something like that. Yes, t'is true. I'm a huge Fantasy Football dork.

John Clayton & I have merged minds, and will now guide the newly named, "Sweep the Leg Johnny" to glorious victory in the 2nd year of Sapfest. While it took a while to negotiate this complex merger, I think Mr. Clayton was finally sold on the new name for the franchise formerly known as "Gimme Back My Son!!!"

See, John somewhat loathes Mel Gibson, and I don't believe he's aware of William Zabka's legendary performance in 1984's The Karate Kid. Consequently, he's under the impression that "Sweep the Leg Johnny" is an ode to his namesake and skills in wrestling.

Without further adieu, here is your starting line-up for your 2006 Sweep the Leg Johnny (said in Sports Arena PA announcer dude voice):

QB - Brett Favre (Yes, this is a weakness. T'was a Clayton pick)
RB1 - Kevin Jones
RB2 - DeShaun Foster
RB3 - Laurence Maroney or Joseph Addai
WR1 - Chad Johnson
WR2 - Antonio Bryant
TE - Todd Heap
K - John Carney
DEF - Baltimore

Pines - Roethlisberger, Matt Jones, Rod Smith, Ben Watson, Eddie Kennison

OK. Pretty weak ass squad. But it's a KEEPER LEAGUE, dammit!! We're going with the youth movement, sans old fart Favre.

For the inaugrual season of Sapfest, many had questioned the original name of "Gimme Back my Son!!!" For those people who were confused, perhaps you weren't aware of one of the greatest scenes in modern cinema (more like the funniest) outta the smash hit Ransom. Well, here ya go. See...Mel doesn't like it when you hold his kid ransom. He's bound to go Mad Max on your ass...Beyond Thunderdome style.

HEADS UP: need sound, and don't blink. You may miss it. Hit the 'watch again' button repeatedly for a jolly good time:

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Po Co Calls

"Po Co." That's what the local "in" crowd calls it. To you common folk, it may be known as Potter County.

Remember the movie The Deer Hunter? There's a scene when DeNiro and his pals are driving up north for a weekend of deer hunting the day after their best friend's wedding (hence, the title of the movie perhaps? see...I'm quick like that). At one point, they pull over and Fredo asks DeNiro if he can borrow a pair of socks. See, it gets cold up in Po Co. DeNiro then holds up a bullet and replies with the famous line:
"See this. This...this is this. This is This."
Not quite sure where good old Bob was going with that one. But, hey. It's frickin DeNiro for chrissakes. I guess he had a point. My point....

Ok, the point was...the scenery surrounding that scene. THAT'S beautiful Potter County, which rests on the north central border of Pennsylvania. Or at least that's what it looks like. The beautiful hills & mountain ranges. Just incredibly gorgeous country. God's country, I believe it's referred to. It's hard to believe you're still in PA. And I was SO there this weekend.

So, my Super Chiefy Chief thank you this week goes out to good pal Brian Tirpak, for inviting Jess & me to his family's humble establishment in beautiful Po Co this weekend. Usually, a simple campfire + beers = good times. Now sprinkle in some kabobs, throw in some smores, perhaps a pizza pie iron or two, add a few good peeps, and you have a recipe for a highly successful weekend.

As local legend has it, Potter County is also the site of the only known case of spontaneous combustion known to mankind. Yes...somebody caught on fire once upon a time. I think (?). Don't quote me on that. But I think that would probably suck. It would at the very least ruin the day.

Good times.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

I Feel Shame

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Dan Rooney have announced that the Povertyneck Hillbillies have been declared the "Official Band of the Pittsburgh Steelers."

Worse yet, the youngest QB to ever win a Superbowl, "Big" Ben Roethlisberger...who Jess & I celebrated the day he was drafted...is part of a music video for these turds called, "Mr. Right Now."

I think I'm going to puke.

Don't want to offend anyone's musical preferences here, so I'll just leave it at that.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Week that Sucked

My TV heard me talking about it. After 13+ glorious years together, my 35" Toshiba called it quits on me. Right at the conclusion of Wait Until Dark, moments before Alan Arkin is about to pounce all over Audrey Hepburn, Toshiba pulled its own plug. Perhaps it heard Jess & I discussing the purchase of a new flat screen for football season. Maybe it thought we were just using it to get through the lame month that is August. Or maybe Toshiba's just a quitter like its pal the VCR. I'd like to think that we had some quality years together, and leave it at that. No need in hurling insults at the end of a relationship.

Instead of getting a proper burial, Toshiba was simply rolled down the hill before being neatly placed next to this dumpster. For that, I feel bad. Toshiba...you will always be remembered for the good times. Superbowl XL. Countless episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm. The time you and your VCR partner teamed up and gave me The Big Lebowski for the 1st time. Da Ali G Show. That Fiesta Bowl a few years ago when Oregon St smacked the piss outta Notre Dame 41-9. So many memories.

Anyway, Toshiba is now being replaced by LG, a 42" flat screen, all primed & ready for some HD. However, the model we wanted is on back order and will take a week to deliver. Hence, the Week that Sucked. No tube for an entire WEEK! Thank God it's August.

If you have any fond memories of time you spent with Toshiba, please sign our guest book, and leave your comments here: