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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dirty Beaches - Brillobox - Tonight

DIRTY BEACHES - Like Dreamers Do from Moduli TV on Vimeo.

been away for a short time, and for that, we suck. lots going on, including tonight's show at the Brillobox.

Dirty Beaches is a one man thing ~ Alex Hungtai. Appears he plays with a band on occasion, and other times by himself. I'm not sure what we're getting tonight. "Lo-fi rockabilly" is what I've heard, and I'm kinda digging the few songs I've listened to. But I'll try to capture some vid, and promise to post more tomorrow.

Pretty kewl blog he has...go HERE.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


King Kenny has just been given a new 3 year contract to remain at Liverpool.  Steve Clarke also given another 3 years. 

We're on the rise!! The rest of the Prem can piss off!! Back to the glory days!!

EC is calling for a glorious triumph over a slumping Spurs side at Anfield this Sunday. The Europa League spot will be all ours! Piper's Pub calls.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Devo - Stage AE - June 17

Devo was forced to cancel their last show in the Burgh last summer.  Good news for all good spuds out there -  this one will be rain or shine (or so we're told) at Stage AE. FRIDAY (!!) June 17th is the date.  I have yet to check out the new Stage AE next to Heinz Field, but may get a tester when Weezer plays there the Sunday before Memorial Day.

get Tickets HERE via Ticketbastard.

I'd rather be in Philly this same night to see GBV and WAVVES. But I've never had the chance to see Devo live, so this would be a nice back-up plan.

this makes me very very happy...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Times New Viking - Ever Falling in Love (PITTSBURGH date!!)

new video...

and guess what...


Just announced (or maybe I just noticed it). Friday, July 22nd.  At the intimate confines of the Warhol!!! FCKYA!!!!!

This place is pretty tiny, kids. 100 seats + some aisle seating. Seats are going to be tough to use for this one. So what I'm saying is...don't wait on getting tix. Do it now. Do it.  GO HERE.

R.I.P. Lemonade Guy (aka Cotton Candy Guy)

Sad news outta the Burgh.  Word on the streets is that the Lemonade Guy, or Cotton Candy Guy as he's known at Consol, is dead.  Still waiting on confirmation and other details, but going to the ball game just won't be the same any more. I believe his name was Ken. Ken was intense. And you always heard him coming.

Thanks to long lost contributor Yast for this tidbit. More on this story as it develops.

Lord Of The Bird Cage

Another month, another record release by Robert Pollard. By our count, that's 4 albums in 5 months. The Boston Spaceships record Let It Beard should be the next one out some time this summer, and there's even more rumors of more to come from RP later this year. The release date on this one is May 30th, and is up for pre-order over at The Factory of Raw Essentials HERE.

Word on the streets is this one was done a little differently. Uncle Bob took a dozen or so previously written poems, and then transformed them into the songs.  Further word on the streets is it's another gem. Mars Classroom will be tough to beat.

Friday, May 06, 2011

The Feet Continue to Dance

saw this over on Hudsonia the other day. Hopefully, the blog that celebrates the genius of Ray Hudson is back after a little hiatus.

Awesome stuff, featuring the brilliant Lionel Messi and the wit of Ray...

thanks to TheWizardofOxDotCom over on YouTube for that.

And C'Mon Barca!!!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Craps Crap Out

I love having a good laugh at the Capitals expense. Maybe it's because their HC is a whiny slob who doesn't know how to wipe his face.  Maybe it's their turd-like GM, or owner Ted Leonsis who feels everything is owed to him.  And I'm sure their are some cool Caps fans out there (hell...I even know a couple), but most of them come off as self-deserving poodles.

I like a few of their players.  Brooks Laich seems like a cool dude.  Jason Arnott is a stand up guy, I think.  But a lot of them seem like little bitchy puke stains with no heart when it comes playoff time (here's looking at you Nik Backstrom and Alex Semin).  And Mike Green is way too emo for my tastes.  Then there's Ovie.

I won't deny Ovie's talents.  He's one of the best players in the game and a great offensive threat.  I'd even say he's one of the Top 10 players in the game, with potential to be Top 2.  And he definitely doesn't disappear in the playoffs like his other "skilled" teammates (Backstrom, Semin, Green).  The dislikable part of Ovie's game is his clownish goal celebrations and sometimes selfishness in trying to take opponents out with cheap highlight reel runs.  Take last night...

1st period, Ovie takes one of his patented runs, leaves his feet, trying to plaster some dude into the glass.  2 minute penalty for being a dick, Ryan Malone scores, and the Bolts never look back.  Good riddance Caps.  Ovechkin's guarantee fails.

No one is questioning is want.  But maybe if Ovie took some of the selfishness out of his game, I could be more of a fan.  Until then, I say good day.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Crapitals, Rashard's Opinions, Disco Dan

It shouldn't be a big surprise that the Craps are struggling in the 2nd Round of the NHL playoffs. They've simply run out of gas. After all, no team has ever won 2 Stanley Cups in the same calendar year, like Washington is trying to do in 2011. Hats off to BBQ Bruce and Boyz for winning their 1st Stanley Cup on January 1st at Heinz Field. But coming back from an 0-3 deficit against Tampa Bay this series will be a tall task. They should be proud to raise their Winter Classic banner at the end of the year right next to last year's Presidents' Trophy banner.

btw...Vinny's Game 2 OT goal celebration was pretty hilarious. Remind you of anyone else who likes to celebrate goals in this building? Yeah...eff that guy.


The word around some camps is that Rashard Mendenhall is entitled to his opinions. The Steeler RB who fumbled away the Super Bowl has a few opinions that he wants you to hear, such as:
  • Playing in the NFL is the equivalent of slavery.
  • If your girl doesn't perform orally, she deserves what she gets.
  • Osama Bin Laden might have been a cool cat if you only heard his side.
Sure, Mendenhall is entitled to his opinions...just like everyone else is entitled to theirs.  I side with the majority of people whose opinion on Mendenhall is he's a dumb ass. My other opinion is that everyone who had signed up for his Twitter page is now dumber for having read his Tweets.


And finally...

Big congrats to Disco Dan Bylsma for being nominated for the Jack Adams award, as the NHL's coach of the year. Playing with a short deck the entire year while amassing 106 points...well, we don't think it's close. But who knows? Nashville's Barry Trotz, one of the other nominees, probably won't get it because he has a huge head and resembles a turtle. Vancouver's Alain Vigneault is the 3rd candidate, and we're betting Bylsma gets snubbed for him. Blame Canada :)

As Mario Lemieux once said about his hockey accomplishments: they don't vote on Stanley Cups or scoring titles. Or something like that.

Disco buries it...

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Ted Leo at the Warhol (tonight!!!!!)

TONIGHT!!! $12. with local guest Karl Hendricks. 8:00 show!

solo set from Ted, so while you may not see this...

you might see something more like this...

Ted Leo "Bottled In Cork" from Matthew Perpetua on Vimeo.

we'll be there. fckya!!

Monday, May 02, 2011

Guided by Voices ~ Grand Rapids

One of the greatest 36 consecutive hours I've ever experienced, thanks to a bunch of beautiful friends and the greatest band of all time.

huge thanks to Rich T for the set list from Friday night (Captain's Dead!!!!!!).  Much more on these shows in the next couple of days once we regroup, including some video we took.  Camera was forgotten in the Burgh, so props to our good pal Brittany Greene for this shot...

and this video from Saturday night...

Sunday, May 01, 2011

EuroHEEDFEST Ohio Heedburger

There's a HEEDFEST in Europe?! fckya! this is pretty good...

hope to have some good footage from Grand Rapids posted in the next few days, pending hangover.