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Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm crazy enough to think we can win this thing.

There's TEAM.  Then there's TALENT.  Flyers were undoubtedly the better team thru Game 3.  They've been better than the Pens for a majority of the year when matched up together.  But you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who would say the Flyers are more talented.

Wednesday night, the Pens TALENT played as a TEAM.  YAY!!!!!  It was fun.  I want more of that.

Keys moving forward tonight:
  1. JUMP EARLY.  Yeah...it'd be easy to point out "the team who scored first lost every game so far."  True.  But Mojo is a tricky prick.  Once you've got it, you've got to strangle it.  Step on Mojo's throat while you wrap both hands around it's neck.  Don't let him up.  STRANGLE HOLD THE MOJO!  Our "great" crowd at the CEC will disappear if we get down early.  Gotta keep them involved.  The longer we keep the momentum, the harder those Flyer sphincters will clinch.  If we get back to Philly for a Game 6...they'll be squeezing real good.  Bryzgalov is on the brink, and the trump card of Bobrossi has already been played.  Remember that dude in Training Day who asks Ethan Hawke if he's ever had his shit pushed in?  You get the picture...
  2. SKATE AWAY.  Keep the same discipline you had in Game 4.  There are no extra points for acting tough.  Stanley Cups > Tough Guy Persona.  At least everywhere else outside of Philly.  Play the game, not games.  You finally started to see the true Flyer colors Wednesday.  It's ugly head will continue to rear...just SKATE THE FUCK AWAY.
  3. Beware the SCUBA SUITS.  Refs will continue to call it close, I presume.  That's to our skilled players advantage, as long as they recognize.  No stupid penalties.  Guys and Danny Brieres will go down with the slightest of touches.  Find that line, and don't cross it.
  4. North - South > East - West.  The cross ice passes feed the Flyer transition game, which absolutely killed us in Games 1 - 3.  When in doubt, get the puck deep.  For all the blame everyone wants to place on Fleury, I can't recall too many goals that have been a result of Philly having prolonged possession in the zone.  Most of the goals they're scoring are either on the PP or in transition, usually on odd man breaks.  Protect the puck...get it deep.  FANCY SHMANCY!!!

Final thought: Props to Peter Laviolette for out coaching Disco Dan for the most part of this series.  But what a douche...

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