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Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup Day 1

Day 1 notes:
  • South Africa was crazy enough to win that game. Alas, a deserved draw for Mexico. A lot of people confused on that Mexico non-goal for offsides, including the ESPN announcers. Upon further review, it was. RULE CHECK HERE. It's actually rather simple.
  • Thierry Henry becomes the 1st French player to play in 4 World Cups. He then cries "hand ball" and the Irish people laugh at him. We did, too.
  • Quote of the day: "Patrice Evra is one of 25 or 26 siblings, depending on what story you believe. The father had a couple of divorces, and didn't watch much TV."
  • Uruguay defends the final 15 minutes with 10 men, much like they defended for the first 75 minutes, but with more desperation. France sucks and lacks passion. Group A is all notched and all 4 teams could advance.
  • My boy Diego Forlan missed a golden opportunity to take the 3 points.
  • I'm not an England fan, nor a U.S. fan. I love Gerrard and can't stand Donovan, but don't have a rooting interest in the U.S. match...at least until I place my wager. But personally, I think the "The combustible Wayne Rooney" theory that's being used as a crutch for U.S. supporters is pretty desperate.
This piece from the Onion (thanks Jess!) is probably more fuel for the footie haters, but hilarious nonetheless. Enjoy this interactive piece HERE:

The Onion Sports Introduction To World Cup Soccer


TB said...

"Combustible Wayne Rooney"? Is that code for "he's gonna torch their defence?"

If so, I buy it.

Not sure where you thought the French sucked. They looked REAL good I thought, only threatened defensively once, and Evra and Ribeiry tore holes through the Uruguay's right side at will. Lacked a bit of finish, obviously. The real crime there was they were all wearing smedium shirts that looked more fit for the Tour de France than Les Bleus.

gbvh said...

Ned: "They should put Rooney on!"
Dude in English jersey at the bar (with the tag still on, probably): "He's right there playing, man!!"

Um. That was the joke, dude.