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Monday, April 30, 2012

For all good kids, it's ANOTHER Guided by Voices record!!

The 2nd of 3 (THREE!) GBV records coming out in 2012.  Pre-order the new and awesome Class Clown Spots a UFO LP from Rockathon HERE.  Also available is a 7" of the title track with 2 non-LP tunes available.  It's gonna be a good year.

warning...this tune will rock you right in the face...

  video by navalorama


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sharon Van Etten - tonight!

part of the Warhol Sound Series. Tonight at the Carnegie Lecture Hall pretty pretty pretty music.

The Cabin In the Woods: good times

Kinda felt like The Osterman Weekend meets The Evil Dead, and then the real fun begins.

All in all, The Cabin In the Woods is a fun ride.  It's pretty ridiculous, but that's where its awesomeness lies.  I was a little apprehensive at first, and it probably didn't help that some zit faced kid who served me my popcorn tried his best to spoil it for me.

Some of the horror scenes thru the first half of the film are meh, imho.  They are shot much like the genre of today's new horror: Creativity is often sacrificed for dimly lit sets, shaky cams, and quick cuts to the point where you're left wondering what the fuck just happened.  There seems to be a lot of CG utilized in the latter part of the film, but nothing too cringe worthy.

The best part of Cabin is its humor. It's probably not going to scare you as much you will get a chuckle from it.  The best and most hilarious character is played by Bradley Whitford, who plays Hadley...your prototypical jag off antagonist.  We fell in love with Whitford way back in Revenge of the Nerds 2 when he launched his little, "What'ya gonna do about it Skolnick, you gonna make a little speech?" tirade to the Nerds poolside in Paradise.

Also to Cabin's credit, there is an obvious homage to the genre of past horror.  I'll stop there before I spoil anything.  But our advise is to not read or look too far into Cabin...just go and enjoy.


Thursday, April 26, 2012


So glad to be part of the luckiest fan base ever. This is gonna be the time of our lives with some of the bestest pals on the planet...giving hugs, drinking brews, and losing our voices. The next day...

Best weekend EVER!!!! The last time Guided by Voices played Canal Street Tavern...

btw...what's wrong with this picture below?

If you said any of these 3 bands headlining over the Mighty GBV...ding ding ding. Ah well.  Sons a bitches Death Cab fans will never know what hit them.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Progression of a Stunned: The Special One

With my Beloved Barcelona losing yesterday, this felt nice. No more Champions League for you, Jose!!! Funny hearing Fox Soccer Channel anoint Christiano Ronaldo "The Greatest Player on the Planet" after the 1st half with Real Madrid up 2-1 and Fishy Lips scoring both goals. Then he steps up to the spot in PKs and fails. Despite Messi missing yesterday, does that title revert back to him again? Whatever.

Maybe the best STUNNED moment of the night, after Sergio Ramos sailed one 30 feet over the cross bar, which handed Bayern Munich the victory.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DEER TICK was pretty awesome last night

Great show.  Great live act that John McCauley and crew.  Here was the capper...

good times.

Hockey Objectivity

Hockey fans have a weird way of looking at things. Depending on which side of the fence you're on, the same player or incident may entice two exactly opposite opinions. Admittedly, as much as we try to be objective, we often look at things through the Black & Gold glasses. Our enemies do the same.

Flyers fans, for instance, can be very creative and clever by calling our best player Cindy Crysbaby. Their chants of "Crosby Sucks" is even more proof that they're some of the most intelligent and witty fans in the NHL. Pens fans, on the other hand, may point out how Peter Laviolette is a smug turd who throws hissy fits when things don't go his way.

It's funny how one side sees something as passion, while the other side sees someone as "losing their cool." For instance... Daniel Alfredsson showed a lot "passion" last night according to what we heard...


Claude Giroux, after losing Game 5 in Pittsburgh...

Such "passion" from the newest "Greatest Player in the World." Curious what the reaction would have been if that were Sidney...I mean Cindy Crosby.

Home town announcers usually have a bias, as well. Perhaps not as hard core as the fans and the bloggers, but they still view things from a home town perspective. Doesn't really bother me...I just label it as "passion." However, this douche nozzle from Phoenix took home town bias to an INSANELY NEW LEVEL...


