...randomness surrounding Guided by Voices, Robert Pollard, and other great indie rock bands; a quasi objective look at "my" sporting teams; the random horror film; plus other crap as we see fit...all with a Pittsburgh based feel.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Bob's 50th Birthday Bash

Made our way to Dayton this weekend for Robert Pollard's surprise 50th birthday party. I would guess approx. 200 +/- family, friends, and fans in attendance. TOO MUCH FUN!! While it took a while for Bob to make his way into Bimini Bills, it looked like he was genuinely surprised and touched (to be sure).

A poster of Bob seen at the party read:

"God Made Him. He Broke the Mold."

Couldn't be more fitting.

The Heedonists were on hand to play a slew of GBV / Bob covers, with some various guest appearances, including Rich T and Jason Narducy. Here's one, with The Heed and G Lynn on the mic, doing "Harrison Adams." Sorry, it's a bit dark and the sound isn't that great, which has more to do with my camera I'm sure...

Then shortly after the High Strung from Detroit hit the stage, Bob came on board, and with some help from Mike "Rep" Hummel, did "Scalding Creek":

A mini GBV reunion followed, with Jimmy Mac on drums, Greg Demos on bass, and Nate Farley and Doug Gillard on guitar...doing "Cut-Out Witch." PURE MAGIC:

"Exit Flagger," "Subspace Biographies," and "Some Drilling Implied" were also played. The place was up for grabs at that point. Absolutely berzerker.

Oh, and the Bad Football helmet was making its rounds.

A ton of other GBV alumni on hand, including Tim Tobias, Chris Sluserenko, Mitch Mitchell, Kevin March, Don Thrasher, Jon McCann. Todd Tobias played some drums. Here's some more pictures from Dayton on this glorious day. Great seeing so many good people and friends, and major props to Rich T and Matt Davis for organizing this once in a lifetime event. Can not wait for Bob's upcoming shows at the end of November.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Yo La Tengo at The Warhol

Went to this show a couple weeks ago, and finally got around to downloading some video. No pictures to show, because the Warhol and the seating arrangements weren't really conducive.

Easily one of my most pleasurable show-going experiences that I can recall. If you get the chance to see YLT on their little "Freewheeling Tour", do yourself a favor and go. Sure, it's mostly acoustic and a little stripped down, but the intimate setting with story telling element and the fan Q&A was very cool.

Here's a Stones cover..sorry, a little dark in there (I told you it was intimate)...

The Saints are coming

god that was lame. sorry.

Anyway...old school Aussie punk at the 31st Street Pub, THIS Sunday at 8:00pm. Depending on how I feel at this point, I think we may be there. LOVED the Saints.

Also, nice little show up at Gooski's Saturday night, one of EC's favorite acts, Amoeba Knievel is back for some Halloween funsies.

Futbol Weekend...

DVR will be working overtime this w/e...Pens on Saturday night, and a ton of top notch footie...

9:30am - GolTV - Schalke 04 v.Werder Bremen
10:00am - FSC - Chelsea v. Manchester City
7:30pm - FSC - MLS Playoffs, NY Red Bulls v. New England
7:30pm - Fox - PENS / Habs
8:00pm - ABC - PENN ST v. Ohio St.

10:00am - GolTV - AC Milan v. Roma
Noon - FSC - LIVERPOOL v. Arsenal
1:00pm - CBS - STEELERS v. Cincinnati
2:00pm - GolTV - BARCELONA v. Almenia
4:00pm - GolTV - Valencia v. Sevilla
5:30pm - FSC - INTER v. Palermo

that's some serious couch time

Michel Therrien, Line Changer Guy

I love Therrien, but I wish the guy WOULD STOP PLAYING WITH THE LINES, PLEASE!

Every night out there's a change. And coming off of their 2 best defensive performances of the year, Therrien did it again. Can we let these guys develop some chemistry, maybe?

The 3rd line of Roberts, Talbot, and Armstrong has played well all year, and should be left alone.

And what was wrong with Sykora playing along side Sid?

No, the last couple games, we were lacking some scoring chances, but isn't that gonna happen when you're being more disciplined defensively? JHC, we win 2 low scoring games, the Flower is finally back in form, and we come out with wholesale changes against the Leafs?!?

I'm not the expert, but let's find something that works, and let it be for awhile...at least for more than 60 minutes.

