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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Steelers DON'T win the Superbowl

My my how things change in less than 1 month. OK...so I was dooped into thinking our O-Line woes were behind us after an impressive performance against Houston. WOW, was I wrong. And that's a first (the "me wrong" part).

There. I said it. I WAS WRONG. Because our offensive line is...

Atrocious. Pathetic. Abysmal. The WORST in the NFL (at least in terms of pass blocking). There is absolutely no way Ben Roethlisberger makes it through this season. Dude is running for his life every time he drops back to pass. Matter of fact, I'd wager that Dennis Dixon will see significant playing time at some point this season. You know Big Ben's flair for the dramatic, and if he's not legitimately injured, he'll at least cop out at some point. And if #7 doesn't stand a chance of surviving, how's a big armed statuesque Byron Leftwich gonna salvage himself. I see visions of Byron's Marshall days when his O-Lineman had to carry him down the field after he got his tits continually buried in that bowl game. Analysts said last week that teams would copycat Philly and blitz us from every angle. But I'm not sure that's necessary. Why blitz everyone when you can get pressure simply RUSHING 4 on 5 EVERYTIME?!?!?!?

The sad part of this whole situation is: WE KNEW ABOUT IT. The poor OL play was the downfall last year. And it wasn't addressed. Instead of getting help in the draft, we get a back-up RB and a WR who can't even get dressed...let alone get on the field. OK...I understand the whole "draft the best athlete" strategy, so maybe an OL-man wasn't in the cards come draft day (speaking of...where's Tony Hills?). But what about free agency?!?! Max Starks goes from a Superbowl winning OT...to a $6 million/year waste of a substitute who NEVER sees the field. Whose bowl of soup did Max fart in?? Surely that $6 mil could've been spent elsewhere...dare I suggest on Alan Faneca?

Sorry...but I'm tired. MAKE PLAYS!

Speaking of making plays, faithful EC readers (all 3 of you) know I'm hard on Ben at times. But #7 came up BIG TIME last night. Remember the "leader" talk last week? I retract that...for the time being. Big Ben led last night. Perhaps this is a sign of things to come up. Unfortunately, he's gonna end up getting kilt before this evolution of Ben can continue.

And now Kendall Simmons is OUT for the YEAR. The hits just keep coming.

The burning question is this:

What's Worse? The Steelers O-Line or the AFC North? Because I have a feeling it's the latter, so we'll fortunately make the playoffs again. But just as predicted in the pre-season (before the Houston game), that's about as far as it'll get us.

Speaking of the AFC North...how 'bout that Browns / Bengals match-up? Riveting stuff. And people don't understand why I advocate soccer. We watched about 10 minutes (OK..half of that was commercial time) before we were saved by the Milan derby (Jose?!?! WTF is going on??? Not so special, my friend.)

More Props for the Beloved (after all, we did win the game):

Mike Tomlin. As bad as I believe the personnel strategy has been been in the off-season, at least he got Bruce Arians attention after last week's performance. So kudos, for that. Coach doesn't seem the type to sit back. Arians sucked last week, and Tomlin obviously won't tolerate it. I like that. Holding people accountable is obviously one of Tomlin's strengths.

And kudos to Arians for at least showing the willingness to adjust this time. The hurry-up that Ben employed was a great change, and I believe we saw some max-protection, sending only 2 guys into routes at times. But how long will that last? It's only a matter of time before the ultimate deficiency on the OL will be revealed again. Hopefully, there are no more casualties.

Hines...beautiful beatdown block on Ed Reed. Loved it!

Welcome back Najeh!

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Definition of "Forced"

Not as in "a Force", but as in "Nice Act."  The only thing more forced is Ray Lewis mic'd up.

Gloves off, stick down, no warning, he challenged the Chiefs!


Dammit, Paul Newman, we will miss you. You were truly one of the good ones. R.I.P., Reg.

As always folks, please try to keep your comments...well...in the boundaries of good taste...

Dressy Bessy at Club Cafe



This show was a BLAST!!!!  We love Dressy Bessy!!  Appears they had some issues with the sound, but they rawked nonetheless.  Easily one of the most awesome-est good time shows I've attended in the Burgh. They played a few tunes of their new record, HOLLERandSTOMP, as well as the older hits, leading off the show with "Stop Foolin," and "Just Once More."  Tammy graciously gave us "Side 2" upon request, as well as a fellow fan's request for "Baby Six String." "Girl, You Shout!" SO. MUCH. FUN.

Props to our kick ass bartender as well, who happened to be a big GBV fan.


Picked up the new record at show, so we can't wait to give it a few spins. Get HOLLERandSTOMP from Transdreamer Records, HERE.

Chicago pals need to check them out at the Abbey Pub...Saturday, November 2nd.  Tix HERE.  

Hats off to local Burgh band Donora, as well as The Coast (I believe is from Toronto) who both opened the night.  Both were a great start to the late night show.

