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Thursday, February 07, 2008

The New Pornographers in Pittsburgh 4/12

I'm a bit late on this...so HURRY, kids!!!! Tix go on sale TOMORROW, as in Friday 2/8 at 5:00pm. Reserved seating at the Carnegie Music Hall.

Go through Ticketbastard HERE.

$27 floor, $30 balcony (+ more than likely ridiculously high Ticketbastard charges). Still, we're pretty live show challenged here in the Burgh, so I'm pretty psyched for this one.

Per Gigawave at CMU, it looks there were a limited amount of tix available through the New Pornographers website on Saturday...but they no longer appear to be available. I snooze, therefore, I lose. Hopefully, there will still be some decent seats come Friday at 5:00. But I would not wait on this...as I'm fairly certain this will sell out sooner rather than later.

And from the sounds of things, the lovely Neko Case will be in attendance (unlike a few other times we've seen them).

(left click to play; right click to download)
:: The New Pornographers - Mass Romantic ::
:: The New Pornogrpahers - Sing Me Spanish Techno ::

Go pick up their new album Challengers over at Matador here. Personally, imho, Electric Version is their best, but they're all good times...including their latest.

Also on the bill, another fantastic band in Okkervil River.

Check their site for a live stream, fun stuff, as well as a free download of their Golden Opportunities Mixtape, a live collection of cover tunes recorded last year. Or check 'em out on MySpace here.

Okkervil River - For Real....


Anonymous said...

gaaaah fuck I find it hard to believe that my readers bought the ones on the website faster than I did!

I cry.
I hate ticketbastard.
will probably only go if I get a photopass.

thanks for being professional and linking me.

gary said...

You're quite welcome...and thanks for the heads up, although I was too late as well.

Fortunately, I got through yesterday @ 5:30 and got 2 balcony tix, far right, row A. (I'm hoping that's front row, which would be swell).

Hope you get to the show. Besides the Black Lips show in March, this is one I'm really anxious to see.

ps...really enjoy the blog. always nice to see someone providing info on the pittsburgh music scene, and your pix are truly top notch.