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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Busey + Peterson = Gold

If there was something worth ending my posting leave of absence, it's this.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Friday the 13th!!

We'll be visiting the classic Sean Cunningham original tonight. FCKYA!

Check out the Friday the 13th blog for all sorts of fun stuff today.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


So I hear Liz Shue is in the new one. I don't mind the remakes, as long as people pay homage to the original classic...

What about the god damn piranhas?!?
They're eating the guests, sir.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Penguins All-Time Team

Can't wait to check out the Consol Energy Center this Sunday at the Open House (well...open for season ticket holders :)

:53 mark, check out our interactive pal Weldycakes...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Needed a day off...

another great trip across the border to...Canada. TFC...WINNER!!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

So I checked out 'The Runaways' this past week

Meh. I dunno. Maybe I was expecting a little more. Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning were awesome, and Michael Shannon as producer Kim Fowley was fab and all. I guess it just seems a tad watered down for the screen. Doesn't help that Lita Ford had zero to do with the production (a mutual choice, I believe), and other than Joan Jett and Cherie Currie, the rest of the band members are ignored. It's definitely worth a watch, but don't get your panties in a bunch.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Bangs - Death by Guitar

Live from Portland last week for the Team Natalie Benefit

In case you've been living in a Mammoth Cave

Tobin Sprout (guitar), Charles "Mitch" Mitchell (guitar), Greg Demos (bass) and Kevin Fennel (drums) will be joining Pollard on classic GBV songs from 1992-1996 from the albums Propeller, Bee Thousand, Alien Lanes and Under The Bushes, Under The Stars.

17 Dates across the U.S. from the 9/29 - 11/07. We will be at 8 of them.


Monday, August 02, 2010

Eddie Vedder digs the Moses

kinda old news on this one, but for those outta the loop...

"It sounds to me like Robert Pollard uncharacteristically took ten years to make this one... He will tell you otherwise, but I don't believe him. It's too fucking good.

If it were any other group this would be seen as their masterpiece. I think for Bob it's just another good day of weaving words into a kaleidoscope of one of a kind, thought-provoking perspectives.

Robert Pollard rules. All hail the King."

-Eddie Vedder 6/15/10

Curious if Eddie's heard Elephant Jokes or We All Got Out Of the Army. He'd probably crap himself.

You Weren't There: A History of Chicago Punk, 1977 - 1984

Up over on Pitchfork right now...clips from the 2007 Documentary. Featuring one of our personal favorite dudes, Jason Narducy, rawkin the Chicago punk scene at AGE 10(!!!) with his band Verboten...

BTW...you can buy the DVD along with an limited edition LP on vinyl for a mere $30. Check it out from Factory 25 HERE.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Now we come to Drag Days...

New (i think) fan video from UTBUTS. One of my favorite GBV tunes from this era...only played once live in November 2006 at the Bluebird in Indiana (per the almighty GBVDB that is). Hope to hear it again in October...

That Bob Pollard sure writes some good songs, eh.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pavement band member quashed Pitchfork stream of festival set

Sounds like Spiral responded to the speculation that he was the Pavement member who pulled the plug on Pitchfork's live stream of their performance...

Pavement band member quashed Pitchfork stream of festival set

Say what you will about Spiral, but I can't say I'd blame him for being pissed after seeing this review...
"The short of it: This album has all the charm of a flaccid penis protruding out from beneath a fold of flesh on a balding, middle-aged man."

That was Pitchfork's review on Preston School of Industry's Monsoon album from 2004.

Go ahead and diss the album, but that sounds a tad on the personal side.

Perfect Sound Forever: Robert Pollard: the solo years

written by our pal Dan Coffey...

Perfect Sound Forever: Robert Pollard: the solo years


Kansas City will be honoring TFC head coach Preki tonight with this lovely little figurine. Prior to a Beloved TFC VICTORY!!!

nobody's pumpt.

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Decision

Flozell Adams has chosen to take his talents to...