Jess got some great video of "Baby Six String," but the sound (due to the camera mic being so close) is somewhat distorted...so I hesitate to post it.  So here's their vid for "Girl, You Shout" from their 2003 self-titled LP...

French Kicks at the Rex

(last week, I know.  we're behind.)

Nice show.  I highly recommend their recent album Swimming.  And I guess the comparisons to The Walkmen are fair, although I have to say I like these guys a bit better.  Unfortunately, Swimming is not available on vinyl, an issue they are apparently trying to address (with their label, I presume).  Friendly dudes, as well.

More pix HERE.

sample, lead track on Swimming:
(left to play; right to download)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Boston Spaceships Tonight!!!!

Busy week this week...

French Kicks at the Rex, Dressy Bessy at Club Cafe...

Boston Spaceships Tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

back tomorrow with updates...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Don't Like Mondays

Like Sir Bob, we at EC don't like Mondays after bad sporting weekends. Which is why we wait until Friday to reflect and post. Aaaaannnnnnnd begin...

Not sound critical, but here's some randomness on the Beloved :

  • If Rashard Mendenhall doesn't step it up this Monday against Ray Ray and the Ravens, this draft class has the looks of, I dunno, dreadful. With Willie Parker getting injured, the advocates of drafting another RB in the 1st round get to pound their chest some more. But those same advocates don't want to admit that Fast Willie is the best RB we've had since Franco...and, yes, that includes Bettis. Our offensive line is looking pathetic, as we all know it could, and a scared-to-catch-a-pass RB might not have been the best position to address in the 1st Round when you have one of the best RB's in the NFL. Limas Sweed, Bruce Davis, and Tony Hills aren't dressing. Dennis Dixon is a 3rd string QB. It's easy to look at the draft in retrospect, but this ain't shaping up too good. Our deficiencies are clear as day: O-Line and depth on the D-Line. Neither was addressed, unless you consider signing Max Starks to $6 million and bringing back Orpheus Roye. Not saying, just saying.
  • The O-Line. Dudes. That was gross.
  • Bruce Arians. Mix in an adjustment, eh.
  • Ben. We'll preface this again with: There's no one in the NFL I'd rather have under a Justin Hartwig. But games like Sunday highlight his still lacking leadership skills and why I don't like his quasi turd personality. Quit with the dejected and painful wince every time you come off the field. If you're too hurt to play, don't play. I'm tired of the "I'm not going to use injuries as an excuse (but that's actually what I'm doing by mentioning it)" thing. I know you got your ass handed to you and it wasn't your fault. Now grow up and lead.
  • I can't believe I have to agree with Phil Simms, that tit. 4th and 10, down 9 with under a minute to go...you kick the FG. Coach Tomlin said he felt we had a better chance for the 7 at that point. Sounds like someone's first rodeo :)

  • Troy. Back to being a stud. His INT Sunday was one of the great grabs of all-time.
  • Bryant McFadden. B Mc is no longer the Best Cornerback on the Team. He is the Best Cornerback of All-Time. That is the new Empties Crushed mantra. We love B Mc.
  • Cleveland still stinks. Ditto on Cincy. And after Monday, Baltimore will reveal the same colors.
Around the NFL:
  • I still don't get the joke between Dan Patrick and Keith Oberman.
  • There are some really really bad teams in the NFL. The Ram, the Lion, the Brown, the Raider, the Chief. I know I'm forgetting a few. So cheer up, mates. At least we're not the Pirates.
  • Once Proud, now a Punchnline: Chad Johnson. Remember when he was wearing his "Hall of Fame" jacket. Amazing how fast the jag-off falls.
  • Lining up your RB at QB and proceeding to run at will is at the minimum, a big Pac Man Jones slap in the face.
  • Marion Barber runs hard.
  • Liverpool - nil / Stoke - nil. UGH!!! I remember some ass clown was calling for Robbie Keane to be the difference this year. Still don't think the guy has found the net. I'm still optimistic, but those are the bad times.
  • How hilarious was it seeing Ferdinand pouting at the end of the Man Utd. / Chelsea match Sunday? Dude thought he was getting his second yellow, and a free kick was forthcoming for Chelsea right outside the 18. Oh...that was the final whistle. Hilarious.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Braylon Edwards. Scared?

Dude...I know the Steeler D is all nasty and stuff, but don't be afraid to catch a ball once and awhile. Try using your big mouth, maybe? Just like your buddy, Kellen. Nice yappers...zero sac.

