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Monday, February 13, 2012

Guy Boucher: "Geno = Mario"

"[He's] not just racking up the points, but you look at the plays he's making, he looks like Mario Lemieux out there, just dangling [the puck] and doing what he wants to do."

Asked for specifics about how Malkin tastes in your mouth...

"He's gigantic. On ice level, he's just a monster out there who can skate, sees everything, can put the puck inside out, inside your pants and out. He can shoot. He just has it all. You can't handle him one-on-one. That's what's tough. You don't know what he's going to do, first of all. And then he's got the strength, the size, the reach and the speed to really give it to you."

Yeah...he said it. That's high praise from a coach who was doing more whining than complimenting during last year's playoffs. We won't disagree. Malkin is dominating all over the ice right now. He's scoring huge goals at key times, setting up huge goals at key times, back checking like a Selke worthy forward. He's a beast amongst little turds. And then he's taking your girlfriend home.

Similar to Mario and Sid, he's making everyone around him better. The first line is absolutely sick right now. Letang is sick. Geno is mad sick.

Today's dedication to your league MVP...

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