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Sunday, April 08, 2012

That'll teach him!!

Hit our players, and YOU WILL PAY!! I think that was the message the Flyers were trying to send.

Nothing better than a guy defending himself for a clean hit, only to see the "defender" kick some bootie. Not sure how much you can call this "defending yourself", as Joe Vitale answers the bell with Harry Zolnerblah...

96% win for Joe, per hockeyfights.com. 2.5% of the votes, probably Zolnerblah's family and Jack Edwards, scored it a win for Zolnerblah.

Pretty meaningless and uneventful game after that. As is the norm around EC, our predictions yesterday came in completely wrong.  Shelley and MacIntyre never squared off.  There was some yapping, but nothing more.  Both of these players will now retreat into hibernation for the rest of the season, as meaningful hockey will be played the next 2 months.

Other notes:

GENO (whining superstar) gets 50!!!  One of only 6 Russian players to achieve that.  Bravo Geno!!  He also notches the 14th Pittsburgh Penguin Art Ross Trophy in 24 years.  Mario = 6, Douchebag Jagr = 5, Malkin = 2, Sid = 1.  We are seriously blessed around here.  Don't forget that.  Geno will also surely get the Hart.

Midway thru the 2nd, Disco Dan replaced MAF with a couple of 2 x 4's in net.  The result was not good, as the 2 x 4's immediately relinquished the 2-1 lead, and took away any chance of Fleury getting his record setting win.  God help us if Fleury goes down in the playoffs, because I do not wanna see 2x4's back in goal at any time.

It sounds as though everyone came thru this game healthy, which was the major achievement.  Also sounds like we'll have our entire lineup ready by Game 1, sans Ben Lovejoy.

First win ever by the Pens versus Philly in CEC.  Not sure if that was monkey or not...maybe a rat...but glad to have it off our backs anyway.

LET'S GO PENS!!  Do it.

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