Phoenix moron / commentator Tyson Nash describes the Torres on Hossa assault: “as clean of a hit as you are going to get.” He follows that up after watching the slo-mo, defending his stance as "left shoulder right into the jaw" and "EXPLODES thru the hit" before saying "I don't have a problem (with that hit)."


Monday, April 23, 2012

Deer Tick - Rex Theatre - Tonight!

I'm sort of a late comer to the Deer Tick thingy. Must admit, I'm not into the whole "alt-country" (Uncle Tupelo) genre, and that's a phrase I'd always heard associated with John C. McCauley and his band mates. From what I understand, their latest stuff is a slight turn away from that. I listened to their album Divine Providence late last year, really dug it, then saw a video of them over on Daytrotter doing a Replacements cover of "Bastards of Young."  Sold me.  Deer Tick is playing tonight at the Rex Theatre, along with Turbo Fruits. Tix still available, and it's a 21+ show, so the booze can flow freely.

Deer Tick covering "Bastards of Young"...


Word on the streets is that they also do a nice cover of Nirvana's "Lithium."

Deer Tick - "Let's all go to the bar"...

Speaking of the Replacements, now's a good excuse to play the original, and a video I've always loved...



From what I've heard from Turbo Fruits, also pretty jacked to check these dudes out.  They're from Nashville.  Listen to some Turbo Fruits over on the MySpace HERE. Visual..

ps: anyone tuning in here to read the Pens post mortem, it'll be up later this week. I'm taking a vacation...a vacation from my PROBLEMS!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

One game at a time.

Absolutely god damn right.

Another strong performance from Fleury is needed. If so...PUCKER PUCKER PUCKER back to the Burgh for Game 7.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Leo Messi scores goals

in honour of today's El Classico. All 234 goals Lionel Messi has scored for the Beloved Barca MAGIC!!!


Thanks to TB for the fwd.

Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm crazy enough to think we can win this thing.

There's TEAM.  Then there's TALENT.  Flyers were undoubtedly the better team thru Game 3.  They've been better than the Pens for a majority of the year when matched up together.  But you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who would say the Flyers are more talented.

Wednesday night, the Pens TALENT played as a TEAM.  YAY!!!!!  It was fun.  I want more of that.

Keys moving forward tonight:
  1. JUMP EARLY.  Yeah...it'd be easy to point out "the team who scored first lost every game so far."  True.  But Mojo is a tricky prick.  Once you've got it, you've got to strangle it.  Step on Mojo's throat while you wrap both hands around it's neck.  Don't let him up.  STRANGLE HOLD THE MOJO!  Our "great" crowd at the CEC will disappear if we get down early.  Gotta keep them involved.  The longer we keep the momentum, the harder those Flyer sphincters will clinch.  If we get back to Philly for a Game 6...they'll be squeezing real good.  Bryzgalov is on the brink, and the trump card of Bobrossi has already been played.  Remember that dude in Training Day who asks Ethan Hawke if he's ever had his shit pushed in?  You get the picture...
  2. SKATE AWAY.  Keep the same discipline you had in Game 4.  There are no extra points for acting tough.  Stanley Cups > Tough Guy Persona.  At least everywhere else outside of Philly.  Play the game, not games.  You finally started to see the true Flyer colors Wednesday.  It's ugly head will continue to rear...just SKATE THE FUCK AWAY.
  3. Beware the SCUBA SUITS.  Refs will continue to call it close, I presume.  That's to our skilled players advantage, as long as they recognize.  No stupid penalties.  Guys and Danny Brieres will go down with the slightest of touches.  Find that line, and don't cross it.
  4. North - South > East - West.  The cross ice passes feed the Flyer transition game, which absolutely killed us in Games 1 - 3.  When in doubt, get the puck deep.  For all the blame everyone wants to place on Fleury, I can't recall too many goals that have been a result of Philly having prolonged possession in the zone.  Most of the goals they're scoring are either on the PP or in transition, usually on odd man breaks.  Protect the puck...get it deep.  FANCY SHMANCY!!!

Final thought: Props to Peter Laviolette for out coaching Disco Dan for the most part of this series.  But what a douche...

Record Store Day - TOMORROW

We normally check out Dave's Music Mine on the South Side, but tomorrow we're heading to the newly opened Sound Cat Records (formerly Paul's CDs, now owned by Karl Hendricks) in Bloomfield.  One of these years, we'll get outta bed early enough to get in line for the exclusive RSD releases, but with a Pens / Flyers game tonight...it ain't gonna be tomorrow.

