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Monday, April 23, 2012

Deer Tick - Rex Theatre - Tonight!

I'm sort of a late comer to the Deer Tick thingy. Must admit, I'm not into the whole "alt-country" (Uncle Tupelo) genre, and that's a phrase I'd always heard associated with John C. McCauley and his band mates. From what I understand, their latest stuff is a slight turn away from that. I listened to their album Divine Providence late last year, really dug it, then saw a video of them over on Daytrotter doing a Replacements cover of "Bastards of Young."  Sold me.  Deer Tick is playing tonight at the Rex Theatre, along with Turbo Fruits. Tix still available, and it's a 21+ show, so the booze can flow freely.

Deer Tick covering "Bastards of Young"...


Word on the streets is that they also do a nice cover of Nirvana's "Lithium."

Deer Tick - "Let's all go to the bar"...

Speaking of the Replacements, now's a good excuse to play the original, and a video I've always loved...



From what I've heard from Turbo Fruits, also pretty jacked to check these dudes out.  They're from Nashville.  Listen to some Turbo Fruits over on the MySpace HERE. Visual..

ps: anyone tuning in here to read the Pens post mortem, it'll be up later this week. I'm taking a vacation...a vacation from my PROBLEMS!

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