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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lord Of The Bird Cage

Another month, another record release by Robert Pollard. By our count, that's 4 albums in 5 months. The Boston Spaceships record Let It Beard should be the next one out some time this summer, and there's even more rumors of more to come from RP later this year. The release date on this one is May 30th, and is up for pre-order over at The Factory of Raw Essentials HERE.

Word on the streets is this one was done a little differently. Uncle Bob took a dozen or so previously written poems, and then transformed them into the songs.  Further word on the streets is it's another gem. Mars Classroom will be tough to beat.


gbvh said...

In all of exotica!
The day remains! Black and blue!
For you!
A birdcage! Until! Further notice.

gbvh said...

Word is it's pretty proggy.

(FK YA.)

gary said...

waiting on my shipment from Rockathon :)

gbvh said...

Ash Ript Telecopter might be the best Pollard album closer of all the times.

Other candidates, off the top of my head:

Instrument Beetle
Wealth And Hell Being
Moses On A Snail

(Yes, GBV included.)

Anonymous said...

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