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Friday, April 20, 2012

Record Store Day - TOMORROW

We normally check out Dave's Music Mine on the South Side, but tomorrow we're heading to the newly opened Sound Cat Records (formerly Paul's CDs, now owned by Karl Hendricks) in Bloomfield.  One of these years, we'll get outta bed early enough to get in line for the exclusive RSD releases, but with a Pens / Flyers game tonight...it ain't gonna be tomorrow.

Not sure if Karl is getting in any of the RSD releases or not. Been meaning to e-mail the store, but I kinda dropped the ball.  Plus...I'm not that ambitious.  Been following Sound Cat's Facebook updates, and I'm really digging Karl's "records of the day" listings, like this one...

FCKYA!!!!! I already got my Rockathon shipment of the 7" above....but FCKYA!!!!!!

Sound Cat will be opening at 9:00 am.  At 5:00pm, they're having an in-store performance by Hidden Twin (featuring Phil of the Modey Lemon)...

If we have enough time before the big El Classico kickoff on GOLTV at 2:00, maybe we'll get over to Dave's as well.  Speaking of Dave's, they did finally get their list of RSD releases (with quantities) that they've rec'd, and you can CHECK THAT OUT HERE.  Some records of our interest, which we'll have no chance of getting:
  • DEVO - LIVE IN SEATTLE 1981. Only 1 copy...good luck!
  • Pete Townshend - Quadrophenia Demos 2.  2 copies.
  • 2 Luna records - 1st time ever on vinyl - Romantica and Rendezvous.  1 copy each.
  • Joey Ramone - Rock 'N Roll Is the Answer. 1 copy.
  • White Stripes - Hand Springs / Red Death at 6:14 7" - 5 copies.

Also...while they don't do the RSD releases, we also highly recommend a stop at Jerry's on Murray Ave in Squirrel Hill.  Do it.


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