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Friday, December 01, 2006

Who you Crappin?!?!

Central Michigan frosh QB Dan LeFevour
, after beating the Ohio Bobcats in the MAC Championship Thursday night, said to ESPN sideline chic Erin Andrews:

"This program's had a great tradition for a long time."

Dude. You just won the MAC Championship for the 1st time since 1994. You guys need to play on Thursday night, just to get some of us football diehards to watch the frickin game. Programs with great traditions go to the Rose Bowl. They play on New Years Day every year. They play on SATURDAY!! Just because the NCAA let you keep your "Chippewas" monacher, doesn't mean your program has a great tradition. Perhaps the Chippewa tribe does, but that's another story.

Central Michigan is about the halfway down the totem pole when I think of MAC programs. I think of that big chubby guy that coaches Toledo. I think of Urban Meyer coaching Bowling Green. I think of Miami, Ohio and Randy Walker (R.I.P.). Northern Illinois and the Huskies for chrissakes. WE ARE MARSHALL!!! But Central Michigan?!?! Are you kidding me?

Maybe someone needs to enlighten me on the long storied tradition of Central Michigan. Hey God Bless...you're going to the Motor City Bowl. I'm not ripping that, because I'm 'that guy' who will be tuning in and investing most likely. And thank you for covering the 3 last night. But that doesn't give Central Michigan a great tradition.

I know you're just a freshman coming off a fantastic year, and you had a great game, and you won this guy some $$...but Dan LeFevour...


disclaimer: the opinions of Gary on Central Michigan (and Notre Dame) do not necessarily reflect those of Empties Crushed, despite how right he is.

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