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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Coach's Decision (Knockout Stage)

"It was the wrong decision."

Referees have had a lot to say about the outcomes in this 2010 World Cup. Unfortunately for the U.S., a dreadful decision by Bob Bradley cost his team a chance to move on. There is absolutely zero reason why Ricardo Clark should have started over Maurice Edu in the Round of 16. Bob Bradley pretty much admitted as such how awful the choice was when he substituted Clark off in the 30th minute. The yellow card Clark received after his costly turnover simply gave him a good excuse to sub him.

Sad to see the U.S. team bow out where they had a legitimate shot at getting to the semi's. But maybe by 2014, they can find a legit striker, because Jozy Altidore doesn't cut it in these eyes.

While it may not be as glaring, we couldn't help but think of the Hope Solo benching a few years back for the US women.



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