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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Boston Spaceships ~ "Tabby and Lucy"

So the 5 year anniversary month of this lackluster blog has come and gone without a peep. In celebration, I felt we needed to stay true to whole spirit of EC by not posting anything for over a month.

Thanks to TB from the now retired Rando Mango (tears) for this forward.  Just got my vinyl copy of Let It Beard, and we're pretty jackt about that.  This video for "Tabby and Lucy" is pretty much awesome...

Boston Spaceships - "Tabby and Lucy" NSFW from Consequence of Sound on Vimeo.

LIB is available on Rockathon NOW. Get it.


John Hyland said...

Glad you're back. Here's our review of Let It Beard, which is amazing:


gbvh said...

Song yes.
Vid no.