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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Steelers win the Superbowl

after Week 1. There...I said it.

Not only does the Beloved hand out its first beatdown of '08, but the rest of the NFL stars have aligned...

The flavor-of-the-month Browns are still pathetic. Jacksonville has lost 60% of its starting OL. The Colts got manhandled in their own building by a mediocre (at best) Bears team. The Chargers lose at home, and 2 days later lose Shawne Merriman for the season (Lights out, moron). The Patriots and Tom Brady...well that's just too funny.

Other misc notes from Sunday:
  • So much for that big Shaun Rogers free agent signing up in Cleveland. Dude got pushed all over the field, and spent more time picking up his helmet than he did laying a hand on Barber III and Felix Jones. Note to Shaun: try a better fitting helmet.
  • The new "I just got off the phone with" guy is: Jay Glazer.
  • Caught a little of "Football Night in America." Are Dan Patrick and Keith Oberman only funny to themselves? I mean seriously. Whatever their inside joke is between each other...I don't get it. Someone fill me in.
  • Norv Turner is uglier when he loses.
  • Did I mention the Tom Brady injury? More hilarious than Dan and Keith.
editor's note: before anyone whines about "injuries aren't funny," you're right. They aren't. But it's not like the guy won't walk again...he'll be fine (next year). And besides, Belichick should have enough video in his vaults to compensate...so I wouldn't count out the Patriots just yet.


gbvh said...

if you listened to buffalo station
550am this week you'd be saying "steelers who?"

gary said...

The Bill -1. Winner.

Dudn't get any easier.