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Friday, March 30, 2007

Happy Final 4 Friday

In honor of the Final 4, I give you Bobby Knight. Sounds like someone needs a vacation from their problems (warning, uncensored version...)

(left click to play; right click to download)
Bobby Knight would like Greg Graham to play some D

Go UCLA. Go Ohio St.

For monetary reasons. If you know what I mean.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tomer to Toronto FC

Calling NED!!!

Your new goalie...Tomer Chencinski...we covered him at RMU for a brief period. I believe he was only there for a year, prior to transferring to Fairleigh Dickinson.

Nice, friendly chap that Tomer. Good guy. Congrats and good luck to him.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Old Time Hockey

Probably the coolest sequence I've witnessed during any Pens game this year...

Last night, Pens up 3-2 over the Caps...Donald Brashear skates into the Pens zone, ready to tee one up on net, and gets absolutely flat blasted by Pens DEF Brooks Orpik. Brashear gets up, pissed for some reason (it was a perfectly clean hit, and a great defensive play)...probably just embarrassed. Brashear gets sent to box (and feels shame) for 2 minutes.

Caps kill off the ensuing penalty...but just as the penalty was expiring, and Brashear is about to come outta the box, Michel Therrien sends out big Georges Laraques. 10 seconds later, Ryan Malone feeds Ryan Whitney for his 2nd of the night (and the eventual GW)...at the same time Laraque and Brashear drop the gloves.

Wasn't much of a fight, and it didn't appear Brashear wanted much of Georges. Looks like Brashear wanted to dance a little, then as soon as Laraque got the meat hooks on him, he went down like a sack of bricks.

The coolest part...Laraque got the 2nd assist on the goal.

According to hockeyfights.com, the voting went like this:

52% Draw
48 % Laraque
4% Brashear

Out of the 8 fights he's been in this year, that's the 1st he hasn't been declared the majority winner. So I guess some props to Brashear for landing that quick jab, although I still think he went down too easy.

Bravo to Therrien for sending Georges out at the right time. This is exactly the reason they got him. Like Bob Errey said on the broadcast...Georges' presence allows his teammates to do what they do.

Pens win 4-3, and clinch a playoff berth. They remain tied w/ NJ for top dibs in the Atlantic.

Interesting quote I found from Darren McCarty about fighting Laraque...

"The first thing with Georges is you are not going to go in there and exchange punches with him. That would be suicide. So when it started to happen, I just tried to get in close. When you fight out of your weight class, it's about survival.Obviously Georges is a lot bigger and a lot stronger than me. He is the champ. You want to make it as painless as possible."

And one more from the fight files, if you haven't seen this from last week. The Rangers Colton Orr taking out Todd Fedoruk. Hope Todd's ok after this one...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Look it's Baseball (cubs fans)

I love you guys. Even though you'll have to wait another year (albeit with a bloated payroll). This one's for you...and the start of baseball season. Keep your heads up, and look at it this way...you could be a Pirates fan...

(warning: this one's a classic, but there's a plethora of F-bombs)

(left click to play; right click to download)
Lee Elia Sounds Off on Cubs Fans

"right now, we have more losses than we have wins." For the entire script, go here

Funny, I guess Lee wasn't around long enough to get a Cubs baseball card. I couldn't even find a picture of him in a Cubs uni.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

...and we're the Hold Steady

Yeah, I'm pretty sure we partied.

Little late on this...my bad. Jess, Tirpak & I got to check out The Hold Steady last week. What a show!!!! Pure rock fun bliss at the Rex on a Monday.

Close to sold-out (?) All Ages show with maybe 5% under 21 and a bar area that could fit only 10% of the 95% over 21 crowd...maybe not so much bliss. (for the record, I don't mind all ages shows provided they give the drinkers enough room to spend their $$. and I luv the Rex, otherwise). But that's what you get if you wanna rawk in the Burgh on a Monday when a rare good act comes to town.

Anyway...the Hold Steady kicked ass again. When the band is actually having as much fun as you are...you know you're in a good place. These guys have f#$kin delivered every time I've seen 'em. Craig Finn is about as good as it gets for on-stage genuine energy and antics. It's one of those shows where your jaw gets sore from the constant smile. Best show I've seen in Pitt since...well...Deerhoof last October-ish.

Anyway, the Rex seems to fret upon cameras, so I apologize for the lack of pics. The few we did get, sucked. So here's some video, "Knuckles," from The Hold Steady Almost Killed Me...

End of show antics during "Killer Parties": the band basically invites the 1st 2 rows on stage for the finale. Craziness ensues. This one's for Larry, some dude I've probably seen at about 1/2 dozen shows around the city...he actually gets to play Finn's guitar...good times...

