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Thursday, April 12, 2012

won't lie...pretty stunned

First off, if you're not going to give the hated Flyers some credit after this game...you're delusional.  Flyers rolled 4 lines all game, kept coming in waves, and kept exposing our defensive liabilities.  Can't put my finger on WTF is wrong with Michalek and Martin, but they're not the same players they were a year ago.  They look timid and clueless at times.  Tough to have $9m in cap space swallowed up by timid and clueless.  Disco knows WAY more hockey than I'll ever know...but something needs to get fixed, ASAP.  The Flyers have proven they won't stop coming.    

"Paul Martin turned in the worst performance by a man at his job since that Italian boat captain."
~ Pensblog

Heard some analysts prior to the series say that the Flyers are a deeper team than the Pens.  You may not wanna believe that...but it's true.  Our 4th line of Vitale, Adams, and Asham apparently stayed in the locker room for the 3rd period.  Maybe Asham got hurt...I'm not sure.  But the Flyers appear way more comfy playing their entire roster than we do.  Same goes for our 3rd d-line pairing.  Lovejoy and Engelland a mere 20 minutes of TOI between the two of them.  Maybe this was to protect Lovejoy in his first game back from injury...who knows?

I'd complain about the 3 feet offsides non-call on Briere's first goal, but Craig Berube might call me a whiner.

It was probably Fleury's fault.

Crowd at Consol was a little better than in the regular season, but it's still pathetic.  You wouldn't know that by listening to the ROOT broadcast.  Any time the Pens score, or the scoreboard plays that "GET LOUD" graphic, the crowd goes nuts.  Bravo.  In between that, they just sit on their hands, waiting for the next goal...at least until there's a couple minutes left in the period when they leave their seats.  It's embarrassing.  So tired of the "Greatest Fans Ever" mantra from Steigy.  For the most part, the majority of our fans attending these games suck.  "Majority," being the key word here. No offense to the friends and crazies that go...I know there's a few of yinz out there.  We need more of them.

The requested "Whiteout" might have been the biggest failure of the night. Get rid of it already.  It's dumb, outdated, and unoriginal.

Oh...Power Play blows once again.

The good:

Jagr sucks.  SO SLOOOOOOOOOW.  Pathetic effort back checking on the TK goal.  So glad we didn't sign that turd.

Fleury was huge at times.  Made some patented highlight reel saves when the Flyers starting coming on. Unfortunately, he couldn't completely bail us out.

 Bryz looks ordinary and beatable.  Clearly, the bears in attendance scared him.  More than 5 SOGs in the 3rd period woulda been nice.

Only 1 game.  I'd be stunned if the Pens don't put out for the full 60 minutes Friday night.  And I think we'll play better on the road sans the "Greatest Fans Ever."

New Guided by Voices 7" released today...

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