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Friday, November 06, 2009

Softball Guy

Since Yost is slacking with Part II, lemme interject with the most hilarious description ever of "Softball Guy." I just watched (actually...listened, there's no moving video) this 4 straight times, laughing my tits off. I used to play a lot of softball. A LOT OF SOFTBALL. Many of you probably know some fellas who've played...or perhaps you've played yourself. This is simply hysterical, and deadly accurate. Warning it's a little long at 8 minutes, but give it the full 8. Trust...


Dan Yost said...

I didn't see anything in my post that indicated that the other parts were comming immediatly after each other. I have a whole off-season to get through this stuff.

gbvh said...

i remember, this one time, EC vowed to post every day.