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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Twirp picks fights with Stars, loses

You remember Andrew Ference. He was a cast away of Penguins past, a disposable player of the "Experience the Evolution" generation. He's not completely irrelevant. He likes to pick fights with the real hockey players of the league...the Super Stars of the NHL. Then he gets his ass promptly handed to him. He's like the little kid who was always picked last, and holds a grudge against the talented kids.

Ference was the victim of Sidney Crosby's first fight a few years back (a 69.5% win for the Kid according to HockeyFights.com). It's gotta suck to lose a fight to Sid...being that he cries and all. Anyways, Ference was back at it Tuesday, slashing and hacking away at James Neal until Neal had no choice but to pummel him.

Funny how Neal laughs at Ference when he skates away. Looks like the face I make after squashing a stink bug.

Bad news for Neal is he's out against the Rags tonight. Good news is he didn't break his hand, it's a lower body injury, and he'll be back for the playoffs next week. Rest up, buddy.

Hilarious to hear how Boston homer Jack Edwards calls the same fight...

"THE LITTLE MAN TAKES DOWN THE BIG MAN!!!!" or something like that.  Jesus.  And people say I'm a homer.

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