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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Max: Ovechkin "a real douche"

I'm guessing the immediate reaction from the Ovechkin camp will be "Who is Max Talbot?"

To which the response is: "You can find his name on the Stanley Cup"

For further answers, Google: "Stanley Cup Finals Game 7 Winning Goals"

fricking love that guy.

thanks to gbvh for the article :)


TB said...

Yeah, because no stiffs ever had their name put on the Cup. Hell, Peter Pocklington had his dad's name put on it and he had about as much to do with the Oilers as you do.

gary said...

True. Although scoring 2 goals in Game 7 including the GW is a little more contribution than Pocklington's dad provided :)

funny that my word verification was "maxxlut"

gary said...

The hypocrisy from many of the Ovechkin apologists / Crosby bashers is that they criticize Crosby for being "programmed" and very robotic in his media responses.

But here's Talbot calling Ovie a douche, a feeling that's not uncommon @ the league but rarely spoken, and it's sooooo taboo.

Oh well...Ovie will get pissed, try to run somebody, and get suspended once more. Again...Ovie loses :)

TB said...

If I recall, didn't the interviewer say something to that effect about Crosby?

gary said...

indeedy...something about being politically correct.

TB said...

Translation: boring.