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Monday, September 15, 2008

Braylon Edwards. Scared?

Dude...I know the Steeler D is all nasty and stuff, but don't be afraid to catch a ball once and awhile. Try using your big mouth, maybe? Just like your buddy, Kellen. Nice yappers...zero sac.

Sorry, but this is no longer a "rivalry." Lot of talk in these parts last week about how the fans weren't that riled up heading into Sunday night...you know...being the Browns and all. But the Browns are simply a step stool...no longer worthy of being worried about. When you beat a team 25 times in a row, how are we supposed to consider it a "rivalry"? Having them in the same division basically gives you a 2-0 head start, because these games are simply a formality.

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TB said...

He went alligator arms against the Cowboys a few times last week too.