Not sure if Karl is getting in any of the RSD releases or not. Been meaning to e-mail the store, but I kinda dropped the ball.  Plus...I'm not that ambitious.  Been following Sound Cat's Facebook updates, and I'm really digging Karl's "records of the day" listings, like this one...

FCKYA!!!!! I already got my Rockathon shipment of the 7" above....but FCKYA!!!!!!

Sound Cat will be opening at 9:00 am.  At 5:00pm, they're having an in-store performance by Hidden Twin (featuring Phil of the Modey Lemon)...

If we have enough time before the big El Classico kickoff on GOLTV at 2:00, maybe we'll get over to Dave's as well.  Speaking of Dave's, they did finally get their list of RSD releases (with quantities) that they've rec'd, and you can CHECK THAT OUT HERE.  Some records of our interest, which we'll have no chance of getting:
  • DEVO - LIVE IN SEATTLE 1981. Only 1 copy...good luck!
  • Pete Townshend - Quadrophenia Demos 2.  2 copies.
  • 2 Luna records - 1st time ever on vinyl - Romantica and Rendezvous.  1 copy each.
  • Joey Ramone - Rock 'N Roll Is the Answer. 1 copy.
  • White Stripes - Hand Springs / Red Death at 6:14 7" - 5 copies.

Also...while they don't do the RSD releases, we also highly recommend a stop at Jerry's on Murray Ave in Squirrel Hill.  Do it.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

MELTDOWN: we are assholes

It took 30 plus years, but the roles have finally been reversed.  The Pittsburgh Penguins are now the collective asshole of the hockey universe.  We are now the punchline of the joke.  Maybe that was the Flyers plan all along?  Be total douchebags for 4 decades until the Penguins snap and embarrass themselves in the same manner.  It's worked, if that's the case.  We suck.  Flyers are better. No doubting it after what we've seen.  Now they can all just sit back and laugh at us while we lose our marbles.  The joke is on us.

The Pens are now the ones getting outplayed, outcoached, outeverythinged.  Hands down.  We are now the jag offs who have resorted to goonery in lieu of skill.  We are now the Charlestown Chiefs.

But maybe that's overboard.  Maybe that's too convenient.  The Penguins are definitely not innocent.  Maybe the answer lies somewhere in between.  It's an emotional game and emotional times.   Instead of painting all of the thuggery from Sunday with broad (street) strokes, let's look at each of the hot topic players and dissect a bit...

Kris Letang
I'm a huge Tanger supporter.  Love that dude.  Love my #58 black sweater.  But the lack of composure he exhibits on a nightly basis resembles a 6 year old who gets his Legos taken away from him.  On the very top of Peter Laviolette's game plan, I'm willing to bet is a line: "get under Letang's skin." 

It's worked all year for Philly.  It's been proven his presence is essential to the Penguins success (even more so than 87's, numbers would suggest), so why not get him off his game?  I still want to think a Norris Trophy is in his future.  But until he gets his emotions under control, he'll forever be an also ran.  Great talent, fragile psyche.  I love the edge to his game...but it's getting to that point of over the edge.

The fight with Timonen was stupid and selfish.  With Crosby and Giroux already fighting, it was an automatic game misconduct.  Letang claims he thought they were just locked up, and his was the 1st fight, whatev.  But when you're that important to the team, why take a chance?  Sure, it was fun seeing Timonen getting rag dolled and smacked around.  But not to the point where I wanted Letang taken off the ice in the FIRST PERIOD!  Also consider the fact you've got a history of concussions (although I guess Kimmo doesn't present much danger).

And then the most embarrassing moment of the game:

taken from Pensblog

I can't think of a moment as a Pens fan where I've cringed harder.  Maybe when Matt Cooke elbowed that Ranger dude last year.

Sidney Crosby
He pushed away Voracek's glove?!  The audacity!! Can't believe he'd stoop so low.

Big fucking deal. Yeah...it was a prick move.  I loved it. It's hilarious, actually.  It's not like he spit on someone's kid.  Not like he took out someone's teeth with a high stick, Derian Hatcher.

He whacked at Bryzgalov's glove covering a puck?!  Nobody ever does that.  Brutal.

He states that he doesn't like a single Flyer?!  Guess he should've been more politically correct and calculated with his statements. 