And I only wish I was this close..."Massive Nights" off of last year's Boys and Girls in America

the above comes courtesy of TeenageFBI from You Tube. Another Pittsburgher (I assume) who I've probably bumped into and spilt beer on at other shows. I'll go out on another limb and say he's a fellow GBV enthusiast, so points for that.

If you wanna get into some Hold Steady, go here and buy some stuff. I'd recommend Separation Sunday, 1st. Not that Boys and Girls isn't good, it's top notch...just maybe not as strong from top to bottom...imho. Others will probably disagree. Screw it...just get 'em both. Here's one from Separation Sunday:

(left click to play; right click to download)
The Hold Steady - Stevie Nix

Also be sure to check out the Hold Steady homepage and their myspace page for more downloads and goodies.

Oh...and speaking of shows in Pittsburgh, I guess Times New Viking played up at CMU this weekend. Funny when I find out about shows in Pittsburgh from someone living in Canada :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

You're Like a Big Bear

So Deano, Billy, and the Cal Bear came to visit this weekend. Unfortunately, most of my pics got confiscated by the big guy. "What happens in Pittsburgh, stays in Pittsburgh." That's what the big bear warned.

Good times, though. So much so, that I'm 3 days behind here.

Anyway, the following little excerpt was brought up (amongst other senseless stuff), and I'd promised to throw it back up for your listening pleasures. It's from last September, but it's definitely a classic. A little long at 15 minutes...but trust me...HILARIOUS stuff. I know what you're thinking: "15 minutes?!? I don't have 15 minutes to spare!!" Of course, you don't. Your time is valuable. But maybe not as much as you think if you're reading this stupid blog :)

Basically, it's a Michigan State radio guy, the following Monday after a crushing come-from-way-ahead loss to Notre Dame last fall (or, "choke job"). This guy epitomizes "frustrated fan." And it's clean, too...so no need to hide the children....

(double click to play)
Spartan Radio Guy Breaks Down

Kudos to "The House That Rock Built" for putting this out there.

Friday, March 16, 2007

The Thermals

Nothin to do with nothin, here. Just paroozing around, and noticed Seattle-Powerpop had linked one of my Portastatic vids from the Warhol last October. So, while checking out their blog, which I highly recommend, I came across some old Thermals. (Old being relatively relative here...this vid only goes back a couple years).

But I forgot how pissed I was that I'd missed these guys when they opened for GBV in '04. Can't remember why we did, but bottom line...we did. So that sucks. I'm sure pre-show drinks & socialized farting around had something to do with it.

Anyway, after checking out Seattle-Powerpop, and other blogs like Waved Rumor (from NYC) in the past day or so, I realize once again how much I miss Chicago...and that my little town of Pittsburgh sucks as far as attracting quality bands.

But I've got my Pens, DAMMIT!

And HEY!!! The Hold Steady is coming MONDAY kids! Just checked tonight, and it's still not sold out...so go to the ticketbastard, and join Jess & I on Monday. I'll buy you a beer. Seriously.

Getting off the tangent, here's that Thermals vid. Love seeing bass player Kathy Foster getting silly. Pogo. Rawk. Bliss. Fun....

Go over to The Thermals myspace page, or check out Sub Pop Records for more. Buy a record while you're there.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Witch Hunt

I'd like to know who brought the term "witch hunt" back to prominence? Everybody today is a victim of the "witch hunt." Phil says Kobe is the victim of a "witch hunt." Sheff says the same about Barry.

I call: next person to use the term "witch hunt" gets a karate kick to the groin.

Next time you hear the "witch hunt" defense, just remember that in plain speak, "witch hunt" equals:

Hell yes, I'm guilty. But other people are doing it, too. Why you all picking on me?

I'm just sayin.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Pens are STAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YEAH BER BER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone in the Burgh heard the announcement this morning
. But when Mario came out on the ice before tonight's game in front of a sold out crowd, and officially announced, "The Pittsburgh Penguins will remain in Pittsburgh," I cried.

I mean...I'm not talking lip quivering all-out ball session. But there was some eye swelling.

Thank You MARIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While I'm in such a hugs-for-all, happy go-lucky mood:

(left click to play; right click to download)
XTC - Stupidly Happy

and some birthday wishes to a couple of fellow bloated stiffs:

The Lives of Others

Had the privilege of seeing this at the Regent Square Theatre this Sunday.

Recommendation: GO NOW. Must See.

Very worthy of all its awards, including its Oscar win for Best Foreign, and hands down better than all 5 of the films nominated for Best Picture, including The Departed. Probably my 2nd or 3rd Favorite Film of 2007. Ulrich Muhe is amazing.

Trailer from Sony Classics...

Monday, March 12, 2007

I love Couch

What a beautiful weekend to spend some QT with the sofa: Championship Week in NCAA hoops, another Penguin cardiac comeback (featuring Georges 1st beat down), 2 (TWO!) RMU programs make a run at the NCAA's... and the best part of it all...Derby Weekend on Gol TV.

