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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Good Times, Bad Times, Good Times

Catching up on the past week.

Pens 6 - Flyers 4. Good times.

Love beating the Flyers. They're a bag of dicks. Beating them at home in front of the pumpkin plastered fan base is even better times.

Giroux touches puck. Engelland pounds Giroux. Giroux disappeared for the rest of the game. The perfectly timed and legal check doesn't stop the pumpkin suits from crying. Scott Hartnell cried and acted like he was going to do something. Then he realized it was Deryk Engelland and decided to cower away. No way Hartnell drops them with Engo and gets himself embarrassed in front of the hometown Cro Magnons.

Pens up 1-nil, and shit hits the fan. Ref calls some lame ass penalty on Wayne Simmonds and the Flyers bench and fans erupt...justifiably so. While the brutal call was in favor of the Pens, there was a sick feeling that the refs knew it afterwards, and they would go WAY out of their way to even things up. They did. Pens get called for the next 13 penalties.

Douche Bag Jagr scores his 1st goal in 20 games, followed by another. He goes original and does the Terrell Davis Mile High Salute. So lame. Funny that Flyers fans are forced to cheer this ass bag now. Easily the dumbest celebration in all of sport...

Staal (beast) gets a shorty.

Left of Staal. So pissed.

Matt Cooke (the NEW Matt Cooke) gets a 5-on-3 shorty, and Neanderthal Nation is stunned. First 5-on-3 shorty since #66 did it in 1988. FCKYA!

Refs kept trying to get the Flyers back in the game for their bad call on Simmonds. No avail. Engelland gave them a gift. Duper scores, Jeffrey scores. Both Bryzgalov and Bobrovsky stink.

Pretty funny that the Flyers will be forced to roll out this turd in net for the next 9 years. At a whopping $5.6 mill a year. Whoa. James Neal, Fleury , Letang, Orpik, Staal, Kunitz, Michalek ALL make less than that. Flyers are so effed.

STUNNED!!!! Check out the dude behind him...Mr Laughs.

And apparently, the Flyers organization awards bonus pay on penalty minutes. Witness Hartnell skating around like a clown in the closing minutes until the refs were forced to give him a game misconduct. I was actually starting to dig that dude after watching this years 24/7. Na. He's a douche.

Sabres 6 - Pens 2. Bad times.

Classic letdown. Brent Johnson blows. Pretty much sums that up. I think we'd do better with a cardboard cut out in net. Beej may be the only goalie in the league who doesn't bend at any part of his body.

We need a backup goalie, badly. Sorry Beej. It's been a nice run.

Another thing I took from this game:

More proof at how the home town games at the Consol suck. Tough to say, but the new breed of Pens fans that attend CEC...for the majority...suck ass. There were more excited and louder fans in Buffalo last Sunday than there are for the home games. Sucks. Just saying. I'm taking more road trips next year.

Pens 2 - Rags nil. Good times.

Pens have now beaten the Eastern Conference's best in 2 straight games. Flower back in net...gets his 3rd shutout of the year. I wish we could, but we can't ride MAF the rest of the way. We need a backup for the occasional break.

GREAT game from the Beloved in what felt like a playoff game. Torts was bitching the whole time.

Referring to my Buffalo rant above, another embarrassment from the fans at the Consol. Rings of empty seats near the glass as the clock wound down to beat the Rangers. Brutal.

Geno > Henry

FCKYA. Game day vs. the Bolts. Let's go PENS!!!!!!

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