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Monday, January 24, 2011

I couldn't care less about the Jets strug-gl-ing

** Thanks to our favorite blog on the cyber planet...Pensblog...for the gif. You should be reading it daily, already **

Speaking of the Pens, HUGE 2 points over Carolina this Saturday. Every 2 points minus Sid and Geno is HUGE. Post game...Marc-Andre Fleury sporting the Stiller helmet. CLASSIC...

Hate on Fleury's game all you want. But if you don't like this kid, you're simply not human. You probably also hate pizza, puppy dogs, and Swedish Fish.


gbvh said...

I'm shocked I've beat Rando Mango to this: It's "couldn't" care less.
Not "could."

gary said...

Ah jeez.

TB said...