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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

College Football is FIXED

Shamed to say it, but my favorite of all sports is rigged. Like boxing. Like professional wrestling. Like figure skating. We already knew the BCS “Championship” was a sham, but for the 1st time, the human pollsters set their own agenda, and FIXED the participants of the title game.

What’s the goal of the BCS? It’s to place the “Two Best Teams” in the Championship, no? I understand if you didn’t want to see a rematch between Michigan and Ohio St., but that personal preference is not part of the equation. The pollsters obviously didn’t want it either, which is why they rigged the final poll so that Florida would leap frog Michigan. How else do you explain Florida jumping Michigan after being behind them for 7 straight weeks?

Ask yourself this. If USC would’ve won Saturday, do you think the voters would’ve still swapped Florida ahead of Michigan from #4 to #3. Shit no, because it wouldn’t have mattered. Florida was placed ahead of Michigan because the voters didn’t want a rematch. PERIOD.

Some voters placed Michigan 4th & 5th in their ballots, just to insure they wouldn’t get into the Championship. Some coaches didn’t even vote. That my friends, is setting your own criteria…and your own agenda…to get a predetermined result = FIXED. Brenston Buckner, a voter in the Harris poll was shown on ESPN Sunday night explaining that Michigan didn’t win its conference, so that’s why he put Florida ahead of Michigan. “Not winning your conference” does not eliminate you from the formula. Just ask Nebraska from a few years ago. That precedent was already set. But Mr. Buckner, as well as countless others, set their OWN criteria to the voting process to achieve a desired result = FIXED.

Major kudos to Florida for a great season. Never would’ve thought they’d make it through that schedule in the SEC, the #1 Strength of Schedule in the land. Michigan ranked a distant 3rd in the nation…TWO whole spots behind Florida.

The fact of the matter is Michigan was clearly a better team than Florida. Just ask Vegas, the people who REALLY know the strength of a team. The line that would’ve been set for a Michigan vs. Ohio St. rematch on a neutral field:

Ohio St. -1 over Michigan

The line for the actual game, Ohio St. vs. Florida:

Ohio St. -7 over Florida

It’s clear that Michigan is a BETTER team than Florida, with a similar resume warranting a spot in the BCS Championship. But the voters didn’t want a rematch, so they rigged the voting so they wouldn’t get one.

So once again, the BCS fails. Anyone who thinks this will ever change is kidding themselves. The Major BCS Conferences own the Bowls. The Bowls have Money. And that money will never see the NCAA’s hands. So get used to it. THAT’s what this is all about. It's not about "the student athlete" playing too many games.

Oh sure, you’ll still get the BCS Committee to “tinker” with the system, as they do every year. And every year, they sell a couple people on the “better and new improved system.” But until the championship is settled on the field, there will be nothing but paper champions in NCAA Football.

I also get a kick out of the argument that this type of controversy is “good for the game” because it entices us to talk about it. If I decided to run naked down Ohio River Boulevard, I’m willing to bet it would be controversial and “people would talk about it.” Not exactly a “good” thing for me, however.

I’m not a fan of Michigan, Ohio St., or Florida. Personally, I think this was the best scenario that could’ve unfolded because it further demonstrates what a complete joke and atrocity the BCS is.


On a lighter note: BOBBY MO!!!! Rolls over Duquesne Saturday night at the Chuck 73-72, just like I predicted here last week.

Okay, I said “pummel.” Maybe a 1 point come-from-behind victory doesn’t qualify as a true “pummeling.” But a win is a win is a win. Coach Schmidt’s got the Colonial off to the best start in school history.

The sad news: I was not in attendance, as I was among all the animals and craziness looking for a Christmas tree.


TODAY: Less than 1 hour to kickoff:

2:45pm: Inter Milan vs. Bayern Munich. ESPN Deportes. If you don’t get ESPN Deportes, call your local cable company and bitch them out.


Dallas said...

Disagree. Pretty Much 100%. This happens on a weekly basis in the ranking system. One team is ranked say... 15th and another is ranked 17... the team at 15 has a bye that week and team 17 kicks the shit out of a top 10 opponent the next rankings team 17 moves ahead of team 15... sorry it happens.

That is what happened this week. Team 4 played, team 3 did not and team 2 lost... so the people who voted for team 2 the week before now vote for team 4- who kicked the shit out of a top 10 team...

Michigan entered the Week with 1445 votes and then this week they have 1444 votes... that is neither punishing nor rewarding a team that did not play. They stayed the same because they did not prove they were not the same while Florida was rewarded for winning the conference...

Vegas lines is not the tell on which team is better, or which game is better, they are trying to make sure they get bets on both sides...

This time, the system worked.

gary said...

How did I know this subject would pull you out of the woodwork? Way to get involved :)

I understand the point system thingy. Ask yourself 1 question, and I already know what the answer is, because I know you know a little about the game:

Who do you think is better? Michigan or Florida?

If you subjectively feel Florida is better, then I say kudos to you, and your vote is legitimate. You may be crazy, but I applaud your vote.

The problem with the human portion of this point system which basically put Florida in the game is that this is NOT why voters put Florida ahead of Michigan. Reasons I heard voters putting Florida ahead of Michigan:

"Michigan had their shot."

"Michigan didn't win their conference."

"The SEC should be rewarded."

All that is bunk, and not part of the criteria. With similar resumes, these voters had but one question to ask: Whose Better?

The best 2 teams in the nation are Ohio St and Michigan. You and I both know that. The majority of people will agree.

