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Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Cabin In the Woods: good times

Kinda felt like The Osterman Weekend meets The Evil Dead, and then the real fun begins.

All in all, The Cabin In the Woods is a fun ride.  It's pretty ridiculous, but that's where its awesomeness lies.  I was a little apprehensive at first, and it probably didn't help that some zit faced kid who served me my popcorn tried his best to spoil it for me.

Some of the horror scenes thru the first half of the film are meh, imho.  They are shot much like the genre of today's new horror: Creativity is often sacrificed for dimly lit sets, shaky cams, and quick cuts to the point where you're left wondering what the fuck just happened.  There seems to be a lot of CG utilized in the latter part of the film, but nothing too cringe worthy.

The best part of Cabin is its humor. It's probably not going to scare you as much you will get a chuckle from it.  The best and most hilarious character is played by Bradley Whitford, who plays Hadley...your prototypical jag off antagonist.  We fell in love with Whitford way back in Revenge of the Nerds 2 when he launched his little, "What'ya gonna do about it Skolnick, you gonna make a little speech?" tirade to the Nerds poolside in Paradise.

Also to Cabin's credit, there is an obvious homage to the genre of past horror.  I'll stop there before I spoil anything.  But our advise is to not read or look too far into Cabin...just go and enjoy.


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