He's Without Peer It's Been Told

Bob. Five (5!!) more albums within the next 10 months. Go to Pitchfork HERE for the whole scoop, plus an mp3 of "Come on Baby Grace" (featuring Doug Gillard!) from the aforementioned Boston Spaceships' Cubehouse record.

The writer concludes the article with this:
"Bob Pollard: Working harder than you since 1957."

Effin a dude.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Built to Spill - THIS SUNDAY!

Figures. Pittsburgh. My city where many of the bands I like skip. And on this Sunday, August 1st...TWO of my all time favorites will be visiting on the same fricking night.

Yo La Tengo is also playing Pittsburgh this Sunday...a FREE show at Hartwood Acres, starting at 7:30. For its overall catalog, I actually rank YLT higher on my all-time favs list, but I'm choosing to see Built to Spill at Mr Smalls. Still tickets available HERE.

From the 2006 album You In Reverse...

Boston Spaceships - Our Cubehouse Still Rocks

From what I hear from the cool kids, this may be the best BS record yet. We will soon see, as it's set for release on August 30th. Which means I would expect to see a Pre-Order coming soon from your Factory of Raw Essentials. Long Live Rockathon!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Max: Ovechkin "a real douche"

I'm guessing the immediate reaction from the Ovechkin camp will be "Who is Max Talbot?"

To which the response is: "You can find his name on the Stanley Cup"

For further answers, Google: "Stanley Cup Finals Game 7 Winning Goals"

fricking love that guy.

thanks to gbvh for the article :)

Very cheeky


thanks to Tripod for that one :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

White House Guided by Voices

thanks to my buddy BSeitz for this one...

It's News!

The Zambonis have entered the Consol Energy Center. FCKYA!

Best Coast - Crazy For You

I'm really digging this band. Best Coast is Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno from LA, and this is their first full length album...out TODAY. The tune below was previously released as a single, but you'll find it on the back end of the free digital download that comes with the vinyl. Available from Mexican Summer.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Kings of Leon get Poopy Face

Thanks to the Nate Corner for this tidbit. Kings of Leon get pooped on by birds, cancels show. TOO. FUCKING. FUNNY.

The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

The Wes Craven classic will be shown on the big screen this weekend, Friday at 10:00pm, and Saturday at midnight, as part of the Oaks Theatre 8th Annual Moonlit Matinee Film Festival

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pollard Pardy 2: Heedonistic

Not sure what stage of production this is in?

An opening sequence should be coming shortly, with a little help from Tripod :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nothing like HEEDFEST...

to jumpstart this silly little blog again.

this little piece was put together by our pal Julie, and it's awesome...

btw...the perfectly picked song is "Pretty Not Bad" off of The Takeovers 2007 Bad Football record. And if you don't own Bad Football, well then that's just stupid. Great record...buy HERE from OFF RECORDS.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Coach's Decision (Knockout Stage)

"It was the wrong decision."

Referees have had a lot to say about the outcomes in this 2010 World Cup. Unfortunately for the U.S., a dreadful decision by Bob Bradley cost his team a chance to move on. There is absolutely zero reason why Ricardo Clark should have started over Maurice Edu in the Round of 16. Bob Bradley pretty much admitted as such how awful the choice was when he substituted Clark off in the 30th minute. The yellow card Clark received after his costly turnover simply gave him a good excuse to sub him.

Sad to see the U.S. team bow out where they had a legitimate shot at getting to the semi's. But maybe by 2014, they can find a legit striker, because Jozy Altidore doesn't cut it in these eyes.

While it may not be as glaring, we couldn't help but think of the Hope Solo benching a few years back for the US women.


World Cup Day 15

The Group of Death closes out as the Group of Bore. Not one good match between Brasil, Portugal, or the Ivory Coast.

Spain, my pick to click, comes all the way back from a 1st game loss to Switzerland to win Group H. Their reward...#3 world ranked Portugal in the Round of 16.

Thank God Switzerland didn't make it through.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

World Cup Day 14

At least Italy tried in the first two games. The first half of this game against Slovakia was one of the most embarrassing efforts I've ever witnessed. At least try. As a fan, that's the least I can ask for.

