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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I Loves Me Some Me

Y'all need to notice ME!! This ain't about Ro-Mo. It's about T-O. Now pay attention to ME, please.

There's no "I" in Team. But there's a couple in Narcissism.


For those still playing the Steelers Making the Playoffs Game, here's what you're rooting for this weekend, complete with spreads & game times for the multiple TV set-DirecTV households. I retired from this game a few weeks ago, but you're still welcome to play along:
  • TENNESSEE (+3.5) over Jacksonville, Sun 1:00
  • MINNESOTA (-3) over NY Jets, Sun 1:00
  • ARIZONA (+2.5) over Denver, Sun 4:15
  • SAN DIEGO (-8) over Kansas City, Sun 8:15
  • INDIANAPOLIS (-3.5) over Cincinnati, MNF
Okay, if the Steelers win at Carolina (as a 2.5 fav), and all 5 of the above win out, I'll get more involved and we'll dulge further into the scenarios next week. Shit...they're all home teams, including 2 short dogs, so it's not that far of a stretch. Whose crazy enuff to think this can happen?


Took 3 days for me to thaw out from the Steelers / Browns game last Thursday. And once I did, I realized that Kellen Winslow Jr. is still a little punk-ass bitch boy with zero credentials to back up his forever going mouth. Nice cheap shot on Farrior, dickhead.


YO!!! The Pens / Caps game Monday was the SHIT!!!!!!!!!! Midway through the 2nd, down 4-Nil, I remarked to Jess: "Well, so much for the hype about this game." But we're true fans dammit! And besides, the only other thing on was the boring MNFer featuring the great mind of Joe Theismann.

Pens rally...Evgeni Malkin ties it at 4...stays that way to the shootout...Malkin again puts puck in net for organization...winner winner beef stroganoff dinner. I love this game.

At intermission, there was a classic interview where Alexander Ovechkin translated for Malkin. Good times.

And this just in...the Penguins beat Philly tonight....AGAIN. Sid the Kid with a 6 point night. He's only NINETEEN!!


The Red Sox just signed Hideo Nomo to $52 million over 6 years? Let's move on.


Speaking of MNF, I'd heard that Devin Hester is a prodigy of one dorky Deion Sanders. Great. I loathed the overrated clown act that was "Prime Time," and I'm sure I'll be just as fond of "Prime Time Junior." Is it really necessary to go through this whole schpeel again? At least his return skills make up for his lack of CB coverage skills.


The Chelsea / Arsenal match was the best football game of the day Sunday. Kick ass in every way, and it was a 1-1 tie.

This weekend, we get the knockout stage draw for the Champions League, to be resumed in February. My Inter Milan boys will get paired up with one of the following in the 1st round:

Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Valencia, or Lyon


Must see goal of the week, from that Chelsea/Arsenal match...less than 10 minutes left to play...Chelsea's Essien ties it 1-1 with an incredible strike. Fantastic stuff, or as Ray Hudson would say: "Orgasmic"


Sportingo said...

Do you blog on sports often?


gary said...

Just started this blog a couple months ago. Much of what you'll find is regarding sports.

There'll also be some music and film discussed. So far, it's been a personal catch-all blog...whatever amuses me at the time.

B said...

>Kellen Winslow Jr. is still a little punk-ass bitch boy with zero credentials to back up his forever going mouth. Nice cheap shot on Farrior, dickhead.

At least Winslow Jr knows the meaning of and rivalry and tradition. Cleveland appeared soft to me (a die-hard browns fan) on Thur...when things were getting out of reach and ugly...Steelers laughing...I thought Cleveland should have ran a sweep over the sideline and plowed Coach Cowher and broke his big-ass jaw...guess what...rivalries back-on.

Porter and Winslow are the only sign of these teams "hate" for each other. I HATE THE STEELERS, and so does Cleveland...even if our team are a bunch of softies.

I watched Browns players helping Steelers up off the turf...in days of old...another Brown would have slapped his hand away and stepped on the Steelers hand.

Fact is both teams are gonna be home for the holidays...and Pittsburgh still sucks.