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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

James Neal Scores

That's all this guy does. He's becoming the fantastic bastard of a sniper that we all wished for last year...the goal scoring winger this team's been lacking since forever. He's on pace to score something like 65 goals. We'll be less optimistic and say he doesn't get to 60. But anything less than 50 will be a huge disappointment, and we will burn him at the stake. Along with Staal, Neal has been a beast 10 games into the season, especially considering we are sans 87 and 71. We will probably all poo ourselves when he starts playing with Sid. (Although I'd rather see him along side Geno, just saying).

Our only problem with Neal is his name. It's just way too proper, and let's face it...sounds kinda blahze. Someone probably called him "Jim" one time and he probably snapped, "It's not Jim, it's James." You know the guy. "My name isn't Ed, it's Edward." "I prefer Robert, not Bob." Those guys. Oh well. We would call him "Jimmy", but that sounds like something dickhead Pierre McGuire would call him. And "Nealer" as I've heard some people call him is dumb.

I think the perfect name for JN would be: "James Fucking Neal." The problem with that is we already have "Craig Fucking Adams." Maybe Neal could buy Adams a case of Moosehead, and take his nickname. But then we'd need a new name for CFA, and I don't recommend "Craigy."

BTW: Zibby Michalek out 4-6 weeks. The hits just keep coming.

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