Italy goes home early and with Serbia being ousted the day prior, my self-proclaimed genius is diminishing.

The Netherlands, otherwise known as Holland, comes through for me. And the stock on this Honda dude from Japan continues to rise.

World Cup Day 13

U-S-and-A! U-S-and-A! U-S-and-A!!!

thanks to gbvh for that :)

World Cup Day 12

Uruguay winds Group A and I become THE SMARTEST MAN ALIVE!

France goes home as predicted and my genius is further confirmed :)

Nigeria can't get a 3rd goal to keep me perfect.

Argentina plays their B Team (and Messi) and still beats Greece.

World Cup Day 11

Portugal scores the first touchdown in South Africa, and North Korea is anointed the worst team in the tournament. Speaking of North Korea, anyone catch this dude before their first game...

I wonder what the tears were like after the Portugal thrashing.

Oh...Ronaldo has finally scored for his country.

Those crazy Spaniards get back on track with a 2-Nil win over hapless Honduras.

World Cup Day 10

Italy outshoots New Zealand 73 - 3 and still can't find the talent to score the ball. Draw. These are the bad times.

Meanwhile, Brasil easily disposes of the Ivory Coast as the Group of Death becomes more like the Group of Anticlimatic.

World Cup Day 9

Three shit games. Who cares. PAVEMENT PLAYS TORONTO!

World Cup Day 8

Serbia stuns Germany. I call it. But I fail to wake up in time to place my +500 bet. I don't even have beer to blame this time.

US is robbed.

England looks like shat.

World Cup Day 7

Diego Maradona and Argentina are rollin.
Justified red card ruins Nigeria's chances.
France still sucks.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

World Cup Day 6


Finally a team who wants to move forward and score goals. They got one. But at least they get an "A"for effort. Confirmation on Honduras as one of the tourney's worst teams.

Spain, the greatest team ever on paper, loses a stunner to Switzerland 1-Nil. The Swiss basically played like Italy normally does, sitting guys back in their own end the entire match. But Switzerland is praised after the big upset. Everyone is now looking forward to the Chile / Spain match. Sitting back and defending doesn't appear to be in the Chile DNA, so this one should be a cracker with Spain getting the 3. My pick to win it all will get through this Group, but my confidence has dwindled a tad.

DIEGO FORLAN!!! My pick to win Group A puts on an impressive performance and is perhaps a draw against Mexico from winning the Group.

World Cup Day 5

Italy fans rejoiced the late stoppage goal by New Zealand, which notched all teams in Group F with one point. I missed it due to letting the dog out. Both New Zealand and Slovakia stink, and it will be embarrassing if Italy can't get through this group.

Ivory Coast looked like the better side against Portugal in a Nil-Nil snoozer. Didier Drogba played after getting his arm amputated.

And Brasil toyed with North Korea before disposing of them 2-1. In the contest for worst team in the tournament, North Korea looked a tad better than New Zealand, despite losing. The third squad in this competition will be Honduras, who plays on Day 6.

World Cup Day 4

Missed the Netherlands match due to beer. Cameroon, my pick (and the consensus) to come in 2nd in Group E looked downright pathetic. Eto'o looks out of place on the right side, and some dude named Honda on Japan was the best player on the pitch...scoring the loan goal.

But the big match of the day featured my beloved Italia. As a fan, I can admit this Italy team has its weaknesses. They're old, they lack a big time goal scoring striker, and they're not very creative in the midfield. And without Pirlo for the Group stage, goals are going to be even harder to come by. They're rather pedestrian in their attack, and prefer to play a defensive minded game...usually irking footie fans outside of Italy. That all said, the "analysis" from ESPN commentators after a 1-1 draw with Paraguay was not only off, but sort of irresponsible.

