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Monday, April 09, 2012

new Japandroids 7"

Love our Japandroids!

"The House that Heaven Built."  FCKYA!  Click HERE for a listen.  The 4th in the Japandroids 7" series.  The first 3 sold out...only 2000 copies.  And like the first 3, the B-side is a cover, this time of Nick Cave's "Jack the Ripper."

Pre-order now on Polyvinyl.  While it doesn't ship until May 25th, they're swell enough to send you the download immediately. Japandroids is also releasing a new LP titled Celebration Rock.  If you pre-order it along with the 7" you may get one of the first 1000 in red vinyl. Sweet.

Thanks to Jables for the heads up!

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