BEST GAME EVER (ever = this year): Saturday, Real Madrid at Barcelona, El Classico. A game for the ages...incredible, breathtaking, world-class futbol. This match will be replayed all week on Gol TV, so make sure you check this schedule: Gol TV Weekly Schedule.

If you're the open-minded type, and ever wanted to give footie a chance...this is the match you must watch. Barcelona's front line of Ronaldhino, Deco, Messi, and Eto'o is one of the most exciting things to watch in sports right now. Lionel Messi had the huge game with the hat trick, and his 3rd goal provided the dagger to Real in injury time. Ronaldhino's footwork is just pure magic, and he may just be the most talented athlete on the planet right now.

PLUS...this particular broadcast on Gol TV features the wits & enthusiasms of Ray Hudson, perhaps the greatest and most entertaining color commentator in ALL of sports. If don't have Gol TV, or just have a short attention span...here's the highlights...


Do you smell what Laraque is cookin?!?!?!?!

The Pens came back from being down 2-Nil against the NY Rangers Saturday, and finally someone challenged Big Georges. Ranger Colton Orr stepped up to the plate...and proceeded to get his ass handed to him. Here's Laraque's 1st fight as a Pen:

Someone once argued with me that this type of thing is no good for the game, and it's the same as the NBA brawls that we're getting used to. WRONG. Big difference between NHL fights and NBA fights....

In the NHL, 2 MEN square off and go toe to toe...mano et mano. In the NBA, you've got wannabe gangsters who slap at each other, then run away.


NOTICE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While watching the NCAA Tourney this year, there's 1 thing to make sure you notice: Joakim Noah. He wants you to notice him. You can't help but notice him. So just do the kid a favor...and NOTICE HIM.

Joakim, if you're out there...I feel what you're screamin, my man. Keep banging that chest. They'll notice you. OH...they'll notice you alright.

Is there any team more predictable than Pitt? They'll win their 1st two games, and then lose to a good team in the Sweet 16. This year's lucky recipient of the Pitt Turnstile to the Elite Eight: UCLA.

Unfortunately, Syracuse was left out of the dance. This sucks because we won't get to see Eric Devendorf play this year. He's funny. Like a clown.

Billy Packer = Unlistenable. But we already knew that. Unfortunately, CBS doesn't agree. To make it even worse, Jim Nantz just continues to kiss his ass and throw fuel on the pompous fire that is Packer. Some people get annoyed with Dick Vitale, but at least Dicky V can show a little humility at times. Of course, he picked North Carolina to win it (this choice was made easy for him since Duke is a 6 seed). But at least Vitale attempts to entertain.

Packer on the other hand, constantly feels it's necessary to justify his self proclaimed genius. If I was forced to watch the Final 4 with sound from the broadcast...I'd rather not watch at all.

Go here: iPetitions.com to voice your opinion and sign a petition to get rid of Billy Packer. Faithfully yours, Gary (petition signature #4,060)


Heartbreak city for my Beloved Colonial Hockey squad, playing in the CHA Tourney in Des Moines, IA this weekend. Bobby Mo beats 2-seed Bemidji St. on Saturday 7-5. Junior Ryan Cruthers with a couple goals, and Soph Chris Margott notches a 3 point game to help Bob advance to the title game.

Sunday they faced an Alabama-Huntsville squad playing their 3rd game in 3 days. Bob gets out to a 4 goal first period lead on goals from Cruthers, frosh Dave Cowan, jr Sean Berkstresser, and Margott. With a 4-Nil lead, playing a team whose gotta be tired in the legs, things are looking good.

Then the bad times. Huntsville gets 3 2nd period goals, and finally notches things at 4-4 early in the 3rd. Twelve minutes into OT, with the Colonial on the PP...they give up a shorty to Huntsville's David Nimmo. Buzzkill.

Berkstresser, Margott, and the younger Cowan all get named All-CHA Tourney. But that ending's gotta suck. Bob loses top scorer Aaron Clarke, Doug Conley, and 3 others. But 24 others, including a very talented junior class, all return. This should stew in the off-season...and I'm predicting huge things for RMU Hockey in 07-08.

What a story book ending (in a sad sense). Would've made an incredible documentary (two people may get that).


Now for the good times: After beating Sacred Heart in the NEC Final in front of the Colonial Crazies at the Chucky Sewell Center, The RMU Women's Hoops team and HC Sal Buscaglia are going dancing. Coach Sal fulfills his lofty promise from when he took over the program, one that was setting records for futility (that's being polite) before he arrived. Sal and his son Charlie have brought in a ton of talent, including NEC tourney MVP Chinata Nesbit, and Bob is on its way to the NCAA's. HELL YEAH!!!!