Also, we lead the league again in Too Many Men penalties. I can't help but think that the constant changes may lead to some confusion and a few Too Many Mens. Maybe I'm wrong....just a hunch.

On the good foot....

I'm really liking this Adam Hall character. He's a big body, and he's been great on the PK along side Staal. He also did a great job aggravating Jagr on Tuesday. And he's winning some face-offs, something the Pens have needed recently. Matter of fact...it appears the entire team has shown improvement in this area.

Fleury...was a STUD Tuesday against the Rangers. When he's playing with confidence, his ability and talent in the pipes is top notch. Then he takes a step back last night.

All Time Steelers

As part of the Beloved's 75th Anniversary year, the Steelers have announced their All-Time team, as voted on by Steeler Nation. Not sure why the Best CB on the Team, Bryant McFadden, didn't make this list. But besides that, I've got no complaints...


Terry Bradshaw - Quarterback (1970-83)
Jerome Bettis - Running Back (1996-05)
Rocky Bleier - Running Back (1968, 1970-80)
Franco Harris - Running Back (1972-83)
Bennie Cunningham - Tight End (1976-85)
Elbie Nickel - Tight End (1947-57)
John Stallworth - Wide Receiver (1974-87)
Lynn Swann - Wide Receiver (1974-82)
Hines Ward - Wide Receiver (1998-Present)
Larry Brown – Offensive Tackle (1971-84)
Dermontti Dawson – Center (1988-00)
Alan Faneca – Guard (1998-Present)
Tunch Ilkin – Offensive Tackle (1980-92)
Jon Kolb – Offensive Tackle (1969-81)
Mike Webster – Center (1974-88)


Joe Greene – Defensive Tackle (1969-81)
L.C. Greenwood – Defensive End (1969-81)
Casey Hampton – Nose Tackle (2001-Present)
Ernie Stautner – Defensive Tackle (1950-63)
Dwight White – Defensive End (1971-80)
Jack Ham – Outside Linebacker (1971-82)
Jack Lambert – Middle Linebacker (1974-84)
Greg Lloyd – Outside Linebacker (1988-97)
Joey Porter – Outside Linebacker (1999-2006)
Andy Russell – Outside Linebacker (1963, 1966-76)
Mel Blount – Cornerback (1970-83)
Jack Butler – Defensive Back (1951-59)
Carnell Lake – Safety (1989-98)
Troy Polamalu – Safety (2003-Present)
Donnie Shell – Safety (1974-87)
Rod Woodson – Cornerback (1987-96)


Gary Anderson – Kicker (1982-94)
Bobby Walden – Punter (1968-77)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Phil Simms, Jag Off

This morning on the Mike & Mike show, "football analyst" Phil Simms was asked...

Who would you take right now, Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?

I'm rather tired of the constant comparisons myself. You would think ESPN could come up with something a little better, being the "world wide leader" and all. That said, Phil Simms responded...

"I think it's beneath me to answer that."

And then babbled some more pompous nonsense, while avoiding a rather simple question that he gets paid to answer.

You, Phil Simms, are a major league JAG OFF.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Defenseless and O-Lineless

I was worried for a whole day after the Beloved's loss to Denver Sunday. But after listening to Tomlin's press conference, I am a tad calmed. That said...

The D stunk. The O-Line stunk. And I'm kinda thinking the 'throw early 'n often' game plan sorta stunk.

Polamalu's my guy, but some blame's gotta be thrown in his direction. Troy was caught out of position that lead to some big plays, and you can't help but correlate his return from injury to a few of the defensive backfield lapses. WAY too many 3rd and longs converted by Cutler, that had me reminiscing about the 2003 season. However, could we really expect any better with the Best CB on the Team not even dressed?

Despite the TO's, I thought Ben played well. You can't have Mahan rolling snaps back at ankles in the shotgun and not expect a turnover. Marvel Smith, what's going on? And the Steelers brass is looking pretty smart right now for not upping Faneca's contract, because he does not look like the same player. We need the O-Line to step up.

But like I said, my worries have simmered. Let's give the Broncos and Cutler some credit. They had their backs against the wall, in front of a national TV audience, and they played like everyone thought they were capable of at the beginning of the year. This was a trap of all traps. I mean, it's not like we lost to...the Bengals.