It sounded as if the post game analysis was written before the game was played. According to ESPN experts Steve McManaman and some other ass clown whose name I forget, Paraguay was an offensive force, despite the fact they crossed the final third of the pitch only twice in the first half. It was the same old Italy, "dinosaurs" as they called them. True, the Italy strike force lacks some creativity and relied heavily on desperate crosses into the box, but they at least attempted to attack. Basically, Paraguay out-Italied Italy the entire match, deciding that offensive possession was unimportant. That would have been a more appropriate analysis. Instead, McManaman and Unknown Ass Clown chose hate as the avenue of analysis. Shame, shame.

Seeing Mauro Camoranesi enter in the 2nd half was a plus. The De Rossi goal was a plus, seeing he'll be relied on much more in 2010 (although the goal against was his fault). The Gigi Buffon injury is a huge blow. I liked what DiNatale brought to the match. Pepe was the only player in a blue jersey who showed a sniff of taking on defenders one-on-one. And we desperately need Pirlo back in the line-up to replace Montolivo, who looked lost. The draw salvaged a better chance at winning Group F, but the chances appear dim much further after that.

World Cup Day 3 (1 week late)

I vowed to update after every day of the World Cup. I also vowed not to miss a minute of the action. Both vows went out the door early. I blame beer. Moving on...

Day 3:

After dismantling the Socceroos 4-nil, Germany is now the greatest team ever. Coincidentally, they've played with this new "Jabulani" ball in the Bundesliga for the last 4-6 months. My pick of Serbia for winning Group D does not look good. And Joachim Loew has the best helmet in the tournament...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup Day 1

Day 1 notes:
  • South Africa was crazy enough to win that game. Alas, a deserved draw for Mexico. A lot of people confused on that Mexico non-goal for offsides, including the ESPN announcers. Upon further review, it was. RULE CHECK HERE. It's actually rather simple.
  • Thierry Henry becomes the 1st French player to play in 4 World Cups. He then cries "hand ball" and the Irish people laugh at him. We did, too.
  • Quote of the day: "Patrice Evra is one of 25 or 26 siblings, depending on what story you believe. The father had a couple of divorces, and didn't watch much TV."
  • Uruguay defends the final 15 minutes with 10 men, much like they defended for the first 75 minutes, but with more desperation. France sucks and lacks passion. Group A is all notched and all 4 teams could advance.
  • My boy Diego Forlan missed a golden opportunity to take the 3 points.
  • I'm not an England fan, nor a U.S. fan. I love Gerrard and can't stand Donovan, but don't have a rooting interest in the U.S. match...at least until I place my wager. But personally, I think the "The combustible Wayne Rooney" theory that's being used as a crutch for U.S. supporters is pretty desperate.
This piece from the Onion (thanks Jess!) is probably more fuel for the footie haters, but hilarious nonetheless. Enjoy this interactive piece HERE:

The Onion Sports Introduction To World Cup Soccer

Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup Winners

The moment no one's been waiting for...EC's official World Cup predictions:

Group A:

Although I'm predicting South Africa could pull an opening day upset (if not draw) against El Tri, I'll say their good enough to bounce back and get 2nd place here. Lame duck French manager Raymond Domenech will be put out of misery early, and I love what Uruguay has up front with Diego Forlan and Luis Suarez. I was real close to taking South Africa to get through, but a late call from one of my sources suggests that's the wrong call :)

Uruguay - Winner
Mexico - 2nd

Group B:

Could Diego Maradona possibly screw this up? Struggled to qualify, but Argentina gets a cupcake group. I'm saying Messi shows the world why he's the best player on the planet, gets them thru this group and onto a possible favorable match-up against the Group A runner-up. Hopefully, for the casual fans sake, we won't be robbed of seeing this man play for awhile. Alas, I've got them getting to the semis. Nigeria was dealt a blow with the John Obi Mikel injury, but they've still got enough quality to get past South Korea and defensive minded Greece to get through. And I'm a long time Obafemi Martins guy.