Bob will find out its 1st round destination tonight on Selection Monday on ESPN.

As always, comments within are expressly mine, and there's no affiliation between this site and RMU. I'm just a proud fan and alum.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Beast of the East?

So Pitt is in another Big East Championship game tonight. Not a surprise. They'll probably lose, which again will not be a surprise. Then in the NCAA's, they'll bow out in the Sweet 16 and hit the trifecta.

The BIG surpise from last night's semi against Pitino & Louisville?
They were led by Antonio Graves.

Yes. Antonio Graves. He was a stud (I can't believe I just wrote that).

Aaron Gray on the other hand, the All American (well, ok, 3rd team All American)...he sucked. I think he'd play better minus the cement shoes. Just a suggestion. Work on those free throws as well, my man.

Go Pitt.

Milan Derby tomorrow, kids. 10:00 am EST, Gol TV.

Friday, March 09, 2007

More Madness

dag gumbit...i forgot to throw this in there with the previous post. old school. more madness...from madness:

(left click to play; right click
to download)

::Madness - One Step Beyond::

I think if you listen to the above while reading this stupid little blog, it will exponentially enhance your entire experience at the EC. Or something like that.

Oh...and a joke:

Q: How can you tell when Ed Rendell is lying?

A: He moves his mouth.


How 'bout that Chris Simon, eh?

Worst goon in hockey today. Yeah, a real cement head.

March Madness

The exact same day I put a deposit down on Penguins season tickets for 2007-08, Mario Lemieux and his group announce an "impasse" on negotiations between Penguins ownership and the scum bag politicians policing this deal. So Lemieux will now "aggressively" pursue other options. And I don't blame him.

When is the last time you financed something (i.e. a car, house, etc) without knowing the interest rate? It appears the last time both sides met, Slick Ed Rendell (chief crook in this deal) refused to offer this bit of information. I would think that's kind of important, no? When talks broke down, Governor Rendell simply pounded his fist on the table in a last ditch attempt to intimidate.

Perhaps Slick Ed has watched one too many gangster movies. Maybe he's too wrapped up in Scorcese's big win for The Departed. Instead of being a Tony Soprano wannabe, I'd simply suggest it's in the people's best interests for Big Ed to act accordingly to his role: a public servant.

More madness.................

So Kobe Bryant says that when he gives his defender a back handed slap in the face after his jumpshot, that it's only natural (RP song). My advice...just keep doing it, and stick to your story. If you smack guys around consistently after you shoot, maybe the league office will buy it. (And it offers good video)

Let's get serious. The Kobester's backhand is about as natural (albeit, less brutal) an act as this Chris Simon stick to the face...

The madness doesn't stop there. My boys from Inter Milan get ousted from Champions League play on Tuesday, then throw down...

That's Dave Navarro from Valencia doing his best Carmelo Anthony RUN-AWAY-STICK-AND-MOVE impression. I just wish my boys would've showed as much desire during the game, as they did chasing him all the way back to the locker room.

And finally...you know it's all mad when Coach K of all people starts to defend his players for being goons. Speaking of Duke...if you're a Duke hater...check out the following fun little site....

The Truth About Duke

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Times New Viking

For the few of you out there that partied with us last Memorial Day weekend, you may remember me playing this little here band, Times New Viking. Well actually, after Jess's killer knock-you-on-your-ass Mai Tai's, you probably don't remember much of anything.

But anyway, Times New Viking came out with a new album last month on Siltbreeze, and in the Fall will be releasing their 1st album on Matador Records. How do I know this? I got the scoop from Ned over at No Love For Ned, the best indie rock radio show on the net. Times New Viking appeared in studio with Ned on his 1st show of 2007, here: No Love For Ned. One of their new tunes is dubbed "Devo and Wine", two passions that hit home for me personally.

Now I know I've raved about the No Love For Ned show before, but if you're not down yet...simply bookmark the following link:


Then check in weekly for a plethora (plethora = approx. 2 hours, in this case) of great indie rock. Click on a show, and endulge yourself into some great music. Some new, some old, Ned does a great job at mixing up the pace, while introducing a lot of great acts, some of which you probably would not have heard of before. If you're the type that forgets easily, sign up for Ned's mailing list and he'll send a friendly update on the current week's show. How convenient. Good guy that Ned.

If you like what you hear of Times New Viking, go here and check out their site:


Or check out their MySpace page here:


They're from Columbus, Ohio. Here's one that I was rawking out to last year. Enjoy:

(left click to play; right click to download)
Times New Viking - Natural Resources, I Love Mine

Oh...and SXSW started earlier this week, so I've added a little widget in the right sidebar for some latest news. Also, be sure to check out their "music" link on their home page...a slew of free downloads available there. Just click on a band, and fire away. Here's a link:

SXSW Music