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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Skate Away, that's all

Not sure I've ever seen this before. Visor wearing Rollergirl Steve Downie gets into a scrap with Ruutu, decides he's had enough, and runs away. Pretty hilarious, and typical Flyer cowardness...

Didn't think it was possible to lose any more respect for Philly, but I guess I underestimated their lack of class. The Pens get a 4-3 winner Sunday, and followed by another Philly loss last night, we sit alone in 1st place in the Atlantic by 4 points on Philly (and 3 pts on the Devils)...with even games played.

After a 4 point game Sunday from Malkin, the big question in the Burgh is what to do with #87 when he comes back from the high ankle sprain. How can you possibly break up the Malkin/Sykora/Malone line? But who do you play with Crosby?

Imho, me thinks the one winger you pair him with is Armstrong. Sid brings out the best in Colby, and they've always had great chemistry when paired together. I also don't wanna split up the 3rd line of Staal/Christensen/Talbot. And even when Gary Roberts comes back, he's perhaps a bit too slow to play with Crosby. So with little options left, I think we need to go out and get another sniper before the deadline in 2 weeks. Mayor Luke agrees with me...

I'm not getting rid of any of the current studs. But what about pairing Angelo Esposito, last year's #1, with a #1 next year? You still have to sign Gino and hopefully Staal long term, so Espo and a #1 could be expendable. I'm not sure that'll be enough to land a Marian Hossa or a Corey Perry, but could it land a Vaclav Prospal from Tampa or Miroslav Satan from New York? Having a guy named Satan on the squad would be cool, and Prospal put in a deuce last night. I'll leave all the particulars to Ray Shero, but whatever the case may be, one more stud winger could be the final ingredient to a Cup contending team. And winning Cups can be good times.

Finally, Mikey Therrien must leave the 4th line together. These guys are the muckers and the grinders, the heart and soul, the grit and the glue of the team...

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