Just like the Seattle game, this w/e's game against the Felons has become a lot bigger. But Cincinnati stinks, and I'm suspecting we'll run all over their lame defense, Tomlin & LeBeau will make some necessary defensive adjustments, and all will be well again next Monday.

The Pittsburgh Steeler television viewing market sucks...when the Steelers aren't playing.


Is there a more lame team to watch? Damn, it would suck to be a Raven fan and be forced to watch that crap every week. I mean, it's pretty boring, no? How far does a forced Ray Lewis tyrade get you? I thought Brian Billick was an offensive genius. Or is that just in his own mind?

PENS v. Rangers tonight, kids!!! On Versus, HD, early 7:00 start.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Kuyt From the Spot

OK, two PKs, one in stoppage time, I know what the Liverpool nay-sayers are sayin. But I'll take it. And besides, they were both great calls. You cheat, you get caught. Unless you play for Chelsea.

Liverpool. Winner.

Effin A, we needed that. Especially with the rest of the Big 4 winning. A win on the road against a quality opponent. Now if we can earn something more than a frickin draw at Anfield against the crap teams?!?!?

HUGE Champions League implications Wednesday for my Reds. A an absolute must win situation on the road at Besiktas. Otherwise, we're screwed. A couple of quality matches on ESPN2 the next couple days...

Tuesday - 2:30pm, Barcelona v. Rangers

Wednesday - 2:30pm, Chelsea v. Schalke 04

Ooooo Danny Dichio!!!!

Dichio strikes again!! How could we ever doubt you? How could we call you "awkward"? I believe Jess referred to you as "Frankenstein." Blasphemer, I say! He is Danny Dichio, Striker. He scored the 1st ever goal for the beloved TFC. He scores the last goal of the season as well, in incredible fashion...in stoppage time, at BMO, the equalizer against New England. Magic...

Simply can't wait for a return trip to crazy BMO, and beautiful Guelph Ontario. Next summer...Winner.

Laraque vs. Brashear (again)

Call me a goon, call me old school, but I LOVE it when these two guys square off...

Appears Hockeyfights.com voted this one 47% Georges, 28% Brashear, 24% Draw. I give Brashear a lot of props, a) for even squaring off against Big Georges in the 1st place, because there aren't too many left that want any part of him, and b) for the baby comeback at the end. But let's face it, this is another victory for the Heavyweight Champ. Brashear got one punch in at the end, that was all helmet, and Laraque unfortunately lost his balance. But Laraque was whaling on Brashear for the most part of this bout.

Was Brashear playing possum after the early beat down? Perhaps. Hopefully, this will lead to another meeting between the two.

In the undercard, Jordan Staal mixed it up in his 1st NHL bout with Matt Pettinger. Staal accidentally high-sticked some dude, and Pettinger felt the need to act like an enforcer. Note to Pettinger: if you're going to play tough guy, lose the shield. And there's no hair-pulling, Sally. Click on the link to see this one, but it's really not worth it. Pretty lame stuff.

More notes from the Pens 2-1 winner over the Caps Saturday night...

BRAVO Fleury!!! Marc-Andre was on top of his game, and coincidentally, those Defensemen I was ripping after Friday night's game played their best game of the year. Super cool seeing the team surround him after the final horn.

Mark Eaton!! Holy smokes, dude. You sucked Friday. You played incredibly well, Saturday. More of the latter, please.

Ditto Ryan Whitney.

Nice to see Staal get off of the snide, and we need to see more goals like this...winning battles in front of the net...scraps...loose puck , desire goals. Ugly, I like.

And if you're keeping score at home: Crosby 8, Ovechkin 1 (wins, that is).

Make no mistake, Alex is a stud, but he was held w/o a point for the 1st time this season Saturday, and for the 3rd time in the last 4 against the Pens.

Real Men Of Genius - Hopeless Notre Dame Fan

Bashing Notre Dame never gets old. Especially after another 38-0 tit smacking at the hands of USC. This is good times...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Pens Shootout. Winner.




Not shown...sick glove save by Dany Sabourin on Ray Whitney at the opposite end for the clincher.

A couple of other observations from our 1st live witnessing of the year...

Sykora. Sniper. Stud.

