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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jerome Bettis drops another notch

So, with the recent development of Rashard Mendenhall, it appears The Bus will move down even further on the All-Time Steeler RB list. Remember, compiling and self promotion at the Running Back Position gets you nowhere with EC's official list. So save the stats for the stat dorks. Rather, it is talent and skill which we rank these guys. Points are also deducted for almost fumbling away a Superbowl...

#1) Franco
#2) Willie Parker
#3) Barry Foster
#4) Rocky Bleier
#5) Bam Morris
#6) Rashard Mendenhall
#7) Jerome Bettis


tirpak said...


gary said...

DOH!! I forgot Hoge. Yes...

#7) Merrill

and one more I forgot...

#8) Walter Abercrombie

you may be too young to recall the greatness of a Walter Abercrombie. Look up the highlight vids...

#9) Bettis

Damn! the bus is almost out of the Top 10! If Amos was only a little better :)