Sounds like good captains just sit back, bend over, and take it.  Gimme a fucking break.  Because of his health concerns, I didn't want Sid fighting...even against a lame opponent like Giroux.  But at least I understand it.  Everyone in the hockey universe praised Max Talbot 4 years ago for stirring the pot against Dan Carcillo.  So to take Crosby to task for doing the same thing is moronic and hypocritical.

The manufactured hate of Sidney Crosby in Philly is a joke born from jealousy and a lack of creativeness.  Pure and simple.  Paul Holmgren would trade Giroux plus whatever 2 players Shero wanted to get Sid in a Flyer sweater.  And every single fan from Flyer Nation would bow in reverence and smooch his skate laces.

Crosby's not an angel, and I can't remember the last time he or his fans claimed he was.  He's as competitive as they come.  The greats usually are.  With competitiveness comes emotions...like them or not.

Arron Asham
Just because Pierre McGuire has his lips pressed tightly against Brayden Schenn's sphincter like the caboose of a Human Centipede (which would make an awesome photoshop for those so inclined), doesn't mean Schenn is the innocent victim in all of this.  Instead of listening to Dildo, mute and watch Schenn take a run from the blue line, line up Paul Martin, and try to take him out.  "Clean play" my fucking ass.  He caught an unsuspecting player with his head down, and tried to freight train him...leaving his feet in the process.  You might not have heard it with all the gushing between the benches, but the referee actually got it right.  It was clear cut charge, and Schenn was penalized for it.

McGuire further stated Asham cross checked him in the adam's apple.  Schenn apparently is deformed, being born with his adam's apple on his chest.

Did Arron Asham cross the line?  Absolutely.  Got his stick too high on the retaliation, and the punch to the back of the turtle's head was too much.  A suspension was deserved.  Based on the other decisions from Sheriff Shanny this post season, it was too harsh (punching someone in the back of the head is NOT suspension worthy according to previous decisions, Shea Weber).  But some action and discipline was warranted.  In the video explanation, Shanahan should've referenced "gutless goon", which would've been a better bullet point.

It's just another hypocrisy of the NHL.  Asham is a 4th line nobody.  Niklas Backstrom is a star player, so he gets only 1 game for the exact same action (except Backstrom's was post-whistle).  If Chris Pronger had done what Asham did, McGuire and NBC would be praising Pronger for his leadership and coming to the aid of a teammate.  After all...that's what it was.  Overboard, yes.  But if Schenn doesn't want Asham in his face, he should think twice about running players.  He's already proven he's at his best when players have their backs to him.  Schenn's a dirtbag.  Fuck him.

Important to note, which Shanny references in his video: Arron Asham has NEVER been suspended before.  He has a CLEAN history.  He also references Backstrom's clean history when saying he only gets 1 game.  So one can assume Asham gets the extra 3 games because that's what Shea Weber should've gotten...but he didn't. Complete fucking joke.

I can hear Colin Campbell sputtering and slobbering in past years: "Uggrgh, you never urghhr played HOCKEY!  What'd you urrghurr know?  I rrrghuerugh played HOCKEY."

James Neal
Stupid play by Neal.  Dumb and immature.  I'm willing to buy the first killing of Couturier.  And from hearing the video, it sounds like Shanahan would, too.  Puck was turned over, and Neal went from D to O.  He evades Malkin to enter the zone, and the murder victim was in his path.  OK.  But then Neal jumps into Couturier, saying he was bracing himself.  Convenient excuse most likely.

The above is more accepting if he doesn't charge Giroux 20 seconds later.  The embellishment from Giroux not withstanding (Flyers fans would laugh hysterically if Crosby danced around like that after a hit), Neal was clearly trying to inflict damage when he raised the hands.  I didn't know it, but Neal has been suspended once before (3 years ago on the Stars), so the suspension is worthy.

Craig Adams
Pulling on Scott Hartnell's hair?  Really?  This coming from a clown like Hartnell with a biting history.  Guess it's not customary to grab your opponent by the shoulders, jersey, whatever during a fight.  How could you avoid grabbing a lock of hair?  He did...he let go.  Happens.  I like what the Harvard man said:
"I don't think he has a huge problem with it, if he does he should maybe get a haircut."

Hartnell hammed it up like he always does.  Got a rise outta everyone wearing pumpkin.  Bravo.