I rip on Malkin once and awhile for trying for the perfect goal all the time, but Gino's playing well right now. Not sure he even got in the box score Friday night, which is fine, but he had a great game.

Maxime Talbot is one of the best we have on the ice right now. Consistent energy. Our 3rd line has been top notch all year.

Mark Recchi - GREAT effort tonight backchecking. A couple, at least that I recall, plays hustling back on D and breaking up some Carolina scoring chances.

Staal - looks a step slow, like he doesn't have his legs yet. Maybe its just early season stuff, but he looks wobbly on his skates at times. I know he's all tall and shits, but he just looks a little awkward at times.

Our blue-liners stink. Sorry. Ryan Whitney and Mark Eaton were particularly pathetic on this night. The back-pedal, back-pedal, matador style clearly isn't cutting it. Fleury hasn't played that great, but some of the blame needs to be passed on to our Defensemen, no doubt. Sabourin played well after that early Ray Whitney slapper, but if we're gonna do anything this year, we need Fleury to regain his confidence and play like he's capable of playing. That won't happen unless our D-men start to step up a bit.

Asshats Being Asshats

thanks again to my Ass Hat specialist for this one...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Kenny Being Kenny

Let me get this straight. Jason Varitek and Josh Beckett have a problem with the way Kenny Lofton drops his bat after a walk (or in the case of last night, what he thought was a walk).

I've got a hard time making the Red Sox the Respect Police when they employee a high paid clown in LF, who disrespects every pitcher he ever faced.

Also...love the single off the top of the fence. But that's just Manny being Manny.

I officially don't like the Red Sox. Which is nice, because now I've got a team to root for.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

McCarverisms, What 'Manny Being Manny' means to me

I swear, during Tuesday's 7 run 5th inning for Cleveland, I heard Tim McCarver in his ultimate wisdom (Casey Blake had led the inning off with a HR)...

"One would think, that a lead-off walk would lead to more runs scored, than a lead-off home-run. Not true. This year, there have been more runs scored after a lead-off home-run than a lead-off walk."

Really? That one had me scratching my head. Think about it for a second.

off the subject: Does Mike Lowell look like he's pissed? All the time?

One more from the McCarver files Tuesday...referring to the Indians, leading 7-3, holding the Red Sox in the top half of the 7th, Tim enlightened us mathematically challenged people...

"Right now, the Red Sox have 9 outs to get 4 runs."

Thanks Tim.

A lot of people think Manny's act is cute. Often, it is. But I've come to translate "Manny being Manny" as: Manny's the biggest dildo in baseball.

Chasing 4, about to go down 3 games to 1, Manny proved the only thing he cares about is his own #'s.

Word is that Indians Mgr Eric Wedge warned his players about retaliating. I guess Wedge is a much bigger person than me, because Manny would've been wearing one in his back after his next at bat. I would've plunked the next guy in the line-up as well (Lowell, I believe), because it doesn't appear that any of Manny's teammates care about being embarrassed by him.

I don't care what kind of numbers the guy puts up, he's a dirt bag. And I wouldn't want him on any team I root for. Since I don't have a favorite baseball team, I'm glad I don't have to worry about selling out, and rooting for a classless turd.

Monday, October 15, 2007

So Long Cincinnati

It was nice while it lasted. You had a little run there for a couple years where everyone thought you were relevant. You had the funny little WR who was worth the occasional sound byte, and did silly little end zone celebrations. Your other WR liked to talk trash and wear a pony tail.

Now it's old hat. Sure, you can score some points once and awhile. Your worth a few headlines with all of the criminals on your payroll. But when it comes to the upper echelon of NFL teams, you are now meaningless.

Your most recognizable accomplishment is a home loss in the 1st Round of the Playoffs two years ago...a loss in which you cried about your star QB getting injured.

Thanks for coming. Have fun imploding the rest of the year.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Inland Empire

Before we kicked off our 31 days of horror last week, we checked out David Lynch's new release on DVD, Inland Empire. I'm still not sure what we watched. And from what I've heard, I'm not sure the actors even knew what was going on. Incredible performance from Laura Dern.

While it loses you halfway through, it's still one of the most beautiful, gorgeously weird movies I've seen in the past year. Definitely check it out. Just don't try to understand it...

