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Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Don't Like Mondays

Like Sir Bob, we at EC don't like Mondays after bad sporting weekends. Which is why we wait until Friday to reflect and post. Aaaaannnnnnnd begin...

Not sound critical, but here's some randomness on the Beloved :

  • If Rashard Mendenhall doesn't step it up this Monday against Ray Ray and the Ravens, this draft class has the looks of, I dunno, dreadful. With Willie Parker getting injured, the advocates of drafting another RB in the 1st round get to pound their chest some more. But those same advocates don't want to admit that Fast Willie is the best RB we've had since Franco...and, yes, that includes Bettis. Our offensive line is looking pathetic, as we all know it could, and a scared-to-catch-a-pass RB might not have been the best position to address in the 1st Round when you have one of the best RB's in the NFL. Limas Sweed, Bruce Davis, and Tony Hills aren't dressing. Dennis Dixon is a 3rd string QB. It's easy to look at the draft in retrospect, but this ain't shaping up too good. Our deficiencies are clear as day: O-Line and depth on the D-Line. Neither was addressed, unless you consider signing Max Starks to $6 million and bringing back Orpheus Roye. Not saying, just saying.
  • The O-Line. Dudes. That was gross.
  • Bruce Arians. Mix in an adjustment, eh.
  • Ben. We'll preface this again with: There's no one in the NFL I'd rather have under a Justin Hartwig. But games like Sunday highlight his still lacking leadership skills and why I don't like his quasi turd personality. Quit with the dejected and painful wince every time you come off the field. If you're too hurt to play, don't play. I'm tired of the "I'm not going to use injuries as an excuse (but that's actually what I'm doing by mentioning it)" thing. I know you got your ass handed to you and it wasn't your fault. Now grow up and lead.
  • I can't believe I have to agree with Phil Simms, that tit. 4th and 10, down 9 with under a minute to go...you kick the FG. Coach Tomlin said he felt we had a better chance for the 7 at that point. Sounds like someone's first rodeo :)

  • Troy. Back to being a stud. His INT Sunday was one of the great grabs of all-time.
  • Bryant McFadden. B Mc is no longer the Best Cornerback on the Team. He is the Best Cornerback of All-Time. That is the new Empties Crushed mantra. We love B Mc.
  • Cleveland still stinks. Ditto on Cincy. And after Monday, Baltimore will reveal the same colors.
Around the NFL:
  • I still don't get the joke between Dan Patrick and Keith Oberman.
  • There are some really really bad teams in the NFL. The Ram, the Lion, the Brown, the Raider, the Chief. I know I'm forgetting a few. So cheer up, mates. At least we're not the Pirates.
  • Once Proud, now a Punchnline: Chad Johnson. Remember when he was wearing his "Hall of Fame" jacket. Amazing how fast the jag-off falls.
  • Lining up your RB at QB and proceeding to run at will is at the minimum, a big Pac Man Jones slap in the face.
  • Marion Barber runs hard.
  • Liverpool - nil / Stoke - nil. UGH!!! I remember some ass clown was calling for Robbie Keane to be the difference this year. Still don't think the guy has found the net. I'm still optimistic, but those are the bad times.
  • How hilarious was it seeing Ferdinand pouting at the end of the Man Utd. / Chelsea match Sunday? Dude thought he was getting his second yellow, and a free kick was forthcoming for Chelsea right outside the 18. Oh...that was the final whistle. Hilarious.


Dave Weldon said...

Bulletin Board, Mendenhall dart= bingo!

Read: http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=3610947

tirpak said...

Although I do agree with almost everything you've said here.. even B-mac ;)


..basically comparing a Porsche and a Hummer.. I think Jerome is still the best running back we've had since Franco. He's gonna be a first year induction!

Willie still has most of his career yet to go barring major injury so that's why I wouldn't pull the trigger on that comment quite yet.

p.s. - boston spaceships owns! great, great concert!

tirpak said...

Oh yeah, the Mendenhall story is bogus.. he never sent that text.

gary said...

Only thing I'd say is...

Willie won us a Super Bowl.

The only thing #36 did that year was just about prevent us from getting there (goal line, fumble, DOH!)

gary said...

...3 yards and a cloud of dust is SO overrated imho. Just because you do a little high-step dance and shake your head after you get up doesn't make those 3 yards any more valuable.

I know it's blasphemous to say in these parts...but that's my story.

I'd be interested to see if Jerome gets in the HOF, where he'd rank in terms of YPC. Pretty low...I'd wager.

gary said...

Jerome is the Bonnie Raitt to Willie Parker's Devo.


tirpak said...

I'm not sticking by Bettis because I'm a Steelers nation yinzer freak... he was pretty reliable on the goal line.. so sometimes those 3 yards were pretty valuable. Judging someones career on one particular fumble is pretty rough. That kinda stuff is left for the long snapping position ;)

Also, Parker doing his muscle flex in my opinion is in the same boat with doing a little shuffle..

I guess 13,662 yards doesn't get you very far in this league anymore.. I guess Bettis will be The Ronettes of his year.