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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Steelers will go 11-5. Book it.

Victim #1

Breaking in a new computer, so I apologize for lax-ness this week. Boston Spaceships landed Tuesday...pure gold.

Last year, I was off on only 2 of these picks (14-2!!, documented). Here's how my Beloved will fair in 2008:

  2. @ Cleveland - WIN (it's Cleveland after all. we don't lose to the Browns)
  3. @ Philly - loss (potential let down after Brownie beatdown)
  4. BALTIMORE - WIN (wow, this division has gone to shat)
  5. at Jax - loss
  6. bye
  7. at Cincinnati - WIN (the bungles will probably already be in crumble mode)
  8. NY GIANTS - WIN (Superbowl hangover, the Giants won't even make the playoffs)
  9. at Washington - loss (just a hunch)
  10. INDY - WIN
  13. at New England - loss
  14. DALLAS - loss (ruining the perfect 8-0 season at home)
  15. at Baltimore - WIN (Ravens are the perfect remedy off a 2 game snide)
  16. at Tennessee - WIN
  17. CLEVELAND - WIN (see Week 2)
There it is. The Beloved goes 11-5, sweeping the divisional foes, thus handing them the division. Not good enough for a bye in the 1st Round, but Tomlin gets his first Playoff victory in the Wildcard round...bowing out in the 2nd round.


gbvh said...

roddick-djokovic > skins-giants

gary said...

re: skins-giants


1) no Steelers involved
2) no financial interest or fantasy football implications
3) add Madden


boring + stupified

(actually, i was in class until halftime)

gbvh said...

roddick-djokovic was a "cracker."
love me my u.s. open ... fave grand slam of all.
(wimbledon is dead last -- with an anchor.)

gbvh said...

and i quote:

Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2008
From: "Dennis O'Shea"
To: postal blowfish
Subject: Boston Spaceships

Might be the best thing Bob has done since GbV...top to bottom.