Beloved 4-1 at the Break

So I predicted 5-0. I'll take it. More impressive than the 21-Nil whitewashing over that Whiny Walrus-Looking Holmgren and the Cryhawks was the depleted squad the Steelers played with last week. Without their 2 MVP's on the defensive side, Troy and Casey...without the Best CB on the team, McFadden...without their top 2 WR's, Hines and Holmes...the beloved still pummeled Seattle.

Props to Ben, who went 18/22 with a depleted WR corp...as well as Ike Taylor, the 2nd Best CB on team, who got NFL Defensive Player of the Week Honors.

We're the 3rd best team in the NFL right now, and that will become even more obvious after New England beats down the Cowboys in Dallas this week.

I LOVE Mike Tomlin.

Pretty shoddy w/e of football coming up. No Steelers. My European footie sides are off for the International Break. Two games to keep an eye on Saturday...

Penn St v. Bucky

Toronto FC v. LA Galaxy. Live on FSC at 10:30pm Saturday.

Yeah, TFC has long ago been eliminated from playoff contention, but knocking off Turd Box Landon Donovan would be fun.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bob Shows, it's OFFICIAL!!!!

Bobby Pop playing live:

Friday - November 30th at The Metro, Chicago. GET TICKETS HERE.

Saturday - December 1st at the Southgate House, Newport KY. Coolest venue ever. $10 CHEAP, GET 'EM HERE.

Can't think of a better road trip. Only 2 shows of 2007. This. Is. EVERYTHING.

Speaking of Bob, his 2 latest are out....TODAY! Coast to Coast Carpet of Love / Standard Gargoyle Decisions. Go to Merge Records, and get 'em both HERE.

Here's a couple tracks, one from each:

RP - Current Desperation (from CtCCoL)

RP - Pill Gone Girl (from SGD)

and some video here:

RP - Shadow Port (from SGD)

They will let you down everytime

no Bartman, same story...Cubs lose.

(left click to play; right click to download)

Friday, October 05, 2007

Pens Open Tonight, Essential Football

throw in a few horror movies (which we'll get to next week), and it looks like baseball is the odd man out here. Just not enough time, TV's, and eyes in a day. Essential sports viewing for the weekend...

Pens at Carolina FRI - 7:00pm
Pens vs. Anaheim SAT - 7:30m - HOME OPENER!! So. F&$kin. Pumpt.

Footie, the less boring without commercials version:

SAT - Inter Milan vs. Napoli, 2:30pm - FSC. Inter in fine form now.
SAT - Valencia vs. Espanyol, 4:00pm - GOLTV. Two La Liga also-rans.
SUN - Liverpool vs. Tottenham, 11:00am - FSC. Rafa better make things right.
SUN - Barcelona vs. Athletico Madrid, 11:00am - GOLTV. Ronnie's back.
SUN - Boca Juniors vs. River Plate, 1:00pm - FSC. Super Classico!! Crackin Argentina Footie!!

Speaking of footie...what's the deal with Dida?!? Do these guys not realize they're on TV?!?!? "Not exactly a Mike Tyson haymaker."

And for the 1st time in a LONG time, I can say...

Toronto FC. Winner.


RMU Homecoming!! 1:00pm, SAT. Joe Walton Stadium. Bring on Wagner (and the free Hometown Pizza at halftime).

Oklahoma / Texas. Red River Shootout.
Florida / LSU.
Penn St. / Iowa.


Steelers. Seahawks. The Puffy Walrus (cover up the buffet table!). Oh...and that whole thing about remaining calm, "all is well" thingy. Forget that. Polamalu and Hampton are probably OUT Sunday. Consider me worried.

Meeting my quota of baseball posts for the month...

One observation from the Cleveland / Yankees series...

Seriously. When Kenny Lofton hits...does it look like he's swinging a purse?

Garrett Anderson plans on playing LF for the Angels tonight...with PINK EYE. As former Pink-Eye guy, I guarantee that's not gonna work too well.

Anyone own a team out there? Jim Tracy is looking for work.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Bad Times for Bucky, Dingle Berries, The Champions

Not a good month for those named Bucky. It'll probably get worse if the Cub should lose to Arizona.


thanks to footballguys.com for that

How am I supposed to watch baseball when hockey starts this week? With Champions League and other footie action, it's already tuff fitting everything in. This week's meaningful results...

