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Monday, September 29, 2008

Dressy Bessy at Club Cafe



This show was a BLAST!!!!  We love Dressy Bessy!!  Appears they had some issues with the sound, but they rawked nonetheless.  Easily one of the most awesome-est good time shows I've attended in the Burgh. They played a few tunes of their new record, HOLLERandSTOMP, as well as the older hits, leading off the show with "Stop Foolin," and "Just Once More."  Tammy graciously gave us "Side 2" upon request, as well as a fellow fan's request for "Baby Six String." "Girl, You Shout!" SO. MUCH. FUN.

Props to our kick ass bartender as well, who happened to be a big GBV fan.


Picked up the new record at show, so we can't wait to give it a few spins. Get HOLLERandSTOMP from Transdreamer Records, HERE.

Chicago pals need to check them out at the Abbey Pub...Saturday, November 2nd.  Tix HERE.  

Hats off to local Burgh band Donora, as well as The Coast (I believe is from Toronto) who both opened the night.  Both were a great start to the late night show.

Jess got some great video of "Baby Six String," but the sound (due to the camera mic being so close) is somewhat distorted...so I hesitate to post it.  So here's their vid for "Girl, You Shout" from their 2003 self-titled LP...

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