Messi - WINNER
Nigeria - 2nd

Group C:

Yanks supporters are gonna be pretty disappointed early. Too much world class talent on the England side. While talented players aren't new to the Brits, a top notch (Italian!!!) manager is. Fabio Capello will have England prepared for a long run in this tournament...perhaps all the way to the Finals. A tough 2nd Round game looms with either Germany or Serbia (2nd place from Group D - we say Germany), but if they get by here, they could get all the way to the Semis where they'll most likely face Brasil or the Netherlands...otherwise known as Holland :) 2nd place will go the U.S., and Landon Donovan can continue his look-at-me antics for one more round (where they'll lose to Serbia, if not Germany).

England - Winner
Yanks - 2nd

Group D:

Tough group, but we'll go with Germany to get through the Group Stage as they always do. The loss of Ballack isn't much, in these eyes, but they still won't experience the success they had in 2006. The Germans will take 2nd to our mild upset pick to win this Group: Serbia. We love Stan the Man Stankovic from Inter Milan, and Vidic is a stud on the back line. The Winner of this group will avoid England, and could face a favorable match against the U.S. in Round two vaulting them to the Quarters where anything could happen against the Argentines (but we say that's the end of the line). Australia and Tim Cahill will be hard trying, but they had their run in '06. Ghana's fate was sealed when Essien was ruled out due to injury.

Those savy Serbs - WINNER
Germany - 2nd

Group E:

I love the Netherlands this year. Wesley Sneijder is top notch, and will be supplying one of the best groups of forwards in the Cup: Arjen Robben (who looks like he'll eventually play), Van Persie, and the hrad working Dirk Kuyt should provide plenty of goals. The ? mark is the defence, obviously. I wanted to pick them to get to the Finals, but just can't see them getting past Brasil and England...in that order. Despite Samuel Eto'o pouting, the Indomitable Lions should get through the Group Stage, only due to the weakness of Japan and Denmark. If they do, it will be favorable for Italy...which we like.

The Netherlands, otherwise known as Holland - WINNER
Cameroon - 2nd

Group F:

My beloved Italy should win a favorable group. Although I'm not overly optimistic about their long-term chances. Too much was lost from a 2006 squad, and while Gigi Buffon is still the best GK in the world (in these eyes), you need to score a goal or two to advance. If Lippi's return to the sideline provides some magic and the Azzurri can grind out enough 1-Nil wins...perhaps. But if that's the case, the majority of the footie world will be cursing them again for their defensive tactics. I'll be cheering a 5th WC Winner, but I'm not holding my breath. I've got Italy winning the Group, and maybe winning one more against Cameroon, but that's when they'll run up against Spain...loser. Paraguay takes 2nd in this Group, and if things go really array for Italy, they could take the Group. Slovakia and New Zealand...thanks for coming.

the beloved Italia - Winner
Paraguay - 2nd

Group G:

The "Group of Death" has been dealt a couple of injury blows. Didier Drogba broke a wing, and Nani from Portugal did something to his collarbone. Drogba is questionable, while Nani is out. Portugal and Ronaldo have enough to survive and take 2nd, the Ivory Coast does not. Brasil will get through by playing a more defensive style the Brazilians supporters aren't historically used to. But they've still got a ton of world class offensive talent and a great playmaker in Kaka, and should do well...I've got them getting to at least the Semi Finals, but a that tricky match-up against Holland looms (see above). North Korea...your fate was sealed the moment these Groups were selected.

Brasil - WINNER
Portugal - 2nd

Group H:

I'm really starting to like this Chile team, but no way can they overtake Spain. Their reward for a 2nd place finish here will be a 2nd round match-up against Brasil...bye bye. Winning this Group in easy fashion will be Spain. Spain has everything: two of the world's best strikers in David Villa and Fernando Torres (Liverpool's #9!!!). Xavi is perhaps the best set-up man on the planet. The back-line is formidable with Puyol and Pique, who is becoming one of the most versatile center backs in the game. And Iker Casillas is balls in net. They're on fire since winning Euro 2008, and they're hungry to win their first World Cup. Spain will beat Argentina in the Semis and go on to beat England (if not Brasil) in the Finals. Spain is my pick to WIN IT ALL.

Those crazy Spaniards - WINNERS

2nd - Chile

2010 World Cup Winner - SPAIN