Inter Milan 2-Nil. Winner.
Barcelona 2-Nil. Winner.
Liverpool 1-Nil. Loser. AT HOME?!?!?

go here for updated CL standings.

Benitez better find a line-up that works here pretty soon, and start sticking with it. All these massive changes every night are killing the chemistry these guys had early in the season. I understand the injury situation isn't helping, but we need to get back on track here...NOW! And Sebastian Leto should never see the field again in any type of meaningful game. Sorry.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Remain Calm. All is Well.

So the beloved Black & Gold took a hit Sunday. It was a loss that I'd penciled in as a win. The good news...when you look back at the schedule, some of those L's that I'd penciled now look like potential W's. The supposed tough games now look easier...

Cincinnati stinks. Baltimore stinks. The Jets stink. Denver kind of stinks.

No doubt Arizona was a setback, and there are some concerns, but as I look around the AFC, I don't see anyone better (other than Indy and New England). So I'm sticking by my 12-4 pre-season prediction, which will probably be a #3 seed the way NE & Indy are playing. Here's what worries me / doesn't worry me:

Not worried:

* Big Ben. I'm on record as thinking he's got some personality flaws (putting it kindly). But he's my QB, and I've gotta say he's playing better than last year. I've never doubted Ben's talent, only his willingness to hit the film room, and maximize his physical talent by mastering the mental part.

* The D. We gave up 2 Teeds with Troy on the bench. Prior to his exit, Leinart & Warner couldn't do crap. Per Tomlin's press conference today, he's fine...not even listed on the injury report. With Troy on the field, we are one of the finest D's in the NFL. Also OK per Tomlin, perhaps the 2nd MVP on the DEF...Casey Hampton.

* Tomlin. While this will be the biggest game in his early tenure, you've gotta love the down-to-earth calmness. Mike's not worried. So I'm not worried. A loss was bound to happen. It was a road game, and it's the NFL (as opposed to Division I Football). It is what it is (I hate that saying).

* Kicking game. Looks like drafting a punter in the 4th round was a genius move. Dan Sepulveda is a stud, and may have well been our most valuable player Sunday. Skippy is solid as well.

* Hines Ward. He's day-to-day, and should be back this week. He'll help, yet I don't think his injury was one of the main reasons we lost. Santonio Holmes is the shiznit, yo.

* Willie. See OL below.

* The Division is as good as ours. Book it.

Kinda worried:

* OL. Worst game by far for the O-Line...which was the demise of the offense Sunday. Hopefully, we can chalk this up to the Whisenhunt / Grimm factor on the opposing sidelines. Hopefully. Bottom line...they've gotta be better.

* McFadden. If it wasn't for Ike's bloated contract and Deshea being a veteran, I firmly believe #20 would be a starter. After all, he's the best CB on the team. Now he's out indefinitely with a high ankle sprain. Yes...this has me worried. Get well soon, B Mc.

* Kick coverage. Another lapse in coverage...and it swung the momentum of the game. This can't happen.

* Penalties. Way too many Sunday, most at crucial times. While I like the laid back approach from Tomlin, I hope he'll be able to lay down the law when necessary. Discipline on the road is crucial.

* While we'll still win the division, and perhaps a 1st round playoff game...the AFC Semi-Final at either New England or Indy will be a bitch.

With all that said, we come back home Sunday against another patsy NFC team...the Seahawks and their whining walrus-looking coach Mike Holmgren. Winner.

Elsewhere in football...

Champions League action is back this week kids!! Set the DVR's. ESPN2 and ESPN Classic will be showing matches Tuesday & Wednesday - 2:30pm & 5:00pm. Barcelona / Stuttgart, today at 5:00.

Now that the Dolphins lost a game that Joey Porter guaranteed they'd win, what happens now? By the way...no fault of Joey's on Sunday. He had 4 tackles.

Pretty cool story about my guy, # 8 Stevie G...

Apparently, Gerrard was driving around Liverpool the other day in his Bentley, and he accidentally hit some kid with his car. Gerrard, obviously worried, attended to the 10-year old boy until the ambulance came. It turns out...the kid is a Manchester United fan!! After Gerrard found this out, he called Wayne Rooney, and got a pair of autographed boots to give to him n the hospital. The boy's grandfather said about Gerrard...

"He's a nice bloke very considerate, even if he is a Red."