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Sunday, May 16, 2010

C'mon Inter!!!! C'mon Barca!!!!

Unlike their Champions League Semis match-up, I can now root for both of "my" teams as they win their respective league titles.

5 straight Scudettos for Inter?

Real Madrid's record off season spendings prove to be a giant waste as Barca secures a 2nd straight La Liga title?

Could be a GREAT day.


gbvh said...

Any actual Italians actually play for Inter this past weekend?

If so -- progress.

gary said...

Marco Materazzi!!!!!!!

and that young dude with "talent", Balotelli :)

besides, Inter's original and ongoing mission has always been to bring foreign players to the great country of Italy :)

this Saturday: the triple!! league, league cup, Euro champs! WOOOOOO!!

gbvh said...

And, again, no love for Toronto FC.

sigh ......

gbvh said...

Gary: Can't sleep. Too jackt for the big Inter Milan match tomorrow.
I know you are too. You love Eto'o!!
TFC can get a little separation from New England Saturday at BMO!!!!

Ned: Gonna miss most of the Olic show cuz at the game.

Gary: Olic is gonna get a heavy dose of the premier center back in the
whole entire civilized world. MARCO!!!! :)

Ned: Inter? Don't they play with, like, eight centre backs?

gbvh said...

Who is "your" German team by the way?

Spin the wheel . . .