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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NHL picks All-Star Captains

Team Lidstrom vs. Team (Eric) Staal. Two very worthy captains were chosen by the NHL Players Association.

The word filtering out of the Hater Camp is that Crosby cried. David Shoalts from the Globe and Mail has probably confirmed this with an NHL Source.


TB said...

You do nothing for months and then write about this waste of time?

When is my issue of "stunned"?

gary said...

haha!! basically...i just needed to blast this ass bag writer David Shoalts, who has since rescinded his "NHL source" and said he started the whole "Crosby protest" thingy himself. what a jag off.

gbvh said...

They actually did full-on live interviews with these two "captains" during intermission of the Mtl-Buf game last night.

Some of the most painful TV I've ever seen.
Worse than the stuff between the intermissions, even.