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Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Craps Crap Out

I love having a good laugh at the Capitals expense. Maybe it's because their HC is a whiny slob who doesn't know how to wipe his face.  Maybe it's their turd-like GM, or owner Ted Leonsis who feels everything is owed to him.  And I'm sure their are some cool Caps fans out there (hell...I even know a couple), but most of them come off as self-deserving poodles.

I like a few of their players.  Brooks Laich seems like a cool dude.  Jason Arnott is a stand up guy, I think.  But a lot of them seem like little bitchy puke stains with no heart when it comes playoff time (here's looking at you Nik Backstrom and Alex Semin).  And Mike Green is way too emo for my tastes.  Then there's Ovie.

I won't deny Ovie's talents.  He's one of the best players in the game and a great offensive threat.  I'd even say he's one of the Top 10 players in the game, with potential to be Top 2.  And he definitely doesn't disappear in the playoffs like his other "skilled" teammates (Backstrom, Semin, Green).  The dislikable part of Ovie's game is his clownish goal celebrations and sometimes selfishness in trying to take opponents out with cheap highlight reel runs.  Take last night...

1st period, Ovie takes one of his patented runs, leaves his feet, trying to plaster some dude into the glass.  2 minute penalty for being a dick, Ryan Malone scores, and the Bolts never look back.  Good riddance Caps.  Ovechkin's guarantee fails.

No one is questioning is want.  But maybe if Ovie took some of the selfishness out of his game, I could be more of a fan.  Until then, I say good day.

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gbvh said...

Little item of trivia for yinz -- said GM is from a certain town roughly 50 minutes from Toronto.