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Monday, February 25, 2008

Crosby, Fleury, Roberts, and Smith Ready for Stretch Run

Next week will mark the 6 week mark for Sid, so he should be expected back sometime soon after that. Gary Roberts is progressing, and he'll be ready to go by the playoffs. Marc-Andre Fleury has been recalled from his rehab assignment.

But after grueling back-to-back OT losses over the weekend to Ottawa and San Jose, it's time for one more call-up from Wilkes-Barre...

Smith brings some extra grit to the Pens, an underrated shot, and great awareness on the ice. Critics will point out is lack of experience in the NHL, and the fact that he's a little puffy and bloated for this level. But Smith's saviness and intangibles, such as a cool blog and a love for Guided by Voices, should galvanize a locker room in dire need of a good time.

Tirpak, an EC correspondent, who just had beers with Smith over the weekend had this to say:

"He's a real grinder...a scrapper. He can put puck in net for organization, and then sit back and have a few. He's also a real student of the game. We watched a game at Primanti's, and the waitress forgot to bring blue cheese for his wings. She claimed he didn't order the blue cheese, so Smith gets up, and checks her into a bar stool. At the same time, he was able to keep 1 hand on his 20 oz. Molson draft. Then he sits back down and immediately comments how they need to get the power play going. Amazing...despite the dissension over his blue cheese, he kept his head in the game the whole time. Classic Smith."

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