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Monday, November 30, 2009

Fight Night

Tonight in MSG should be fun. Gotta admit, I was pretty surprised to see Donald Brashear sheepishly skate away from Eric Godard on Saturday. I suspect Brashear will ditch the purse and try to regain some respect tonight. But we will see.

I was equally not surprised to see Sean Avery act the coward once again. Instead of squaring up with someone, he jumps Fedotenko from behind and starts throwing punches at the back of his head. Game misconduct for Avery. How convenient. Puke:


Avery will undoubtedly run and hide again tonight, so get ready to be disappointed.

In other Pittsburgh sports news, per Mike Tomlin, the Steelers plan to "unleash hell in December." Hopefully, "hell" can play CB better than Willie Gay.


gbvh said...

idunno...to me fighting looks like an "attempt to injure."

gary said...

Policing the game on the ice is the best deterrent for pukes like this. If it wasn't for the heavyweights like Godard, Brashear, and BGL...there would be 10x the amount of these antics.

And I'd argue that a punch in the face isn't nearly as career threatening as taking out people's knees or boarding dudes from behind.

gbvh said...

Guess I'm just not in touch with such violent tendencies.

Soccer and tennis fan

gbvh said...

There is something out there less career threatening than all of a) punches to the face b) taking out people's knees and c) boarding dudes from behind.

But, hockey being hockey . . .