The suspension was automatic.  NHL rules state that if you're caught instigating a fight in the final 5 minutes, and you're not a star player, an automatic 1 game suspension is due.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Backstrom + Weber = Asham. The NHL Formula

Niklas Backstrom crossed checked Rich Peverley after the whistle last night...

Since Backstrom is a star player, so I doubt he will get suspended. Shea Weber punches Henrick Zetterturd in the back of the head, and tries to slam his head off the glass...


Weber is a star player, hence no suspension. Adding the two above gives you what Arron Asham does Sunday...

I'm trying to use logic to predict what the NHL will do. That's where I went wrong.

Hulk Hogan Whores Himself

The original Hulk Hogan scoreboard thingy, shown at Consol Energy Center after Evgeni Malkin goals...


Sounds like Philadelphia upped the anti. On top of the 50 lbs in hamburger meat that the Pittsburgh Penguins offered him, the Flyers organization provided the Hulkster with a 1 year unlimited supply of Coppertone SPORT to do their video from Sunday...

Too bad Hulk's wife and her teenage boyfriend are getting 25 lbs of that meat.

Note: fail on the shirt rip.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Independent Grindhouse 4

THIS SATURDAY at the Hollywood Theatre in Dormont. Sponsored by Bastards of Horror and Horror Realm. A couple of shorts start the night at 10pm: Deviling (short film by Michael Sharpe) Chick’N-Head (short film by Robert Elkins) Followed by the feature film of the night: Revenge Is Her Middle Name...


$5 cheap. Certain people need to live closer :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I don't like getting slapped around

Kinda felt like Van Stretch after Games 1 & 2. I wanna be the Dennis Peck in Game 3.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Piss Off Judi Dench (at least Liverpool wins)

The fine lads at FSC made it way too easy today against our crosstown rivals...

Andy Carroll, player?!?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Hartnell and I agree: Consol Energy Center Sucks

 Not a fan of Hartnell. Clearly, he can douche it up with the best of 'em...not to mention he wears the pumpkin suit. But I can't say I disagree with a single thing he says here...

Thanks to Tirpak for the fwd

Why would anyone be afraid to play at the CEC?? It's the tamest of crowds in the NHL. Sure...our fans go CRAZY when we score a goal or when the "GET LOUD, MAKE NOISE" video is played. But other than that, the majority of people attending the new luxury lapped building are LAME as PISS.

Been talking about this all year, and I was hoping things might rev up for the playoffs.  Dead wrong.  The crowd on hand for Game 1 was a FUCKING JOKE.  EMBARRASSING.



I am so incredibly tired of hearing Paul Steigerwald tell me how loud it is: "The Consol is ROCKING!!!"  Yep...most NHL arenas are rocking after a goal is scored.  How about "ROCKING" when the Pens need a momentum shift, or when we need a big PK?!?  (i.e. Wednesday night).

Is it OK to stand?!  I think so.  Who cares if Old Man Willy behind you gets his panties in a bunch.  Tell him to piss off.  Then maybe less of those "sit down!" turds will attend the game.  It's time to build a NEW CULTURE at CEC.  Make it uncomfortable for the lame brains.  That's why there were less of them at the Igloo.  It was too damn uncomfortable for them. 

How about this? Instead of bringing the crayons and placards so your kids can make the cute little signs that get them on tv....TEACH THEM WHAT FUCKING ICING IS!  These are the same kids who get spit on in Philadelphia (note: NOT advocating spitting on anyone).

This is not an opinion on the state of Pens fans. It's an opinion on the state of the TYPE of "FANS" WHO ATTEND GAMES...at least a majority of them. The "fans" at these games are NOT the diehard hockey fans.  They're the thing-to-doers.  They're the old fossils who tell people "SIT DOWN!!" any time someone gets excited.

Not sure who to blame here, if you can blame anyone. It's just the state of today. I sell a lot of my tickets just like the rest of the season ticket holders. If I could afford it, I'd go to all 41 games. I can't. Obviously, the success of the Penguins has been its own worst enemy in this regard, driving up the market for tix.

But it doesn't mean we can't do anything about it.  You don't have to be vulgar, violent, or curse.  But you can make it less comfy and cozy for the non-fans...

Poke fun at the people leaving their seat early.  Ask them to call you with a traffic report.

Stand and cheer when you see a great play.  The others who appreciate good hockey will stand with you.  The stooges sitting on their hands may give you a dirty look, but who cares.  Maybe they'll give up their seats for future games.

