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Monday, May 07, 2012

Best Player in the World Cries, Snaps

I thought only Crosby cried?  Guess not.  Claude Giroux, the NHL's latest Best Player in the World sheds tears to the refs, throws a tantrum, and then head hunts Dainius Zubrus...


The most hilarious part of this video is at the :56 mark (right before Giroux starts whining), when Devils D Mark Fayne nudges Claudia into the bench, Pierre McGuire comments "he's not happy with that." What a baby. Embarrassing.

Easy call for Sheriff Shanahan, here. Or at least it should be. Puck is way gone. Claudia is in the middle of a hissy, and targets the head of Zubrus. Should remind a lot of folk of the James Neal hit in the 1st round.

Now a slew of Flyer "media" folk are stuck trying to dislodge their thumbs from their sphincters. Meat head Chris Therien, the Flyers radio color man, had a whole lot to say about Crosby's antics in Round 1, and the Ovechkin hit the other night on Dan Girardi. Predictably, he remained objectively quiet on the Giroux hit last night. At least until he started dropping child molestation jokes on Twitter.

Stay classy, Flyers.

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TB said...

$2500 fine. Max. This is NHL logic we're talking here.