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Friday, June 04, 2010


Through 3 games of the Stanley Cup Finals, there's another young centerman wearing his team's "C" who would be getting torched with these stat lines...

Mike Richards: -4, 1 assist
Jonathan Toews: -1, 1 assist

Not sayin. Just sayin.

Other Stanley Cup notes from an objective viewer:
  • The Flyers could easily be up 3-0 in this Series. Flyer fans are just dying to say this. And get ready for this to be the crutch once they lose.
  • If the refs ever decide to take the cross checks out of Chris Pronger's arsenal, he'd become fairly ordinary.
  • Dan Carcillo. Revealed.
  • Peter Laviolette. Quit your bitching.
  • Duncan Keith would look real good in a Penguin sweater.
  • Eddie Olczyk blows, even when he isn't doing Pens games. Ditto Pierre McGuire.
  • I hope Evgeni Malkin was taking notes on Patrick Kane's breakaway goal in Game 3.
  • Remember Ben Eager getting his ass kicked by a 41 year old Gary Roberts a few years back? Dude can actually play now, sans pumpkin sweater.

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