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Saturday, December 03, 2011

It's a hockey / Gooskis type of night

We love it when 2 of our favorite passions meet on the same night. Gonna watch some pucks early...then heading over to Gooskis for some rawkin good times with a few local Pittsurgh bands.

Neighbours will be there. We first saw Neighbours earlier this year when they opened up for Mike Watt at the Brillbox, and we digged it. We later met their bass player Joe, who also plays with Amoeba Knievel. I believe he also plays in one of the other bands playing, City Steps.

Headlining will be The Love Letters. Word on the streets is the show starts at 10:00-ish, and the Love Letters will be hitting the stage @ midnight. We love our Pittsburgh bands, and love it even more when they are at Gooskis. Support local music, drink a beer, and be happy tonight.


gbvh said...


Ben Thousand said...

Gooskie's RAWKS! How was the show? Hope all is well, Gary! Miss you, brother! Hello to Jess!

TB said...

If today's Ovechkin news (suspension, skipping ASG) doesn't bring you out of hibernation...nothing will.