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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tired of Suarez; Champions League Knockouts!

Even prior to the whole racist accusations and hand shake snub, I had started to grow a little tired of the Luis Suarez act. Dude is clearly our best player and possibly the only of the transfers brought into Anfield over the past year that's been worth a damn on the pitch (with the surprising exception of Craig Bellamy). Andy Carroll is pretty much a big worthless goof with a ponytail. I loved the Stewart Downing signing, but he and Jordan Henderson have done squat. I love Charlie Adam, but his production has been meh.

While Suarez is our best chance of putting the ball in the net, his constant whines and cries to the refs have been a tad embarrassing. Every time the dude goes down we see that stupid face (above), or even better, a flailing about and roll around on the pitch. He's not going to get the calls acting like a 3 year old who just had his toys taken away, and I really wish Kenny (maybe he already has?) would give him a talking to. Not sure it would help.

With all that said...this whole handshake saga has caused further embarrassment. I listened to all the excuses (cultural bias, Suarez has black grandparents, blah blah), and I even gave him the benefit of the doubt in the whole he said-she said thingy (after all, Patrice Evra is kind of a twat in his own regard). Suarez supposedly took the high road and said he would try to settle it with a hand shake. Then he pulls this crap. Inexcusable.

One of the things that first attracted me to Liverpool FC is the legendary faithfulness of their supporters. But the blind faith and conspiracy theories that have surrounded this whole ordeal has been even more ridiculous. Suarez has since apologized and says he wants this all behind him. But for me, it's a tad too late.

It could've been over with. Instead, Liverpool goes into the 5th Round of the FA Cup and a Carling Cup final with more bullshit surrounding them.


To reach the Quarters over 2 legs...WINNERS:
  1. Barca. La Liga is outta reach. Full bore ahead for Pep and the boys in the CL.
  2. Lyon.  The surprising run of APOEL comes to an end.  Lyon is crazy like that.
  3. Benfica.  Rolling in Portugal.  Should be a crackin 2 legs.
  4. Arsenal. Even if Ibra slaps more dudes, we still like the English side here.  Milan has their hands full in Italy with Juve.
  5. Real Madrid.  Would love to post some Stunned Jose pics...not happening.
  6. Napoli. UPSET alert! Eff Chelsea.
  7. Marseille. Sad to say. My Inter is awful.  Marseille have the best kits in the competition.
  8. Bayern Munich.  In a domestic battle with Dortmund currently...still too much for Basel here.
THESE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!! (raise your Heineken)


tgeth said...

Suarez is still 25 years old. He will grow out of this. If you are upset about him crying every time he falls then I have no idea how you watch an Italian soccer or love Barca. Torres used to whine ever time he lost the ball on the pitch. Also, Evra can kiss my A$$. His asshat celebration at the end of the match was out of line and Renia should have smack him right in the face. Two wrongs don't make a right.

As far as the transfers we have made in the last year the one that bothers me the most is Downing. He doesn't look anything like the player he was at Villa. I could cross the ball better into the box. Bench for him.

Henderson is still 21 give him some more time and give him Downing's PT.

I have no idea why Adam is not on the pitch especially with Spearing getting time. I never thought I would miss Lucas as much as I do.

Carroll...I can only hope he learns to use his head.

Gary remember you'll never walk alone and the Carling Cup will be making a trip to the Anfield Trophy room.

gary said...

I'm with ya TG!! Suarez better grow out of it...soon. As far crying for fouls...he needs to pick his spots. And Barca as a whole aren't divers and whiners. Some guys, sure...Iniesta and Busquests for instance. But Messi rarely goes down too easy.

Evra is a douche. And even his fellow countrymen will say so after the WC debacle. The celebration at the end was more cause for a "riot" (SAF's words) than the handshake snub. But Suarez coulda put this all behind him...instead he looks childish and let it escalate.

Henderson is young and was more of a "project"...true dat. I also can't believe Downing hasn't been more of a factor. I left out Enrique...he's been a stud in my book.

And I completely agree @ Adam / Spearing. I think KK thinks Spearing can play more of that Lucas holding MF spot...and with Gerrard back...he and Adam are too similar. I say he needs to find a spot for Adam. Cause Spearing doesn't do it for me.

Carroll looks lost....and sometimes scared. I think I'm done with him. At least Torres still blows :)

TBek said...

Let's be clear: no matter how much Evra celebrated on Saturday, it was not wrong on the level of what got Suarez suspended for 8 games. Not even freaking close. And after the handshake nonsense, I applaud him for it...especially the part where he walked in front of that knobhead to do it.

gary said...

I totally agree on that TB.

My only point was re: what Fergie had to say post match...

Suarez a disgrace? Yes. Embarrassing a proud club? Absolutely.

But his line on the hand shake snub being cause for a riot was lame. Evra trying to entice the crowd at the end was WAY more likely to cause a riot than the handshake snub which was barely noticed live in the stands. We had to see it on replay at the bar to get a real idea of what happened. that's all i is saying.

I know Vidic is hurt, but don't yinz have a better option to wear the armband than Evra?

TBek said...

Well, he is in EVERY game and hasn't shown to practice hung over as hell like Rooney did post-Xmas, so think he's a good choice given longevity and shit.

Not sure a guy could incite a riot in his home stadium, unless he went to the visiting end and started up, but now we're into semantics.

gary said...

"Not sure a guy could incite a riot in his home stadium"

fair point :)