Bottom line, the voters had a personal agenda and didn't want a rematch, and didn't want to screw the SEC again. THAT, is why Michigan is not playing Jan. 8th. The object is to place the 2 best teams in the game, so that's why I say the system failed...again. If you're going to reward someone, put Boise St in the game.

DUDE!! You had voters placing Michigan out of the Top 4, and there were coaches not even voting?!?!? You can't say the "system worked." Well, you can. But I'm calling bullshit.

side note: finally a post that enticed a little debate. YAY.

gary said...

One more thing Dallas...

I don't even know who you are anymore.

fbuss said...

The BCS is "BS"!

Dallas is high!

gary said...

definitely high.

Dah, he needs to rethink that. He knows that. (said in Dave Wannstedt voice)

Hey kids...a little off the subject. Early financial pick to click:

LSU -9 over Notre Dame


Dallas said...

I look at U-M schedule and see a win over Notre Dame, who blows, and a win over Wisconsion who I do not think is very good, but didnt play anyone but Michigan... and then a loss to OSU and two bye weeks

Then i look at Florida, who won IN Tennessee (who i think would beat Notre Dame... seriously), beat LSU, who will beat Notre Dame (by a ton), won in Georgia, sure it is down, but they are better than most of the rest of the Big Ten... and then closed it out with a win over Arkansas... i see that as more quality wins that i see Michigan having.

Saying that Michigan lost by 3 to tOSU is a serious lie. that was an 11 point game. OSU did not play defense on the last U-M drive because it did not matter. they got double digit loss at OSU... so they beat 1 good team (i guess Wisconsin) and one tragically overrated Notre Dame squad then buried a shitty Big Ten.

As much as I hate to say it the SEC and the BCS got this right.

But you can continue to argue and I will continue to prove you wrong.

gary said...

My friend, you are misunderstanding me. I'm not arguing merits. It's obvious Florida had the better schedule, although they didn't play anyone as good as Ohio St. But Michigan's SOS does not rank far behind at #3.

I give you Florida had the better schedule. But you're not answering the question:

Who is the better team?

Are you telling me that if Florida and Michigan played on a neutral field, and the line was a pick 'em, that you would bet on Florida??

That's crazy talk.

The goal is to get the TWO BEST TEAMS. The BCS did not accomplish that goal.

gary said...

furthermore...my original point...

If USC had won, the human voters would NOT have placed Florida ahead of Michigan (from #4 to #3), just because they beat Arkansas. They had chances to do that previously.

Once USC lost, and it became clear there would be a rematch...those voters who did not desire a rematch...set a personal agenda...and jumped Florida ahead of Michigan. THAT is the pure definition of RIGGED.

What's your reason for voters placing Michigan 5th and lower??

Dallas said...

based on the competition they both played why wouldnt i bet on Florida?? What was so impressive about Michigan??? Mike Hart? Chad Henne?? REALLY!?!?

The defense? Come on, at best that is a wash based on matchups... FL speed could match up with Michigan and UM def would most manhandle the UF O...

Not one coach had Michigan lower than 3rd. There was no adgenda. And if we want to complain about voters that goes universal there were people with WVU as high as 8 and as low as 22... where is that anti-Big East adgenda...

I then turn it to cocahes... LLoyd vs Urban. LLoyd in rivalry games and bowls the past 4 years is 2-9 while Urban is 12-0. I will take the Tressel/Meyer matchup versus watching LLoyd get beat by OSU again.

Agenda or not, UM would not have beated OSU and shit... neither will Florida! But that is not the point here...

you are screaming from the rooftops that UM should have been number two... why? If all things are equal between UF and UM one of those teams ahd a shot, and lost by double digits....

gary said...

You wouldn't bet on Florida in a pick'em against Michigan. You're better than that.

I'm not talking about the coaches votes. Although you're telling me Sweater Vest man didn't have an agenda by not voting the final week. "Oh, I don't want to upset anyone." LAMO. Ask the rest of his collegues what they think about that move. Very lame.

I was talking about AP voters who had Michigan lower than 3rd.

For the record, I can't stand Lloyd Carr and think he's a douche. But Michigan's still better than Florida...who, while only losing 1 game against an impressive schedule, was VERY unimpressive in a lot of those games, i.e. Florida St.

Let's also not forget Michigan played AT Ohio St. Yes, perhaps a late TD to make it close, but not all those yards came on the last drive. They drove at will for the most part against the #1 team...AT their stadium.

Florida doesn't have the offense to beat Michigan's front 7....that read option crap would go nada. And Florida hadn't faced one offense in the SEC as potent as Michigan's.

Ask Buckeye fans who they honestly would be more afraid of playing on a neutral field. That's easy...Michigan.

gary said...

On the other hand, if you REALLY think Florida is better than Michigan, we'll just have to agree to disagree.

Even though I'm right, are we still hanging out over Xmas w/e or what?

Dallas said...

Yeah definitly hanging out over Christmas. Hopefully cracking a few beers over some Bowl victories...

Speaking of Bowl victories, how about Michigan not playing for the Championship :)

You are better than this.

Playing the if and buts game...

As Dandy Don Merideth once said... When all the if and buts are candy and nuts the Cowboys would always win the Super Bowl!

We dont know who would win on a nuetral field UF or UM, what we do know is UM wouldnt beat tOSU.

Agenda or not, this is the year of tOSU!

fbuss said...

Dallas is so high, so very, very, very high!

UM beats OSU at a neutral site by 14 if they would have played, hence that pussy ass sweater vest wearing chicken shit homo doesn't vote, since it would be public.

At home in UM, OSU loses by at least 21 had they played there.