Educate yourself.  Don't be satisfied with just knowing the home team.  God knows that's all we get watching at home watching ROOT Sports.  The home team is jammed down your throat to the point where we can't even see the entire game on TV.  Pick up your program and KNOW YOUR ENEMY.

Continuing education.  For those who have mastered the other team's roster, move on to knowing your refs.  Your program will also list the NHL's referees by #'s.  Learn them.  Get on them when they make a shitty call.  Be the John Tortarella of your section.  Caveat: pick your spots.  Don't whine over every call...that defeats the purpose and make you look like a jerk.

Be your section's leader.  I know it's tough.  You're sitting there with a bunch of lame farts, and you're scared to stand out.  But trust me...others want to get involved.  They just need someone to show them the way.  Again...no cursing.  Be intelligent with your banter.  Don't go overboard with the whining. If needed, grab a brew or 5 to get the juices flowing (Just don't be the drunk dude...watch that fine line).

STAY UNTIL THE END OF THE GAME.  You people don't know what traffic is. Try living in New York, LA, or Chicago.  Your life isn't all that posh that you need to be anywhere 10 minutes sooner.

The Whiteout Blows, I agree.  But as long as that's the deal...join the team, and go along for the ride.

Until the crowds at the CEC improve, the whole notion that we're "The Greatest Fans in the World" is complete bunk.

ps: Go Paul Martin!!!

Happy Friday the 13th


Thursday, April 12, 2012

won't lie...pretty stunned

First off, if you're not going to give the hated Flyers some credit after this game...you're delusional.  Flyers rolled 4 lines all game, kept coming in waves, and kept exposing our defensive liabilities.  Can't put my finger on WTF is wrong with Michalek and Martin, but they're not the same players they were a year ago.  They look timid and clueless at times.  Tough to have $9m in cap space swallowed up by timid and clueless.  Disco knows WAY more hockey than I'll ever know...but something needs to get fixed, ASAP.  The Flyers have proven they won't stop coming.    

"Paul Martin turned in the worst performance by a man at his job since that Italian boat captain."
~ Pensblog

Heard some analysts prior to the series say that the Flyers are a deeper team than the Pens.  You may not wanna believe that...but it's true.  Our 4th line of Vitale, Adams, and Asham apparently stayed in the locker room for the 3rd period.  Maybe Asham got hurt...I'm not sure.  But the Flyers appear way more comfy playing their entire roster than we do.  Same goes for our 3rd d-line pairing.  Lovejoy and Engelland a mere 20 minutes of TOI between the two of them.  Maybe this was to protect Lovejoy in his first game back from injury...who knows?

I'd complain about the 3 feet offsides non-call on Briere's first goal, but Craig Berube might call me a whiner.

It was probably Fleury's fault.

Crowd at Consol was a little better than in the regular season, but it's still pathetic.  You wouldn't know that by listening to the ROOT broadcast.  Any time the Pens score, or the scoreboard plays that "GET LOUD" graphic, the crowd goes nuts.  Bravo.  In between that, they just sit on their hands, waiting for the next goal...at least until there's a couple minutes left in the period when they leave their seats.  It's embarrassing.  So tired of the "Greatest Fans Ever" mantra from Steigy.  For the most part, the majority of our fans attending these games suck.  "Majority," being the key word here. No offense to the friends and crazies that go...I know there's a few of yinz out there.  We need more of them.

The requested "Whiteout" might have been the biggest failure of the night. Get rid of it already.  It's dumb, outdated, and unoriginal.

Oh...Power Play blows once again.

The good:

Jagr sucks.  SO SLOOOOOOOOOW.  Pathetic effort back checking on the TK goal.  So glad we didn't sign that turd.

Fleury was huge at times.  Made some patented highlight reel saves when the Flyers starting coming on. Unfortunately, he couldn't completely bail us out.

 Bryz looks ordinary and beatable.  Clearly, the bears in attendance scared him.  More than 5 SOGs in the 3rd period woulda been nice.

Only 1 game.  I'd be stunned if the Pens don't put out for the full 60 minutes Friday night.  And I think we'll play better on the road sans the "Greatest Fans Ever."

New Guided by Voices 7" released today...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

March of the Pens

for any lover of hockey whose getting all jackt up for the playoffs and has 20 minutes to spare.  also helps to be a Pens fan...