Sorry, but this is no longer a "rivalry." Lot of talk in these parts last week about how the fans weren't that riled up heading into Sunday night...you know...being the Browns and all. But the Browns are simply a step stool...no longer worthy of being worried about. When you beat a team 25 times in a row, how are we supposed to consider it a "rivalry"? Having them in the same division basically gives you a 2-0 head start, because these games are simply a formality.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


On the opposite end of every sourpuss...

is a glorious, glorious winner...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Friday

If you ever watch any of the videos on this stupid blog, make it this one. This is just way too good...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Winston's Atomic Bird

The deadline for the Fan Videos submitted for Boston Spaceships' "Winston's Atomic Bird" passed on Friday, and it appears the four finalists are up for voting over at the Boston Spaceships website.

Watch the four finalists and VOTE HERE. Voting ends September 15th.

Really enjoyed theheedonists and TheManSherm entries, but our personal favorite (below) didn't make the Final Four cut...

Hot girl, somewhat crazed I'm led to believe, dancing with two mannequin heads, singing Bob. Sold. Best Direction, imo, from mikepostalakis...

the heedonists solid effort, awesome use of animation...

TheManSherm gets best concept, imho...

One more from friend of the program, B Seitz...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Steelers win the Superbowl

after Week 1. There...I said it.

Not only does the Beloved hand out its first beatdown of '08, but the rest of the NFL stars have aligned...

The flavor-of-the-month Browns are still pathetic. Jacksonville has lost 60% of its starting OL. The Colts got manhandled in their own building by a mediocre (at best) Bears team. The Chargers lose at home, and 2 days later lose Shawne Merriman for the season (Lights out, moron). The Patriots and Tom Brady...well that's just too funny.

Other misc notes from Sunday:
  • So much for that big Shaun Rogers free agent signing up in Cleveland. Dude got pushed all over the field, and spent more time picking up his helmet than he did laying a hand on Barber III and Felix Jones. Note to Shaun: try a better fitting helmet.
  • The new "I just got off the phone with" guy is: Jay Glazer.
  • Caught a little of "Football Night in America." Are Dan Patrick and Keith Oberman only funny to themselves? I mean seriously. Whatever their inside joke is between each other...I don't get it. Someone fill me in.
  • Norv Turner is uglier when he loses.
  • Did I mention the Tom Brady injury? More hilarious than Dan and Keith.
editor's note: before anyone whines about "injuries aren't funny," you're right. They aren't. But it's not like the guy won't walk again...he'll be fine (next year). And besides, Belichick should have enough video in his vaults to compensate...so I wouldn't count out the Patriots just yet.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Empties Crushed retires from NFL

Farewell NFL.

When Free agency began this year, we had a new sense of excitement about continuing to rebuild our career in the same way that we had rebuilt our blog after our catastrophic lack of views in 2005. Unfortunately, what we found out was that the league did not share any of the optimism about us as an Unrestricted Free Agent that we expected. In fact, there was an overwhelming sense that there was no room for us among this year’s group of blogs; whether in a starting, competing or a back-up role. No matter what we did or said, there seemed to be a unified message from teams that we were not welcome to compete for one of the many jobs that were available at the blog position. It seems that the stance we took against the Flyers and Riley Cote regarding our rights as a blog and player has followed us into Free Agency.

After taking a long look at our career and our personal convictions, we have decided to begin early retirement from the NFL effective immediately.

In a related story, Empties Crushed has declared its eligibility for the NBA draft next year.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Daunte Culpepper "retires" from NFL

I guess that's what it's called when nobody wants you. I thought you had to actually have a job to retire from it. Just sayin. Anyways...

Empties Crushed has confirmed with a reliable source that the reason most NFL franchise GMs shied away from Culpepper was not because of his lack of ability. Rather, they feared that he would embarrass their organization with that moronic "roll" dance he does after TDs.

Sarah Palin...

Sort of hot, no?


Thursday, September 04, 2008

Steelers will go 11-5. Book it.

Victim #1

Breaking in a new computer, so I apologize for lax-ness this week. Boston Spaceships landed Tuesday...pure gold.

Last year, I was off on only 2 of these picks (14-2!!, documented). Here's how my Beloved will fair in 2008:

  2. @ Cleveland - WIN (it's Cleveland after all. we don't lose to the Browns)
  3. @ Philly - loss (potential let down after Brownie beatdown)
  4. BALTIMORE - WIN (wow, this division has gone to shat)
  5. at Jax - loss
  6. bye
  7. at Cincinnati - WIN (the bungles will probably already be in crumble mode)
  8. NY GIANTS - WIN (Superbowl hangover, the Giants won't even make the playoffs)
  9. at Washington - loss (just a hunch)
  10. INDY - WIN
  13. at New England - loss
  14. DALLAS - loss (ruining the perfect 8-0 season at home)
  15. at Baltimore - WIN (Ravens are the perfect remedy off a 2 game snide)
  16. at Tennessee - WIN
  17. CLEVELAND - WIN (see Week 2)
There it is. The Beloved goes 11-5, sweeping the divisional foes, thus handing them the division. Not good enough for a bye in the 1st Round, but Tomlin gets his first Playoff victory in the Wildcard round...bowing out in the 2nd round.