Currently consuming mass quantities of raw meat and black & gold Kool-Aid.

LET'S GO PENS!!!!!!!! DO IT.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Humanoids From the Deep

Been on a bit of a Roger Corman kick lately...although most of those have been from the Filipino exploitation genre. This one wasn't filmed in the Philippines, but it still smells of Corman. Legend has it that after he saw the first cut, he told director Barbara Peeters to add more sex to it. She refused, and Corman hired another director to finish the film. Fun watching it and trying to figure out what scenes were added in...


new Japandroids 7"

Love our Japandroids!

"The House that Heaven Built."  FCKYA!  Click HERE for a listen.  The 4th in the Japandroids 7" series.  The first 3 sold out...only 2000 copies.  And like the first 3, the B-side is a cover, this time of Nick Cave's "Jack the Ripper."

Pre-order now on Polyvinyl.  While it doesn't ship until May 25th, they're swell enough to send you the download immediately. Japandroids is also releasing a new LP titled Celebration Rock.  If you pre-order it along with the 7" you may get one of the first 1000 in red vinyl. Sweet.

Thanks to Jables for the heads up!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

That'll teach him!!

Hit our players, and YOU WILL PAY!! I think that was the message the Flyers were trying to send.

Nothing better than a guy defending himself for a clean hit, only to see the "defender" kick some bootie. Not sure how much you can call this "defending yourself", as Joe Vitale answers the bell with Harry Zolnerblah...

96% win for Joe, per hockeyfights.com. 2.5% of the votes, probably Zolnerblah's family and Jack Edwards, scored it a win for Zolnerblah.

Pretty meaningless and uneventful game after that. As is the norm around EC, our predictions yesterday came in completely wrong.  Shelley and MacIntyre never squared off.  There was some yapping, but nothing more.  Both of these players will now retreat into hibernation for the rest of the season, as meaningful hockey will be played the next 2 months.

Other notes:

GENO (whining superstar) gets 50!!!  One of only 6 Russian players to achieve that.  Bravo Geno!!  He also notches the 14th Pittsburgh Penguin Art Ross Trophy in 24 years.  Mario = 6, Douchebag Jagr = 5, Malkin = 2, Sid = 1.  We are seriously blessed around here.  Don't forget that.  Geno will also surely get the Hart.

Midway thru the 2nd, Disco Dan replaced MAF with a couple of 2 x 4's in net.  The result was not good, as the 2 x 4's immediately relinquished the 2-1 lead, and took away any chance of Fleury getting his record setting win.  God help us if Fleury goes down in the playoffs, because I do not wanna see 2x4's back in goal at any time.

It sounds as though everyone came thru this game healthy, which was the major achievement.  Also sounds like we'll have our entire lineup ready by Game 1, sans Ben Lovejoy.

First win ever by the Pens versus Philly in CEC.  Not sure if that was monkey or not...maybe a rat...but glad to have it off our backs anyway.

LET'S GO PENS!!  Do it.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Tale of the Tape: There Will Be Blood

Appears Jody Shelley, the Flyers resident goon is dressing today. The Pens have recalled Steve MacIntyre from W-B/S. A look at hockeyfights.com shows that these two have never squared off. I'm betting the mortgage they do today...early. Then I'm suspecting that will be the last of shenanigans. Unless of course, Zac Rinaldo starts getting all bratty. That wouldn't be bad...Arron Asham or Deryk Engelland wil hand him his ass.

Jody Shelley has 6 fights to his credit this year. He's pretty irrelevant as a hockey player, except for these 6 brawls. He's 6-3, 228, and 32 years of age. He beat up Mike Rupp a few nights ago...

Remember when Deryk Engelland beat Shelley to a pulp? This and the Colton Orr fight put Engo on the map. Now no one messes with him.

Also, Engelland is a legit top 6 d-man in the league, so no reason for him to goon it up anymore. Let MacIntyre take care of Shelley.

Steve MacIntyre is also pretty irrelevant. He's had 3 fights all year...all at the AHL level. Big Mac tips the scales at 265 and stands 6-6. That's a big dude. He's 31.   In November, he almost murdered this dude Eric Neilson...

Anyways...if you want to see the big showdown, make sure you see the opening faceoff. I suspect the first time these two meet each other, they're going at it. Then, as I said, I bet that's it. But you never know with the pumpkin suits on the other side.

Speaking of goons...NOW PLAYING...